Sunday, February 28, 2010

my confession

My name is Sara, and I am an addict.

My drug of choice: Clossal Berry Crunch, or better known in our apartment as "Clossal Berry Crack."
I' ve been eating this stuff like it was my job.  The other day I began to worry about the possible adverse efffects it could be having on our unborn child.  I mean, this cereal could single-handedly give me gestational diabetes if I'm not careful.  It's delicious and crunchy and the milk changes colors before you're to the bottom of the bowl.  The only downside: the ache your teeth feel when you're done.   (I believe that's caused by the execessive amounts of sugar.)  So, while you have been a monkey on my back that I can't seem to shake, once this bag is gone, I'm not buying anymore.  I can and will beat this. 

-Staying strong in Columbia.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

an indication of things to come...

Chris and I babysat last night for a friend of mine from work. She has two adorable, sweet-tempered children. Her son is a day shy of two; her dauther is three (almost four- she reminded us quite frequently). When we got to the house, it was just the two-year-old boy; his sister was coming home later that evening. Being two, he was to go to bed by 6:30. (I know we were amazed too. I guess this shows our total lack of knowledge about all things kid) So right after Dad left, we got to making some dinner, macaroni and cheese with pepperoni mixed in-a meal we felt any child would embrace with open arms.

While we cooked, we were amazed at how her son played quietly by himself in the living room, content to roll his new Elmo car back and forth on the carpet. We interrupted his play time so he could eat, which he politely refused to do. For the next hour or so every time we asked him if he was hungry, happy, wanted to get ready for bed, anything really, his response was, "No." There was no explanation. He just wasn't having it. Not the macaroni, not the pepperoni, not anything we suggested.   He was so sweet about his refusal too, not upset, but also not going anywhere near his dinner.

Chris and I would take turns trying to reason with him. After another unsuccessful attempt we'd come back together and brainstorm another approach.
At first, we tried to tell him how tasty the macaroni was, even demonstrated ourselves eating the cheesy noodles and oohing and ahhing over how delicious it was. No success.
Then we attempted to distract him with questions to get him to agree to come to the table and eat. We asked about his day, his upcoming birthday, his favorite food:

"Oh so you like hotdogs."


"I'll bet those would be really good right now. You know what else would be good? Macaroni."


Again, nothing.

Then we tried to be stern:

"Okay. You only have two choices. You can eat or we can get ready for bed." (at this point it was 15 minutes past when we were supposed to have him all tucked in.)


"Okay, come on. Let's go brush our teeth."


"Well, that's your choice if you aren't willing to eat."


Hmmm.... were we really going to send someone else child to bed with nothing to eat? No. Failed again.

Finally, in a moment of desperation, I picked him up. I rubbed his back. Held the fork up to his mouth. He turned away. I tried again. Another quick jerk of the head. Chris and I looked at one another in desperation. This two-year-old was way smarter and persistent than us! What does one do when a child absolutely refuses all options? I tried one last time, offering the fork to his mouth. The heavens opened up; he willingly took a bite and then another, and another, and pretty soon, he declared, "All gone." We shared a high five and Chris and I shared a moment of silent victory!
The rest of the evening went much smoother. When his sister got home she was a big help and he seemed to be at ease with her presence. They both went to bed after we read a couple stories and we were darn proud of our first trial run at caring for someone together.
Lesson learned: we have a lot to figure out still before the baby comes!

Note: these children are possibly the best behaved children we have ever seen.  We were super impressed with them throughout the evening.  We are learning at that the ripe age of two, "no" is a powerful word. 

Monday, February 15, 2010

Nursery Inspiration

My mom and purchased this fabric this weekend for the crib skirt. 

I'm thinking of pairing it with some yellow and grey. 

