Friday, November 27, 2009

Crazy How Much a Thermos Can Impact the Plaza Lighting Ceremony!

Every Thanksgiving my husband, brother-in-law, and father-in-law schlep on down to the plaza to see some local celebrity flip a switch that brings to life the Christmas spirit.  It's fun and always cold .  This year was no different but this year David had brought along his new thermos.  This thermos boasts it can keep a beverage warm or cold for 24 hours.  We decided to put it to the test.  Below is proof that this thermos, via, was worth it's weight in gold!

the thermos

Check it out!

We're married and I have a cone head.

Total Thermos Domination

Action shot.  Folks, I think the steam speaks for itself.

Thankful for Thanksgiving

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving this year.  My in-laws came over to my parents' to eat dinner together.  The meal was delicious and Chris and I were so happy to enjoy one, long, leisurely meal instead of trying to book it to two. 

Cooking up a storm.... errrr... watching others cook up a storm. 

What's Thanksgiving without French's fried onions.  My husband ate these straight from the can as well as mixed into his green bean casserole.

A true beauty: Tamara the Turkey

Monday, November 23, 2009

Micky's Magic Wand

Whew, that has the potential to sounds a little off color.  Not at all what I meant.  The hubs has been galavanting around the midwest interviewing at several different residency programs and this weekend he was in Chicago.  I flew up Friday to see him and visit our great friends, Adam and Mary Kate.  While we were there, we enjoyed lots of walking, the art museum, some great food (El Mariachi for all who've visited the Osbornes you know what the fuss is about), and a wonderful holiday sight: Micky riding on this floating castle down Michigan Avenue and lighting the trees with his wand.  Yeah, awesome,  I know. 

It took me about 18 photos to actually capture the moment. 

hmm... not so great

another awesome shot

dang it, Micky's turned the other way

wow, and to think, I'm asking for a nice camera for Christmas to hone my photography skills...

Our gracious hosts: Adam and Mary Kate

Nothing Beats a Steak and Shake Hat

In case you're just checking out my blog after a long break, no I did not give birth to an insanely adorable two-year-old since your last visit to this site.  My friend, Leslye, just adopted from Russia.  I'm kind of like Livy's aunt, minus that whole related to her parents thing.  But anyway, Livy and I have been hangin out quite frequently since she's come home and just about anything she does while I'm with her deserves a camera and some documentation.  Hence all the posts about someone else's child.  Hopefully this explanation puts my readers at ease.  So anyway, on with the cuteness.

We took Livy to Steak and Shake.  She was cute.  She enjoyed some pancakes.  It was a monumental moment.  Here are some photos.

Folks, if you think I'm ridiculous now, just wait until I'm genetically connected to a little one!  It will be on.  At that point, you can remove me from your Google reader. 

Livy's Big Day

So we had the Pinkalicious party and it was a hit!  Check out some of the highlights.  Can I just say, this little girl is so freaking cute.  Seriously!  She melts my heart.

The party inspiration: Pinkalicious.  There's also Purplicious and Goldilicious in case you were looking for some new reading material.

A very impressive cake made by the talented Stephanie: teacher by day, elaborate cake decorator by night!

The team: Me, Mary Ann, Leslye and Livy, Angie, and Joan

Little Mermaid three wheeler that plays music and blows bubbles kicked  the butt of all the other presents!  Hands down, this was the greatest gift and Livy rarely left the trike the entire party.  Who can blame the girl?

Livy on her princess bike.  It's a little big for her now but when she's ready, that girl will go places!

Livy helps Mary Ann wheel out the loot.  A successful party and a great day.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Original Announcements

What a cute and fun way to announce something special.  Love this photo from He and She Photography.

He'll Make a Good Dad Someday

We put together one of these on Saturday.

It's a group gift for sweet Livy from the team.  We bought it because it had these lovely ladies on it.

He patiently worked to fix the damage I had done; the training wheels I'd screwed on incorrectly and the bolts that had been forgotten.  He didn't even get upset, just went right to work.

He'll be a great dad someday, won't he?

P.S. The party is Thursday.  Don't worry, I'll take lots of pictures of our sweet little one.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Target Might be the Only Store I Need

I've been fake shopping Target's website.  Fake shopping consists of putting items in my online cart and them closing the site before checkout.  It's a fun past time of mine when I have extra time on my hands.  After a few minutes of mindless clicking I began decorating the house I do not own, designing the nursery of my unborn children, and planning a wardrobe I cannot afford.  I felt all this fantasizing might border on the unhealthy and decided instead to post about my love of Target
I love this piece of art; I envision it paired nicely with others of its kind. 

If there is one piece of furniture I hope to someday own, it's a hutch.  I'd love to find an old piece, refurbish it and paint it a funky color. 

