Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Thinking Ahead

Been thinking about winter gear.  I'd certainly like one of these...
Some of these....

And possibly one of these for those fierce winters.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Our New Bedroom

The new home is a work in progress. The first room to be somewhat complete and actually have things on the wall is our bedroom. We liked the color the original owners painted so there was little we had to do to get this ready to go. The wall sconces were also left by the original owners as well. We just relocated them to work with our room arrangement.
 Some pictures from our honeymoon. 
 We bought this frame in Maui.  It's painted driftwood.  Is it narcissistic to have some many personal pictures in your bedroom?
 The dresser with a view of the bed.  The door to the right is our bathroom.  We're still figuring our where to put important papers, hence the pile of debris you now see.
 Jewelry stand I fashioned out of sticks from our yard. 
 Fancy light fixture.  Might be taking this out and replacing with a fan.  It does get muggy in our room when the AC is off. 
Big picture.
Our bed, with sconces lit up. This is wonderful for at night reading. Chris is currently ready for bed much earlier so we can just turn on our bedside light and read without disturbing each other or arguing over who has to get out of bed to turn off the light. The pregnant one should always win in this argument, right?

There you have it.  A tour of the Master Bedroom.  More pictures to come as we complete the rooms. 

35 weeks, but who's counting?

How far along? 35 weeks, 0 days.  37 days to go.  Yikes!  This seemed to go way too fast. 

How big is baby? 5 lbs... this is enormous.  She's packing on the fat right now (in a good way) and her projected wright gain is a 1/2 lb a week for the next 3 weeks! 

Total weight gain: +21 lbs. In positive news, my belly is so enormous that I don't feel fat in other areas.  I tell myself that any extra "puffiness" is due to all the water I'm currently retaining and that it will most likely disappear moments after giving birth to my beautiful daughter.  My uterus will also shrink down to it's original size in a record speed of 15 minutes, giving me that "what, you just delivered a baby?  but you look so good" sort of appearance.  Please just let me live in this fantasy world for a bit, will you?

Maternity Clothes? I am proud of the fact that I squeezed my foot into a pair of heels and dressed up for a welcome reception at the Mayo house last night.  Did my feet hurt like crazy with each step?  You bet.  Did I look decent?  Of course.  Score one for the pregnant lady. 

Stretch marks? Still none! What I once thought might be a stretch mark was actually a small place I forgot sunscreen.  All better now.

Sleep: It's warmer than I expected in Minnesota.  I've placed a small fan directly on me as I sleep.  I get up an average of three times to tinkle but always go right back to bed.  Been loving my frequent cat naps. 

Movement: She's pretty wild at night when I lay on my side.  I feel her rolling around in there and have been known to experience an elbow across the belly a time or two. 

Food cravings: Nothing to date.  Lately the thought of Capn' Crunch with Crunchberries entered my mind and I quickly dismissed it.  Can't start that again. 

What I miss: A beer with pizza.  Sitting up like a regular person and not rolling over, hoisting myself up, and falling out of bed.

What I am looking forward to: This week my parents are coming and we're tackling the nursery.  Can't wait to see the final product.  The crib comes in soon and we ordered a swanky rocker.  Some furniture in Lake's room could be a nice addition  since the mattress currently lays on the floor next to all her baby stuff. 

Milestones: Had my first MN doctor's appointment.  Aside from the three hour experience (very thorough here) and the $4 parking fee (no free parking downtown, boo!) , I am thinking I will be quite pleased with my labor and delivery experience at Mayo.  They did have me undress and put on a gown which caused all kinds of anxiety.  Then the doctor said we could skip the full physical exam.  There was some relief paired with a little frustration; all that song and dance and then you up and decide there's no reason for me to be naked under a gown that opens in the front and really hides nothing!  But I digress.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Weeks 32,33,34 and Baby Shower Time!

My wonderful friends in Columbia had a shower for me right before we moved.  It was wonderful to see everyone one last time and once again I was blown away by the generosity of friends. 
My gracious hosts: Carly, Polly, me, Mary Kate, and Bonnie
The onesie garland, such a cute idea!
Bonnie and her crafty momma made this diaper cake.  See how impressed I am?
Lakin's Gma's.  These ladies look too young and fabulous to be called "grandma."

On to the update of how baby Lake's is doing....

