Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Whoops, I missed the 26th week post, sorry!

I'm 26 weeks pregnant. (But really 27 but only by a day.  This post has been on the to do list for a week now! )

Lakin weighs twoish pounds and is approximately the size of an eggplant- or two Chipotle burritos.
Maternity clothes? We're getting to the point that I can't always use my pre-pegnancy clothes as an option.  I wore a sweater yesterday that, if I wasn't careful, would creep halfway up my belly throughout the day.  Not pretty people.  I will officially retire that sweater and many others.  Bring on the flowy tops!
Stretch marks? Nope, thank goodness.

Sleep: Aside from some crippling charlie horses in the middle of the night and the occasional run to the bathroom for a pee, I've slept well.  Been EXTRA sleepy this week.  Not sure how much is baby and how much is the overcast weather we've been having.  An afternoon workout usually gives me a boost of energy to make it to about 8:30 before bed.  Lame, I know.

Best moment this week: This is a tough one.  I've been really busy lately with lots of fun things (hence the late post this week).  Chris and I went to my friend, Amy's, baby shower on Sunday and saw some friends from St. Louis over the weekend.  I'm really excited about my first shower coming up this Sunday.  My grandmother is coming in from Illinois!!  We're having friends over for dinner tonight and another friend over on Thursday and I LOVE cooking for friends.  I have a coffee date with some ladies Thursday that I adore and don't get to spend enough time with... so one moment, no.  Colletion of wonderful moments?  Yes!

Movement: I just hope this girl invites me to the dance party after she's born.  She's bouncing and bumping in there like Lady Gaga's on repeat on her little baby  ipod. 

Food cravings: Dirt.  JK.  Did you know some pregnant women crave dirt and paint chips and weird things like that?  Thank goodness I have never had the urge to chew on my coffee table.  I've been digging all the veggies lately and I dream a wonderful dream of Shakespeare's veggie pizza.  

Gender: 100% Lady- I'm beginning to realize that she will probably be mistaken for a boy for a while.  You know the whole, no hair thing will work against her and her parents picked an androgynous name for her.  Most people assume Lakin is a boy and some of my students (without social skills) have informed me that this is a "boy name."  Then I tell them to sit down and get out of my face.  No, not really. 

Labor Signs: Nope, too early.

Belly Button in or out? My belly button is a wannabe outie but it just can't muster the strength to turn itself inside out yet.

What I miss: Allergy medicine.  I shake my fist at all the pollen in the air. 

What I am looking forward to: Meeting Lakin and seeing just what her personality will be like. 

Weekly Wisdom: Did you know that newborn babies go through 10-12 diapers a DAY in the beginning?  Talk about being a diaper hog. 

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

25 weeks and counting

I'm 25 weeks pregnant. 

Lakin weighs a pound and a half and is approximately the length of one of those recorders you played in elementary school. 
Maternity clothes? I been making the most of my bella band and am still wearing my pre-pregnancy pants unzipped.  I do wear maternity pants but they don't always want to stay on so I'm stuck tugging them up constantly.
Stretch marks? Nope, been making the most of my cocoa butter.  Probably too early for these anyway.

Sleep: Been sleeping pretty well.  Felt much more tired this week than normal.  I wake up in the middle of the night to pee almost every night but as soon as my head hits the pillow, I'm out.

Best moment this week: Looking forward to dinner on the patio of Quinton's with friends tonight!

Movement: Yes, they're little baby kicks but kicks none the less.  Lakin LOVES turkey sandwiches (I've thrown caution to the wind and am eating lunchmeat sandwiches- don't judge) and will do a dance following lunch every day. (Just like her momma)
Food cravings: Wheaties and bananas are at the top of my list. 

Gender: 100% Lady

Labor Signs: Nope, too early.
Belly Button in or out? It's preparing to pop out.  So funny.

What I miss: Being able to casually jog from point A to point B.  I have pubic bone pain due to the way I'm carrying that almost brings me to my knees when I run, put on pants, or roll over in bed. 

What I am looking forward to: I just ordered a bunch a books from Scholastic and I can't wait to read them to our little girl. 
Weekly Wisdom: Stool softners.  Nuff said.

Milestones: Went to the doctor, heard her heartbeat, feeling more and more movement each day.