Just thought you might like to know what I'm thinking.  More to come on this project.

adventures in the workout room

So our humble workout room at our apartment complex has three aerobic machines and some weights. It's a tight space and can be quite awkward when shared with others (who are awkward themselves). The remote for the TV on the wall has been gone since the day we moved here. To change the channels you have to stand in the windowsill and lean over. Every time I do it, I look to make sure the apartment manager is not walking by (the leasing office is connected). They have left me with no other option but I always feel like I'm doing something I will get scolded for if caught.

Today, just as I hoist myself into channel-changing-position a man walks in. I immediately get down thinking I'm busted. He laughs and asks if I need any help. I realize he's just another tenant here to work out and climb back up into the windowsill. I explain that this is how I change the channel. He tells me, "Oh, I usually just unplug the TV since there's always some crap on." My bubble bursts. As I'm surfing for a Top Model marathon or Keeping up with the Kardashians, I can't possibly put one of these "crap" shows on or this guy's going to judge my shallow TV preferences. So instead I turn the TV off and work out in silence next to the overly friendly neighbor who proceeded to have breathless conversation at random intervals during our workout. Dang. Next time, I hope I can watch my trash in peace!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Did you really need to share that?

Lately, I've been stopped in the hallway to be asked how I'm feeling.  Being pregnant is like being super special for 9 months even though it's a totally normal and necessary part of procreation.  Women feel the need to share their own experiences which I welcome since sometimes pregnancy and delivery totally freak me out.  But in the last two days I've had three different moms tell me they gained 50-80 pounds during their pregnancy!  Yikes.  I'm fine (most days) with the mandatory 25-30 pounds but the thought of that much weight scares the jeebers out of me.  That's more than something a little breastfeeding can fix.  That's a committment to P90X post birth.  Doctor's appointment coming up this Monday and we'll see what I've gained since the beginning.  My pregnancy emails tell me the real weight gain is only beginning.  I already have noticed a spike in my hunger.  Oh well, I guess I need to embrace the freedom and make sure I'm eating enough for Baby and me. 

Monday, February 8, 2010

Reason #413 Why My Job Is Great

I'm home today for a SNOW DAY!  What will I do with my unexpected time off? 

Hang out with my husband who is also off (4th year of medical school is like part time work).

Work out before lunch for once.

Home research, we're looking for our first home as we move for residency this June.  Home ownership is scary and totally cryptic.  We're trying to make sense of it all before we go visit and look at houses in two weeks.

Watch a FREE redbox with the Monday code. 

Life is good. 

Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Initial Thoughts on Maternity Pants

So I got a great deal on some maternity jeans yesterday at Old Navy.  While I can still wear my pre-pregnancy pants, they sometimes hurt to sit in for long periods of time and I figured with the Superbowl this evening I could use a smidge more room for my already growing tummy.  So today is the first trial of the maternity pant.  Some of my initial thoughts...

* These things don't really stay up all the well.  All that's keeping me from pants around my ankles is a small strip of spandex.
* I have some pockets of space in my pants, notably in the butt and hip region.  Is that built in for later weight gain or a flaw in the design?
* The pull up factor is worse than a loose strapless dress.  See the above comment for further explanation.
* While I'm wearing denim I feel like I'm wearing PJs, especially since these things slide right on and off.
* My sag makes me a little gangsta.

While I was there, I also purchased these jewels. 

Probably Because I Work With 12-Year-Olds

Sunday is our day to do wash. I don't mind sorting the clothes and putting them in the washing machine and later returning to move them over to the dryer but I HATE the folding and putting away that must be done each week once the clothes are clean. This Sunday, as the first of three buzzes went off signaling that it was time, once again, to fold and put away my husband and I made it into a game. We timed ourselves to see how quickly we could fold and put the clothes away. Amazingly enough, this worked to motivate us to get the job done. There was no prize, but when you're competing for your PR (personal record) you can really move it.

I've used this tactic with my 6th graders many a time. Need a paper from the printer? A refresher on your water bottle? Potty break? We'll see just how fast you can leave the classroom and return and remember I'm timing you. This works whether you really do time them or not. I rarely wear a watch to work but if I just pantomime hitting the start button and look down at my wrist when they return it has the same effect.