This bedding is actually Crate and Barrel. Figured that while I was posting a few of my recent lusts...
I'm dreaming of a gold inspired tree.  These ornaments would be a perfect starter kit.  I've always been a fan of the coordinated look for a Christmas tree.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

You are UNREASONABLY Adorable!

Meet Livy.
She came to visit me at school yesterday.
We played, colored, answered the phone, and rocked her baby.
Then I busted out my camera.
Way more interesting than baby, markers, or the phone.
So many buttons to push.
But mean Ms. Sara took the camera away.
Livy was sad. 
She gave me this look, like I'd just killed her baby kitten in front of her.
We parted ways.
There were tears.
I am hoping she lets me redeem myself.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

It was Mom's birthday this weekend and Chris had an interview at KU Med for residency. While he was busy schmoozing and interviewing, Mom and I put our art pants on and attended First Fridays in the Crossroads district. Picture hundreds of people, tons of art (that we did not always understand) and street performers (music from these 12-year-old twin boys and a fire juggler.) Think circus-like.

The next day we ran around and visited all our favorite KC host spots: Plaza Panera, Urban Arts and Crafts, Hobby Lobby- you know, the basics.

We also admired the beautiful Christmas trees at Halls. See the MU inspired tree?  Someday - you know, when we have multiple holiday trees - I'd like to do an ode to the KC Chiefs (not that they deserve it).  For now, I'll stick with my hand me down artifical tree and my blue, silver, and white motif.

Great weekend, Mom.  You're the best!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Funny you should ask...

I had a student ask if I was wearing a Bumpit in my ponytail yesterday.  I was tickled that she knew what this was and flattered that she thought my hair had a achieved that kind of volume.  My response, "No sweetie, this volume is al naturale."

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What do you do for a living?

Have I mentioned, it's my day off?

I just ran my errands and thought I'd go for a late morning workout.

Come to find out, there are no machines available. People are on them. People, who I would suppose, should be at work!

I've never, ever, in my three years of living here, have had to wait to work out.

What do these women do that allows them the luxury of a 10:37 AM workout?

There is a whole other world out there where people come in late, take lunch breaks at actual restaurants and run errands in the afternoon if need be. My world consists of timing my potty breaks when my students are in their Encore classes and scarfing down lunch in the fifteen minutes I'm allotted after the kids are in the cafeteria and the microwave has been made available. Oh, the freedom!

While I'm on a rant, I was just at Wal-Mart, behind a guy checking out beer and an on sale cut of meat in the garden center check out. (Mind you I was buying pink party ware for a shower I'm throwing later this month, but that is beside the point.) This gentleman holds up the garden center line with his food items since they are not prepared to check out those perishable items at that register. Then when he's loading his car, he leaves the cart right there IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PARKING LOT. Seriously, sir? Are you really that lazy that you can't walk your cart to the cart corral not 10 feet from your parking space? If he hadn't been such a burly looking man I would have said something given him the stink eye!

Day Off

So we don't have school today. It's a teacher work day but my school has already put in enough hours that we don't have to come in today to work. So, I just woke up without the aid of my annoying alarm clock. I'm brewing some coffee- I sorta like the sound of the coffee percolating. I have big plans to run a bunch of errands and walk with a friend this afternoon.

All the places I want to go today aren't open yet (with the exception of Walmart, because they are always open). 9:00 AM seems late to me. I guess because on most days I've already been up, showered, and teaching for an hour at that point. Looking forward to sipping my coffee, reading and listening to music while I wait for the day to begin.

Oh, and I'm not showering. At least until this afternoon. What liberation- to spend the whole day in my comfies.

Oh, and crafts are on the to do list so possibly some pictures later.... 

Monday, November 2, 2009

Gap- you are too cute!

I've resorted to just posting pictures of things I like lately.  I promise some quality writing soon BUT until then this will have to suffice.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Two Turn Tables and a Microphone

Daniel spinnin' tunes at Birthoween II

Mike's costume was a little ambiguous...

Polly and Austin

Hattie and Branden were the same thing.  How embarassing.

Sarah made this bumble bee costume all by herself.

Yes, folks, that's Jack from Lost.

The tee ball coach and the Chipotle employee

Zach was Buster Bluth, my personal favorite! 

The dance floor was bumpin', the costumes were impressive, and the unlimited supply of Frito Lay products was totally satisfying.  Branden and Sarah, you've done it again! 

Heck yeah, we stood in line to eat a free boorrito!

Dear Too Cool College Students,

Chipotle may be nice enough to accept your tin foil head band or your single foil arm band but I am appalled.  They are giving out FREE burritos and that's the best you can do?  Come on!

Fully Committed Chipotle Fan in Columbia!