I'm not going to break it down by category for you.  There's really not much to tell.  She's getting huge.  I FEEL huge.  My body is swollen everywhere.  I have the hips of an eighty-year old.  Today she assaulted me with her foot in my rib for about an hour.  We think she knows she's in her new home and has been excited that we're starting to get her space ready.  The nursery floor is covered with baby paraphernalia and we ordered her crib.  We're working on finding a rocker and we've been checking in with her periodically to explain just how much we can't wait to meet her.  I have about three shirts that still fit and a few more I wear around the house that show the bottom portion of my belly when I lift my arms.  Life is pretty exciting right now!  Only a little more time to go!

The House

Is great.  I promise more pictures to come when things are in order.  Until then, here's a lovely shot of the outside.
Chris is loving the yard work.  He's actually edging as a I type.  I think he will enjoy having a yard to maintain!

These Folks are Friendly!

So far we have made friends with:

1. The woman at U Haul- she offered to provide us with directions around Rochester any time we need them.

2. Our sanitation worker, a burly transplant from the Atlanta area, brought to the Rochester area since his wife works for the clinic.

3. Our new friends, Kerri and Phil, see the earlier post about the welcome they gave us and the bed they provided the evening we moved. 
4. The waitress at City Cafe.  She eyed my belly all night and even snuck us an extra loaf of sour dough to go with the garlic spread we were crazy about. 

5. My Mayo family sponsor, Kamber, who is taking me to a welcome brunch, and whose husband who called and personally offered to help us move once he found out I was majorly preggo.

6. Our new neighbor, Adam, father to a five month old baby girl (woo hoo!) and willing to help us figure out how to get the couch into the basement (still unsuccessful on that one, by the way). 

7. The mail man, who greeted us with a hearty hello and shared that he'd only be with us seven more months before he moved away for retirement.

8. Last, but certainly not LEAST, our personal banker, Andrew.  We signed up for an account today at the bank.  My goodness, they rolled out the red carpet.  About twenty-five introductions and handshakes later we were swapping life stories while discussing lines of credit and savings plans.  Pat, the bank manager made it a point to come and meet us, chat about the amazingness of the clinic, (where she was a patient, herself) and reassure us that we were entering into a committed relationship with this bank.  I think they were willing to offer free babysitting by the end of our hour long visit.  To top it all off, we were sent home with a cozy cooler and two cans of diet coke since it was "swipe Friday."  Bring your debit card into the bank on a Friday, swipe it to make a deposit and enjoy an ice cold one on our bank.  I was surprised there wasn't a face painting booth and petting zoo on the way out.  It was a little over the top but some what sweet. 

Drum Roll Please!

I think you all recall the most fabulous find I scored a few months ago at a Habitat furniture sale.  Here's a reminder for those who don't recall. 

Well, here it is all spruced up and in our new living room.  The burgundy walls will be leaving shortly but until then, they do a nice job of providing contrast for the stone gray color of the hutch.  My father lovingly sanded, painted, sanded, painted, adjusted, and painted this beauty.  He did a way better job than yours truly would have.  He probably knew that and that's why he insisted on finishing the piece for us.  This is my favorite item in our new home! 

Cankles: My Worst Enemy

I'm pretty puffy at this stage in the pregnancy.  Want proof?  Check out my cankles.
So, I'm wearing my new Sseko sandals.  Sseko is a KC company run by my friend Liz.  Check out their site and buy some sandals because they help support Ugandan women in their educational endeavors. 

Thursday, June 17, 2010

We Made It!

We made it to Rochester last Monday.  Imagine a gigantic moving truck with a car hitched to the back followed by an SUV with the Camry hitched to the back.  This was how we made the trip.  It took a while to get here and we were pretty pooped once we got into town but luckily we had a delicious burger at Newt's to get our energy back.

Chris and I stayed with some new friends we'd met through some Columbia connections.  Phil and Kerri (new friends!) had homemade chocolate chip cookies waiting for us Monday night and even had a little care package waiting in our guest room.  A bottle of wine, a gift certificate to Rochester restaurants, and a list of recommendations made us feel so welcomed and eager to get acquainted with our new home.  Thanks Phil and Kerri!

