Friday, December 18, 2009

A Fabulous Idea

How cool is this wall calendar?  I think they used different shades of chalkboard paint to achieve it.  It'd be hard to forget an appointment with this on your home office wall.  I want to remember this idea for when we move.  That is, if we move somewhere we can paint the walls.  Oh, a girl can hope!
Image from Design Sponge.

Christmas, here I come.

All's been quiet on the blog front lately. I've thought to write many times and just felt like I had nothing to say that anyone would want to read.

It's been a long stretch to the finish, which I cross today at 3:15.

In the last couple of weeks I have felt tired, uninspired, and a little apathetic. Nothing too out of the ordinary for this time of year but I hate those feelings. I don't like counting down days in anticipation for something else. But, inevitably, ever year this happens.

I need a break. A break from student monitoring, grading, planning, scolding, correcting, pre-teaching, reminding, and crazy dog stories (if you're a teacher, you know there's one almost everyday that someone wants to share).

So, at 3:15 today, I'm granted this wonderful gift... Christmas break.

And, the weather report says it's going to snow this afternoon, right about the time when school dismisses. What a perfect way to begin the official holiday season.

From here, Chris and I will get to visit friends and family in KC. We'll eat like kings and queens, wake up late, watch episodes of Glee and old movies, laugh with our brother-in-law and create new inside jokes, and just re-energize. We are so ready.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Little Notes

Dear grilled cheese sandwich,

Wow, I forgot how satisfying you could be.  You have single-handedly carried me though my recent illness and renewed my deep passion for melted cheese.  Your toasty outside and gooey inside melts my heart.


Dear Christmas tree in my living room,

I wish you had a few more ornaments.  I know it's impractical to buy some to put on you at this point with the move in the near future and such but you really could use some extra love.  Just wait until you're covered in poorly made, sweet ornaments crafted by our children.  Then you won't look so sad and sparse in your corner.


Dear last hour of the day,

I'm sorry I've been grumpy lately.  You all are just way to hyper for me to deal.  I maxed out my safe seats as a loving warning to get it under control.  Hopefully tomorrow is a new day for us. 

Mrs. Jaeger

Dear chicken in my fridge,

I had the best of intention when I bought you.  I planned to make you into some stinking awesome tacos but then I got sick and now you are probably sick.  I will have to dispose of you in the most unkind way- straight to the dumpster.  You leave a stink any other way.  I wish I wouldn't have spent $4 on you in the first place.  It's not your fault, I know.


Dear husband,

Come home already.  I miss your warm body next to me at night and your quick kisses in the morning as you head out the door.  All this travel is making me ancy for your return.  If it's snowing though I'll wait one day to make sure you make it home safe and sound.

your wife

Monday, December 7, 2009

A Discovered Sub-Culture

During my mid-day outting to the grocery store I realized visiting Walmart at 10:00AM on a Monday is totally the way to go.  The store was still and peaceful, if you can even imagine that from Walmart.  However, when I looked around at my fellow shoppers I quickly discovered a sub-culture.  Most other women in the store were there with small children, half of these women had a sweet little baby bump to accompany the toddler in the shopping cart.  I was out and about with the stay at home mom. 

While I must admit, the lifestyle seemed enticing at first, I'm feeling very limited and cooped up now that I'm back at home and the only thing on is reruns of What Not to Wear.  All my friends are at work and I'm feeling lonely.  I think I'm destined to a life of work just because I don't do down time well.  Of course if I was toting a little one I'm sure there would  not be much down time.  I guess the jury is still out on this one.  But as of right now, I'm totally envious of the ability to shop at Walmart mid morning and avoid the crowds!

I'm sick... Send Sympathy

and maybe some Panera chicken noodle soup. 

I threw up all Saturday night.  Don't know if it's a bug I caught or something I ate but I was one sick little puppy.  I don't do puke well but it did offer an immediate relief from the nausea that would soon return after each awful episode.  I spent all day Sunday in bed.  Watched a lot of Bravo and slept.   I was even too weak to blog or check email let alone put a book in front of my face. 

So I'm not at school today.  Taking it easy and regaining my strength.  After lunch and a shower (much needed) I think I might venture to the grocery store.   Wouldn't you know when I'm cooped up, sick at home, we have nothing that we need.  Chris is at his final interviews so I'm flying solo from the comfort of our bed.  I'm ready to have my body back. 

I shake my fist at you, stomach bug!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I've Missed You; Have You Missed Me????

Wow, I can't believe how busy life has been lately. Since I've been back at school things have picked up like crazy. We now have 2 weeks left before our Holiday break. There are about 5 Christmas parties between now and then and tomorrow I have a cookie exchange.

Chris is about to finish his last three interviews for residency and then we have the difficult task of ranking programs. While my lips are sealed now, I can tell you January 25th where we have been placed. January 25th! After four years of medical school, months of interviews, seasons of life where dinner was our only contact for the day, it's amazing that we're reaching the home stretch. I am so proud of Chris and all his hard work. It will be cool to see the fruit of all his labor as he becomes a doctor and gets PAID!

This means, however, that yours truly will soon be entering the job search. Yikes! I've been updating my resume since it was lost in the unfortunate jump drive accident at summer school. I could use some mega prayer in the next couple of months as I being the interview process.

Our tree is up. Very anti-climactic this year. Will post pictures soon but know that if I had unlimited resources it would really be incredible.

Including a picture of one of my favorite teaching moments: Rockband in the classroom. Really, with lesson plans like these, who wouldn't want me as a teacher at their school, right?