Saturday, May 29, 2010

Yes folks, she's that talented!

So my friend, Nicole, who left early this morning to begin life in Fayetteville, is uber talented.  She has a sweet little blog that chronicles all her wonderful sewing talents.  She owns her own business, and she just graduated with a Master's in Hospital Administration.  She can now add cake decorating to her already impressive resume.  For our LOST party Nicole brought over this creation:

Those are chocolate donuts for the smoke monster, a polar bear and crashed plane, and pics of the central characters.  The inside of the cake was even dyed blue for the water on the island.  All I have to say is when she starts having kids and it's time for their birthday, all the other mothers will be put to shame. 

You'd be proud...

or disgusted.

I braved the pool in my bathing suit.  I do not own a maternity suit so I went out in last year's two piece.  It was a source of anxiety for me since I'm okay with the fact that my belly is protruding in a slightly offensive way (at least most days I am), but I'm not so sure how the other twenty-something residents at our apartment complex feel about it.  The bikini clad swimmers sipping on their Trop's, alcoholic ice creations seemed fine with it.  At least no one pointed their finger at me and made gaging gestures.  Good thing because that would be rude and hurtful. 

Another milestone crossed in the pregnancy journey.  "Hey world, I'm gigantic, deal with it."

No Air, No Air

Sunday, right before the LOST premiere party we were throwing, our apartment air decided to poop out. We cooked tacos for 10 in a hot apartment and then moved to the nice, conditioned unit belonging to our friends, Sean and Nicole. That night was a sweaty one but luckily the air was back up and running the next day. Monday, I arrive at school and crank the air up to get some air moving in my classroom. I have a trailer classroom and it tends to get stinky and hot if you’re not running the AC. The air was on but nothing was cooling down. By lunch time my students were whining and I was worried my arm pits were soaking wet. We moved class into the building until building services could come and rescue us from the ghastly heat.

The next morning the maintenance men arrived to work on the unit to find it frozen over. They opened all the windows and told me, “it’s gotta get hotter before it gets better.” My students picked up their stuff and we once again searched for a cool place in the building to resume teaching.

Our frosty little AC.

It wasn’t until the following day that the thing was fixed and we were able to go back to life as normal. For a pregnant lady, this heat was extra killer. You can literally put your hand on my belly and feel it radiating heat. I guess they don’t refer to it as a “bun in the oven” for nothing. I’m just glad the air is cranking and my swollen cankles have gone away! It was a bit ironic that everywhere I went was hot given the fact I’m already packing a human and hotter than a mug in the frostiest of conditions. Ah, such is life.

So Easy to Please

My husband and I have birthdays within two weeks of each other. Our anniversary is the day after his birthday and this year we also threw in med school graduation and the upcoming baby and we felt over celebrated and spoiled between all the gifts, well wishes, and dinners out. We’re pretty low key about birthdays and since we owe a ton in medical school debt and are about to embark on the most expensive ride of our lives we opted to forgo the exchange of gifts and instead made cards for one another. Chris created a LOST themed card chronicling all the LOST-related romances; it was right up there with his Napoleon Dynamite card from when we were dating.

In keeping with tradition, there is one other thing I like to do for Chris on his birthday. I get up early and use my teacher appreciation coupon for a free extra value breakfast meal to get his birthday started with a high calorie explosion. This year was no different and I thought it appropriate to record this family tradition with a photo for the blog. Here is Chris thoroughly enjoying his bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit. Jaeger boys really love McDonalds!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Week 29: On Control and Other Issues of the Heart

(From Tuesday when Google came to Smithton.  Sweet t-shirt, huh?)

Okay, first, I apologize for all the typos in earlier posts. This DRIVES me mad. I'm embarrassed by my poor proofreading skills and my need for perfection and control are being tested. Which brings me to my week 29 post. This week I am learning to let go of my serious control issues. Some background: I grew up as the only child in a household where there was no nonsense. We had loads of fun but when it came to making good, responsible, and considerate choices you always did or you feared the look of disappointment from dad. All my father had to do was give me a look and I was instantly whipped into shape. You sat quietly in your seat at meals out, you carried on polite conversation with other adults who were around, said please and thank you no matter whether you really felt appreciative, and you most certainly did not wander off, make a mess, or run like a crazy banshee thank you very much.
I was a pretty good robot child if I do say so myself. However, I think it's led me to be a bit of an uptight adult at times. You know, this is all my own psychoanalysis here so take it for what it's worth. I am quickly seeing, though, that not all children can be controlled easily. Not all children live to please like I did. Some just really love testing the boundaries and running amuck. I was a rule follower, I colored in the lines, and I would never push the envelope (although I bet my parents can think of some instances where this was not true). There are no guarantees that Lakin will be like her mother. In fact she might be ornery as hell and give her father and me a real run for our money. There's a part of me that hopes she has a personality that challenges every once in a while. All that to say, I won't be able to control her every move. She will cry when it's supposed to be quiet, she might chase her little siblings around the dinner table at a restaurant, and there's a good chance she'll want (gasp) to play outside while neglecting her homework.
I just had dinner with a wonderful friend (and Mother) along with her daughter and three nephews-all under the age of nine. There were two other friends dining with us and between the four adults we had a pretty good handle on getting the kids fed, cleaning up the spilled drinks, and taking them to the bathroom frequently throughout the meal. Four to four, isn’t that what they call, “man to man coverage” though. After dinner my friend was going to brave Dairy Queen with these four ON HER OWN. I can't even begin to imagine the chaos. Several times I had to bite my tongue when tempted to tell the boys to put down the hot sauce, or sit in their booster seat, or come closer as they moved about the restaurant while we finished our dinner and conversation. There was the inevitable ketchup packet catastrophe, the melt down resulting in tears when the cheeseburgers came out and someone's plate had a few more fries than another. We were in the center of the restaurant and on display for all to watch. This was a very eye-opening experience and one that I felt the need to reflect on. I'm sure once the baby arrives I will be forced to relax and deal with my need for control. Until then, God is testing me with small situations like these before the main event. But I digress.
Now, on to the usual stats....
Maternity clothes? Um, yes.