Tuesday morning we closed and moved in.  Thank goodness for Chris' parents who graciously offered to make the trip with us and help us load and unload.  My pregnant self was not a ton of help in terms of moving stuff into the house and out of the truck.  Convenient for me, impossible for the task at hand.

We still don't have Internet connection in our house so pictures are coming I promise, but Chris and I hit a  new frugal low yesterday.  Desperate to check email and get some address info changed online we drove around neighborhoods with the laptop open looking for unlocked wifi networks.  If we would have went to a coffee shop (which is where I post from now) we'd have to buy a cup of coffee so instead we crept slowly down the street watching our network signal.   Finally we were able to connect and get what we needed online.  Oh, the things you'll do to save a buck!

We've been to Wal-Mart three times already and have a list growing that I'm sure will lead us back there today or tomorrow.  This house business is expensive!

Chris mowed the lawn for the first time and he was so proud of his yard handiwork.  I think that's something he's going to enjoy about home ownership.

In problematic news, our couch won't fit down the stairs.  The downstairs entrance is tight and we can only get the love seat down there.  Not sure what we'll do about that.  Maybe we'll need to buy a new couch in a nutty leather finish.... then again, that's not really in the budget.

Just wanted you to have a little update before I post pictures.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Gets the Gimmies

So were moving in four days.  We purchased our first home and I already have many dreams of just what I can do with our new space.  I've got definitive plans for the nursery and rough estimates for our other rooms.  It changes depending on what I am inspired by on my Google reader that day.  Owning a home is something I've been looking forward to since adulthood.  My parents built their beautiful, mission style home when I was in middle school and ever since I've been intrigued by architecture and design.  I was even an environmental design major my first semester of college (until I was failing Art 60, basic drawing, and realized maybe this was more a hobby than a profession.)

All that to say, I love to see into peoples homes, love to look at color palettes and dream of room arrangements.  Redoing furniture and transforming spaces on a budget gets me all hot and bothered.  Lately though I've been wondering if all this love of stuff is okay.

As we move from our two bedroom apartment I am shocked at all we've accumulated.  We're not excessive people, we certainly have not bought a ton in the three years we've lived here but when you put it all in one room you realize, crap, we have a lot of stuff.

In fact, all this stuff is going to cost a lot to move.  Confident we could make our trek north with two trailers, we've recently decided that our inventory warrants a moving van.  Price tag on this little venture?  $500 more than we were planning to spend.  So now my beloved stuff is costing me a pretty penny.

In addition to moving all that we currently have, we're also expecting a baby girl within the first month and a half of moving so I've had several showers here to celebrate before the big move.  Our baby has her own stack of boxes.  It's quite overwhelming to think of the generosity of others, but also the sheer amount of things that she's accumulated while in utero.  The girl's not even here and she could almost fill a trailer herself!

When we got pregnant we vowed to just get the bare essentials.  We didn't need a ton of gear for our baby and we wanted to work hard to live simply when it came to our child and his/her needs.  But shower after shower there were more and more things that just accumulated, all of them promising to make our lives as new parents easier, to bring comfort and joy to our newborn, and let's face it, some of the stuff was downright impractical, but stinking cute.

We are so thankful of the generosity of our friends and family.  Because of their outpouring of love we are able to take our baby home in a safe car seat, clothe her, feed her, read to her, and stimulate her mind with interactive toys.  We are so grateful to have people who already love her before she's even born.

But even knowing we have a lot already, I can't help but want more.  I find myself thinking of all the things we "need" to fill our new home.  I peruse Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, and numerous design blogs looking for inspiration on how we can make our new home cozy and cute.  I see embellished little onesies, and sweet tutus (when does a baby really NEED a tutu?) and convince myself that Lakin needs one of those.  But when does the stuff just become stuff?  At what point have we accumulated too much?  What does it say about me that all my blog posts come back to something cute for the house or cute for the baby?  Blech.

My two travel savvy friends are both home now.  Yesterday we were chatting and they talked about the difference between America and other places they've lived.  We are stuff whores.  We have so much junk, in fact, many Americans have more stuff than they can even use so there is a need for storage units to hold the things we have but don't have space for.   We are consumers at the core of our being and it's one of the first stark differences they notice right off the place.  Is all the stuff improving our lives?  Does a cute new lamp make me a happier person?  Is it okay to want to make my home adorable, dress my daughter in cute things, and enjoy a $4 latte while doing it?

