Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Our Own Version of House Hunters

As mentioned before, we just got back from Rochester in search of a home.  We'd already been once before, found a house, made an offer, and then the inspection revealed some significant moisture behind the siding and we decided to pass on the house. 

Since this was our second go around we knew what we were looking for and what we were definitely not looking for and our options were much better round two.  We spent all day Monday looking at homes and had three that were at the top of our list.  I felt like we were on HGTV's House Hunters.  At the end of each episode, the host always gives each property some goofy descriptor and poses the question, which will it be? "Will they go with the expensive Tudor close to the lake, the quiet family home backed up to the woods, or the hip loft close to city nightlife."  Then the show ends with the homeowners revealing their decision and moving into their new home. 

Our own version of House Hunters would probably go something like this:

"Will our buyers go with the adorable, older home with charm close to the clinic but with a one car garage and tiny closets....
 or will they go with the split level with the white wood work, massive kitchen,  great color scheme in the nice neighborhood....
or, will they pick the newer ranch with hardwood throughout and a master with walk-in closet?"


All that's left is the inspection.  Once we know it's a go, I'll post more pictures and details.  We are very excited!

Priceline, You are My New Best Friend

About a year ago Chris and I went to NYC. It was amazing for many reasons but one major one was we were introduced to the glory that is With priceline, you can bid on hotels and pay significantly less than you would if you booked them at the regular rate. When booking through priceline it's best to wait as long as possible. As hotels have openings, they get desperate and will gladly take your $45 a night over having a vacancy. It's a beautiful, frugal thing. So in NYC we stayed in a three star hotel (very swanky) a few blocks off Rockefeller Center for half the price we would have normally paid.
This week we used priceline again to book a deal. We headed back to Rochester, MN to search for a place to live (more on this coming soon). We used priceline and stayed at the Hampton Inn for $45 a night. The current going rate was $89 a night. On top of that, the Hampton was a nice, brand new hotel and was basically empty. Due to all the vacancies we were given a pretty roomy suite. I took some pictures to demonstrate the square footage we were indulging in. Chris was even able to do his P90X workout in the room. I apologize for the blurry nature of the pictures; apparently I'm not focusing before I snap the pictures.

Isn't That Cute?

My friend, Nicole, got married last Saturday and we went to the wedding. In addition to being a beautiful event, we had so much fun with the kids who attended.  Livy, Leslye's daughter that I have gushed about before, is growing up so fast.  Isn't she so stinkin' cute in her new glasses?  Jerry Maguire anyone?  She was all over the dance floor and all over our laps at dinner.  This little girl is not afraid of anyone and she took a special liking to Chris.  The extra attention from a two-year-old is not something Chris was sure what to do with (as you can tell from his facial expression) but as the night wore on, the two became good friends.  Livy was the life of the party. 

Not pictured are Lynn's two girls, Emma and Mari.  They were wearing the most brilliant spring dresses that billowed out just as a spring dress should when they twirled around.  They tore up the dance floor and offered endless entertainment to onlookers! 

Here are a few more details from the affair.
the beautiful cake and personalized banner for the wedding party head table
the candy bar- a real hit!
Tom and Nicole

Friday, March 26, 2010

Nursery Developments

I think this will be our curtain for the baby's room.  It's a tad sophisticated for a baby but I'm pretty sure our baby will be really sophisticated.
Shower curtain from CB2.

It's 2:00 AM and I'm Flippin' Awake

So my body has been rapidly changing.  I'm getting less sleep and I lay awake for hours at time after I get up for my midnight pee.  This time I decided to do something productive while I lay there recalculating the total sleep hours I would have the for the next day.  Something productive quickly turned into perusung the internet for baby girl crap.  It was delightful. 

I know you will not be old enough to wear clothes like this for a long time but how darling!  I'd like to note that all items were found online at J.Crew's Crew Cuts site.  Items 1-3 were in a category called "everyday dresses."  What planet do these J.Crew people live on?  I really love the shoes, I think she would need a matching pair for her mommy. 

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bring on the PINK!

Cute surprise shower at Bible study last night!  There are 5 women expecting little girls in our twenty-somethings Bible study.  My friend, Nicole, did a wonderful job coordinating a little shower to celebrate the babies coming into the Bible study soon!
these chairs were set up for the "hot mamas"

My friend, Ashley, sewed these boppy pillows, each mother got a different print.  I love mine!
Need a trendy table cloth but don't want to spend a lot of money?  Lay down a piece of wrapping paper.  Genius!
The mommies: Amy, Sara, Kelley, Heidi, and Ashley

This was so fun and thoughtful!  For me, this is the first baby stuff we've been given and it's made me want to rush out and get more.  I'm restraining but I did peek at the little girl dresses in Wal-mart when I was picking up some Easter candy today.

Monday, March 15, 2010

our big news

Come July, we'll be welcoming a little lady into the world!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

DEAL of the Century

Yesterday I woke up at 6:45 AM to brave the rainy weather and find a bargain with my dear friend Polly.  We started out at a church multi-family garage sale and were underwhlemed by the massive stacks of faded clothes and stained dishware.   We then had 45 minutes to kill before the furniture sidewalk sale we were hoping to hit up later that morning.  We drove around looking for sale signs and struck out each time.  Finally we camped ourselves outside the furniture sale and creepily watched and waited while they put out the merchandise.  Polly ended up with a solid wood desk she plans to refinish as a sewing table.  I ended up with this little beaut.
A dining room hutch has always been my dream piece of furniture.  I scored this one for $75!  I plan to sand it down and refinish it.  Look for after pictures sometime this summer.  Painting and sanding is on hold till Baby Jaeg's arrives.  Apparently fumes and dust might be harmful to our unborn child.  Go figure.

Hoping it turns out something as fabulous as this.. maybe in a nice slate color or white????

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Today I Got Just a Little Bit Older

My parents came in from KC to visit us and have lunch. They recently upgraded their vacuum cleaner and brought us their old one. Previously we'd been using a $30 Wal-Mart one that was only good for making a few marks on the carpet but was not really sucking up anything substantial. Our new hand-me-down is a Dyson: the mother of all vacuums, and we have already tested this baby out. Giddy, we moved all our furniture and completed the most thorough cleaning of our apartment since moving in two and a half years ago (I know, shame, shame). The results? Amazing lines on the carpet and a chamber FULL of crap. There was enough hair in there to make a Sara wig. It was D-sgusting but in a sick, satisfying way, pretty freaking cool. Thank you Dyson for picking up the crap our old vacuum just couldn't. Thanks Mom and Dad for faithfully providing us with hand-me-downs that are far nicer than anything we could afford for ourselves. I like to think we all came out winners today: my parents, Chris and I, the carpet, even the old vacuum that had been pleading for retirement.