Stretch marks? Nope...
Sleep: Still going strong. Had an awesome, drool-saturated nap today. I'm very sleepy these days.
Best moment this week: Chris' graduation and the visit from family were pretty wonderful. I'm so proud of his hard work. Also we made chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches to celebrate. Needless to day, they will be making an appearance on his birthday next week. Thank you Tollhouse for never disappointing.
Movement: I've got a funny, lopsided tummy. I think her butt's up in the air and she's sitting head down in my belly. I can now predict her active time which is fun to see a bit of a pattern with her movement.
Food cravings: No, in fact I'm less hungry now then in the beginning of my pregnancy. I'll always eat an everything bagel from Panera though.
Gender: All girl.
Labor Signs: I'm having a lot of tightening of my uterus. At times my belly is like a wall of steel. According to our nurse, this is my uterus working itself out for the big day. I’ll bet you just assumed it was my washboard abs.
Belly Button in or out? outie
What I miss: Bending over. Now when I drop things I have a mental debate about whether or not it's worth picking up. Grape rolled under the counter, nope. Quarter on the floor of my classroom, yes.
What I am looking forward to: Giving birth. JK. This is a necessary evil that I’m sure will be an inspirational and empowering event but lets not kid ourselves, it’s going to hurt.
Weekly Wisdom: This is not wisdom but I thought it quite humorous. Carolyn, the school janitor, asked me what we were naming our baby girl. When I told her Lakin she responded, "Now, that takes some getting used to." Honesty, is it always the best policy?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gone and Got Himself an MD

Chris graduated this Saturday from medical school.  As far as graduations go, this one takes the cake.  It was pretty surreal to think about all the responsibilities bestowed upon him as a beginning physician.  Mayo has sent out these modules for him to complete before he comes to Rochester and they remind me of a medical school video game.  During the modules, fake patients (in the form of dolls, or as Chris corrects me, "electronically generated people") have emergency situations and he has to figure out what to do.  One patient might go into cardiac arrest while another is needing to be intubated.  What does one do in a moment of (doll) crisis?  It's actually pretty good training I'm sure but seeing a little doll lying in a hospital bed as a pager displays an emergency message seems humorous to me. 

One of the sweetest moments at bgraduation occured when a medical student was being hooded.   As he walked across the stage this tiny voice called out from the audience, "That's my dad!"  So cute. 

Chris being "hooded"
Dennis and Geri, proud parents of the graduate
Chris and I with our good friends, Wes and Ashley- headed to Gainsville for Orthopedic surgery
No, these are not Chris' future Mayo scrubs, they are for the second Jaeger family doctor... Lakin.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Week 28

So according to the little counter to the right, I'm 29 weeks today.  Keeping track of how many weeks pregnant I am can get pretty difficult.  Thank goodness I downloaded that little gadget.  Here's the low down from week 28.

Maternity clothes?  My closet is getting to be slim pickins but I was SO pleased to wear a pair of pink Capri pants from before the pregnancy and they fit.  Didn't button but they went over my butt.  VICTORY!