These thoughts are rolling through my mind as we prepare to become parents and homeowners.  Odds are I will work hard to make my home a place of comfort and hospitality.  It will matter to me the color on the walls and the coordination of the accessories.  I just don't want to allow inertia to pull me into a wrong way of thinking about the world.   I don't want to look to my stuff that sits and gathers dust to make me happy or provide fulfilment for my life.   Striking a healthy balance is hard and it's a line I might have to walk the rest of my life.  I realize my inclination to get the gimmies.  I see the sinful side of me that thinks something cute just might do the trick.  I will need help to remember that nothing I could even buy on this earth will bring contentment, true contentment of my heart.  It's just stuff that years down the road will probably end up on a folding table in my garage with a neon price sticker.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Because I'm Sure You Were Wondering

We're doing great at eating up everything in our home.  Here's a list of what all we've recently finished off.  (if you can't share random, unimportant information on your blog, where can you share it?)

- Tortillas
- Bran Flakes
- Milk
- Vanilla Yogurt
- Jalapenos
- Sour Cream
- Goldfish crackers
- Hot Dogs
- Brown Rice
- Instant Mashed Potatoes
- Coffee :(
- Creamer
- Cheddar
- Wheat Pasta

We're getting down to the bare bones.  I love completing a challenge and I hate to waste! 

Little Notes to Columbia, MO

Dear University of Missouri,
I remember the day I moved in as a young, eighteen-year old. I had no idea what I was doing and was nervous about this whole “adult” thing. You fostered growth and helped me become the professional I am today. I’ve watched the Tigers, cheered on their success, and shouted MIZ…ZOU with great fervor and spirit. You will always have a special place in my heart!
Dear Daniel Boone Library,
I still can’t get over the fact that I can check out unlimited books and media from you and it’s all FREE. You’re cute, trendy, and a safe place to retreat. I have let you down many times with my overdue books and you graciously continue to let me check out more without any financial penalty. You are a beautiful friend and have kept me entertained for hours on end. I will miss your big comfy chairs and unique artwork.
Dear classroom trailer,
I spent more time within your wood-paneled walls than I did in the comfort of my own apartment. You know all my jokes, have seen all my hidden tears, and housed many of my moments of greatness. If your walls could talk, what would they say? In spite of the lack of air conditioning at times, the little mouse that lived inside you and ate an entire bag of Hershey’s Kisses once, and the wasps that occasionally came in and interrupted our learning; you have been good to me. I will not miss your musty smell at the end of the day or running from you to the building in a torrential downpour but I will miss having a place to call my own. You were like my little workshop. R.I.P. sweet trailer classroom, you’ve had a good run.

Dear Deer Valley Apartments,
I spent my first three years of marriage in your complex. I thank you for the well-maintained grounds, the pristine pool, and the extensive background check for residents. At times I felt you were unbending and inflexible like when you scolded me for having a dog on the grounds or leaving my beach towel on the balcony to dry. I understand now you were just trying to preserve the integrity of your property. I will let you know my final verdict on you after you send me my deposit check in the mail. You sure have high standards but I don’t know that this is all bad.
Dear single elliptical machine in the workout room,
We’ve had some good times, haven’t we? Thanks for helping me to stay in shape and for not judging me on those days when I only used you for ten minutes and then quit. You’ve been the ONLY form of exercise I’ve been able to do since getting knocked up and having my joints go to hell. You were in high demand, being the only machine of your kind in our tiny workout space, and I was always relieved to see you available.


Dear Cherry Street Artisan,
You were an outstanding establishment. A little stinky at times but that was part of your charm. I remember spending a lot of my early college years hanging out, studying, and discussing the meaning of life within your walls. You had such tasty coffee and a cool, underground café feel. I will always associate you with my golden, college years.

Dear Shakespeare’s,

If there’s one thing I’ll miss, it’s your veggie pizza with wheat crust. I could count on your pizza knocking my socks off every time I came. My dad liked your pizza so much that it became the Columbia “go to” restaurant when he came through town. You were pricey but far better than other pizza establishments. I could count on your quirky character and “fight the man” attitude to keep me laughing while I waited to eat. How great is it that I am taking about twenty-five clear plastic cups with your logo on them to remember you by in Rochester? In fact, I’m wondering now why we even registered for glassware when I seem to prefer an ice cold beverage in your cup over a fancy glass from Crate and Barrel any day.
Nothin’ but love,

Saturday, June 5, 2010

31 and 32 - "The Heat is On" (read: the air was still off in my classroom)

Maternity clothes? Options are limited, lets just say that. 