Babies R Us Made Me Feel Inadequate

So apparently this is a common response but when I walked into Babies R Us last weekend to register for the baby I became completely overwhelmed, had doubts that I knew what I was doing as a mother, and actually became angry with the whole debacle of birthing a child. What the heck are some of these things? Butt paste, bottle warmers, breast pads, Swaddle Me… as my husband and I wandered aimlessly aisle to aisle I couldn’t help but feel like this was all a sham to get me to buy a ton of crap I didn’t need. Sleep positioners so the baby doesn’t roll over and get SIDS? Four to six receiving blankets? Really, Babies R Us? Really? Do I need an extra set of play yard sheets, and what the heck is a play yard for anyway?
The slightly annoyed woman at customer service went over how to use the registry gun and gave us a bunch of free samples to lug around as we picked out our baby essentials. She had a detailed list of all the necessary items any self-respecting mother would have on hand for her precious baby and warned us to stay away from the bottle aisle until we’d warmed up with some of the bigger items on the registry. According to Babies R Us, a decent registry contains at least 250 items. 250 baby items? In my home? I’m having one child for Pete’s sake, not running a day care!
Armed with our consumer reports books and registry gun, my husband and I set out determined to beat the system and register for the most economical and essential items. I was not going to turn our new home into a baby ranch. We started with car seats. We’d done our research and knew we wanted a convertible car seat, one that could last from infancy to toddler hood. After all, if we bought an infant car seat, we’d have to turn around and buy another car seat in a few months once the baby was bigger. Seemed like a convenient ploy of the baby industry to bleed us dry of some more money. Of course, the brands we’d researched were not available at Babies R Us and my husband frantically searched the book to see if these other car seats were represented in the trusted advice of consumer reports. Nope. We moved on with no luck.
From there we went to strollers. We had also done some research on these and knew of a couple of brands and styles we were looking for. An employee was positioned in the stroller section obviously gleaning knowledge on two newbies about the pros and cons of the different strollers available. We eavesdropped as he explained how the stroller thing worked. According to the man in the purple polo, most parents registered for a travel system and a jogging stroller and a lightweight umbrella stroller for all those times when you were traveling and didn’t want to lug a heavy stroller around. Three strollers! Bare minimum? My husband and I exchanged glances and decided to come back to this section when the pushy salesman was on break.

Next up swings, bouncers, play yards, walkers, aka “stuff to put the baby in when holding it is just not an option.” I knew we’d need some of these things so I could maintain my dignity and shower daily or possibly get things done around the house while the baby was awake. My husband wondered if any of the items were necessary. “I think I’ll just want to hold her all the time.” He argued. While this was a sweet sentiment, I assured him that I was going to be one spending the most time with the baby and I was going to need something for the baby to do while I was busy with other things. I also explained that babies who are held all the time become unruly. Was this true? I had no idea, but my confidence seemed to set my husband at ease and we picked out a play yard and bouncer for the house.
We moved from diapers to carriers to safety gates to baby bedding. Hours rolled on, my feet hurt and my back was aching from the weight of my purse and the baby samples we’d been given at the start of our journey. What started out as a conservative attempt eventually became an apathetic click of the gun with the promise that later we’d go back and sort through what we really wanted and delete the other items online. By the time we finished our spirits were crushed. We’d been paralyzed in the breast pump aisle by not only the amount of accessories that come with pumping but the price tag. All advice told us to go with the best model but at $279.00 we cringed at the thought of spending that kind of dough on something so temporary. This kid was going to deplete our savings!

Weary, we returned to the customer service desk. As our items were processed we looked at each other exasperated. We’d survived. Barely. The worker handed us our Babies R Us discount card, a print out of our monstrous registry and a list of items we’d failed to register for but that Babies R Us recommended we add before the arrival of the baby. We walked to our car that afternoon feeling terribly inadequate. Most of the things we’d seen that day were foreign. What were we getting ourselves into? Did we know the first thing about being parents? I suppose this is the way every new mom feels. If I can keep the baby alive in the first few months, I know my confidence will grow. By the time we have kid number two I will know what the heck I’m looking at and how to put on a Baby Bjorn, until then, it will be trial and error. Every new parent has to learn sometime, right?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

We're Homeowners!!!

So our offer was accepted and the inspection came back with all systems go.  Here are some photos of our new home. 
upstairs living room
master bedroom
Lakin's room!
downstairs living room (forgive the photo quality)
downstairs bathroom
upstairs bathroom

There are two more rooms downstairs, one will be used as a guest room (so come visit us please!) and the second will serve as an office and craft room.  We have a great deck with patio furniture (negotiated in the deal- be impressed) and a back yard with mature trees and a garden.  We are jazzed!

Busy With My Sewing Machine

So I've been busy lately.  I have been crafting up a storm for baby Lakin.  Here are some of the finished products.