Stretch marks? Not yet, still hopeful it might be a stretch mark free pregnancy.
Sleep: I've been having some wicked leg and foot cramps lately.  They welcome me each morning when I wake up but I'm learning how to maneuver myself to avoid them as well as work my way out of bed to pee in the middle of the night.  Want to have a fun laugh, watch me get up from off my back.  Talk about awkward.  Think turtle stuck on it's back and you've got the right idea.
Best moment this week: Yesterday this momma turned 26.  I had a great birthday.  My kids had a sub while I graded district writing assessments, my husband made me a homemade, LOST themed, birthday card and we ate free Chipotle followed by some free Coldstone Creamery.  It was a gorgeous day and we were able to walk around and run some errands for the baby.  I got the elliptical machine in the workout room without waiting and drank a white chocolate mocha in the morning.  Home run. 
Movement: She's still moving but we had the treat to see her via our sonogram today.  The doctor thought she was measuring small last visit so they scheduled a sonogram this time to make sure all is well.  Small?  Nope, our little bean is 3lbs 3oz and in the 70th percentile.  She's measuring at 30 weeks and might possibly become a mid-July baby, maybe even share a birthday with her grandpa!  We'll see.  She has hair and she gave us a big ole yawn during the sonogram.  The glucose cola I had to drink make her crash a little.  Right now she's head down with one leg over her head.  If you ask me, it sounds pretty uncomfortable but she must be okay with it.
Food cravings: Nada.  In fact I have lost some of my ravenous appetite.  Lakin is taking up spare room in my belly and makes me feel full much earlier than usual.  I would eat a plate of pad Thai-extra hot-if it was sitting in front of me though. 
Gender: Pink has overtaken our guest bedroom.  If Lakin is a tomboy, she'll hate her pictures from the first year of her life.  I'm really enjoying the pink explosion even though I was bound and determined to be as neutral as possible with our big purchases since we never know if we'll have boys later on. 
Labor Signs: Nope, too early.

Belly Button in or out? If I wear a tee, you can see this little guy peering out at you.  We're officially out.
What I miss: Feeling fit and fast.  I'm slower, I might even be waddling at times and hills and stairs really take it out of me.  Can't wait to feel like I can move at quick speeds again!
What I am looking forward to: I just want to hold her.  Like, a lot.

Weekly Wisdom: I don't know if this classifies as wisdom per say but a total stranger stopped me and told me, "you look great honey, really, really great."  I don't feel great.  I feel huge.  I feel like my body is swollen and alien and the kindness of a stranger's words means more than my husband's daily reassurance.  People must know that women need a little verbal affirmation as their body morphs into a nine month incubator.  Thank you stranger.  You're a good woman.

Shower Number Deux

My sweet teaching team threw me a shower at Smithton Monday after school. 
From Left: Karen, Joan, Leslye, big momma, Angie, Ann, and Mary Ann
They went with a rubber duckie theme and made the media center look transformed with their decor. 
People are so generous when you're having a baby.  I was very overwhelmed by the generosity of my co-workers.  We got several books, (imagine that, books from teachers?) necessities from the registry, and cute little outfits for the lady.  Lakin will be well-dressed, that's for sure.
Friends, Robin, Nicole, and Ashley- some of these best looking math teachers I know!
Kerry, Alisha, Heather, and Carly- more dear friends from work.

Leslye made a rubber duckie cake with water cupcakes.  She knows how to do cake right. 

My of my! Lets Get Caught Up

Okay, here's a photo from my 27th week.  I had a shower in KC that was FABULOUS.  Everyone was so generous and I got to see so many friends and family that I hadn't seen for quite some time.  Here are some photo highlights...(and yes, that is a name tag for baby Lakin)

Geri with Cousin Jane and Aunt Jackie.  These ladies are a riot.  Jane came all the way from Colorado to be there and I was so thankful to get some time with her!  Jackie made the trip from St. Louis and she's coming back this weekend to see Chris graduate. 

Three, soon to be four generations.  Mom's eyes are closed.  I like to think she's dreaming of what Lakin will be like but more likely, she's like me, and really terrible about blinking at the wrong time.  My grandma came in from Illinois and was a week shy of her 70th birthday! What a trooper.  She brought with her some EMBARRASSING pictures of me as a total porker when I was a few months old.  Seriously, someone said I looked like a sumo wrestler, and the sad thing is, they were right. 
Gayle and Charlene were our wonderful hosts.  Gayle made her world famous cinnamon rolls and they had root beer floats and ice cream sundaes.  (After the heart of every pregnant woman.) Gayle and Charlene have been long time friends of Geri's and threw me a wedding shower three years ago as well.  We're holding a diaper cake Geri put together.  Gotta love party decor that's practical. 
Kay, or as of Saturday, Dr. Rogers, came from Columbia.  Kay has become a dear friend and I was so thankful to have her make the trip to KC for the shower.  She's moving soon to Dallas to be a hot shot pediatrician.  Yes, be impressed, be very impressed.  I know I am.

Denise gave us a handmade quilt and teddy bear for Lakin.  You should have heard the oohs and ahhs from the guests.  We were all touched by her thoughtfulness.  To my left was Ashley, also in from Columbia.  She's been my faithful med school wife friend!  I will miss her when she and Wes move to Florida.  We'll have somewhere warm to visit though. 

It was a great shower and a fun time had by all.  Not pictured: Hattie the great and my friend Krista.  I kick myself for not getting a picture with these two influential friends!  Thanks for coming ladies!