Stretch marks? After my stint at the pool I noticed red marks on my thighs that I suspect are either a tiny place where I forgot sunscreen OR a stretch mark.   Hmmmm.....

Sleep: I'm pretty uncomfortable sitting down, laying down, standing.  This makes sleeping doable but not always enjoyable. 

Best moment this week: We met our friends, Matt and Carly, at the winery where I drank berry flavored Propel and enjoyed cheese, crackers, salami, and fruit.  It was wonderful to sit in the shade and spend quality time with them. 
Movement: Yes, she's moving.  I'm also experiencing a ton of braxton hicks contractions which is just the ole' uterus gearing up for her big day. 

Food cravings: I have to eat smaller meals since my stomach and intestines are smashed up under my rib cage.  Really, it's true, look it up if you don't believe me.  Tonight we feast a Taqueria- only the greatest Mexican restaurant in Mid-Missouri- second only to Margarita's in Kansas City.  I will miss Taqueria when we move in a week.  This is our final trip there.  Tear.

Gender: Lady

Labor Signs: I feel like she's heavier when I carry her and I had a weird pain for about fifteen minutes the other day that can only be described as a bad side stitch.  It went away and since then everything's been fine.  I keep hearing stories of women who gave birth three to four weeks before their due date and that FREAKS me out because that would be like a month away. 

Belly Button in or out? outie

What I miss: Painting toenails, rolling over in bed, lifting heavy stuff, a sense of balance, to name just a few.

What I am looking forward to: I've already mentioned this, but dinner at Taqueria tonight.  Other than that, I am pretty stinking excited to move into our new home and get our place set up. 

Weekly Wisdom: This too, shall pass.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Jaeger Family Challenge

Our mission: to minimize the amount of waste/food we have to move to Minnesota.  It's taken a serious commitment to eating random meals for the last two weeks.  This week we only bought bread and toilet paper during our weekly grocery run. 

Last night we made hodge podge tacos and used up:
1. tortillas
2. one can of corn
3. brown rice
4. taco sauce
5. jalapenos
6. one bag of cheese (there's one more left to tackle)
7. bag of frozen chicken (thanks to our friends B and K who moved last week and passed on their frozen goods to us)

Our fridge is looking bare and our pantry leaves much to be desired but we're determined.  We've got a LOT of pancake mix to eat.  If you're hungry for breakfast, come on over. 

A Day I Thought Might Never Come

I just confirmed my marriage to my husband via Facebook.  Yes, Chris has joined FACEBOOK.  For those of you who don't know my husband, he has stubbornly put his foot down for years claiming Facebook was impersonal and not for him.  Last night he took the plunge and created an account.  Look him up and request his friendship, it would really make his day.  This morning he woke up to fifty more friends on his profile than last night when he went to bed.  Ah, the glory of Facebook relationships!  Welcome to Facebook, sweetie.  This is his profile picture:
In other Facebook news, I finally changed my profile picture.  If I am unemployed at home with our baby at the beginning of next year I might get sucked back into this online world.  

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Nursery Update

I've been itching to get my hands in there and start on Lakin's nursery.  Unfortunately we won't move for another week and a half and so while I wait, I've been brewing plans for a fabulous little space for our little one.  Here's some sneak peeks before the big reveal.  We're due a month and a half after we move so this mommas got her work cut out for her once we get to Rochester! 

Picture stripes like this:

Photo from
But in these colors:

With this as the window curtain:

This will be the crib skirt material:

With a few pages from this framed on the wall:

Come to Momma!

I am in love with Trader Joe's.  That statement could end there but I recently have been introduced to one of the most fantastic treats on the planet.  Meet the Powerberry!  Dark chocolate hugs the fruit pieces of acai, blueberry, pomegranate, and cranberry.  Put them in the fridge for a sweet, cool treat.  Much needed after ANOTHER unairconditioned day in my trailer. 

School's out in three days.  I hope the air comes back on before that.  I've got a classroom to vacate and clean!