Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Meet Our Little Girl

First, things first, here are some pictures of our little show stopper.  Some comments on Facebook have been about how great we all look.  Please know that I do have sweaty, double-chin, post delivery pictures but those are not for the masses.  Rather, they will be locked in the vault of iPhoto forever-or until I can convince my husband to delete them.  I am selecting what photos make it into the world so the flattering ones are the only ones that make the cut.  Trust me though, there are a fair share of typical post baby delivery photos that would make any new mom cringe.
 Lakin looks so tiny in my arms.  She is a little snuggler alright and she makes these wonderful little snorts when she's looking for food or more comfort.
 Having a baby in the twenty-first century.  I believer we were uploading photos and checking Facebook in this shot.  Probably will be a typical scene in the Jaeger household!
Here's a close up.  I'm digging the bright pink hat she's wearing.  Her grandma brought her that.  This was when she was sleeping all day so she could be up all night.  She's a bit of night owl.
 Here she is with Dad.  Can I just say that this man is awesome with his little girl!  Chris has changed her diaper, been at her side, soothed her crying, and has this proud papa look anytime he's holding her.  You see your spouse in a beautiful new light once you become parents together.  I love this photo of him kicking back with his girl.
 Our friend, Lindy, holding the "glowworm."
 Brian was quite smitten with Lakin and even held her through her first hearing test.  
 Casey with Lakin.  Casey and I worked/read at Panera the afternoon we had Lakin.  Little did we know she'd be here so soon!
 Daniel looking very "Mayo official" in his suit came by to say hello before heading off to Minneapolis for a Transplant surgery!  
 Grandma holding Lakin for the first time.  Lakin loved her new hat and her grandmother!
 Grandpa Lakin with his little girl.  Looks pretty happy, doesn't he?
 Grandma Jaeger makes sure everyone can see Lakin's sweet little face.  
 I love the expression on her face - she knows her Grandpa Jaeger came all the way from Missouri to see her!
 Don't let that face fool you, Lakin loves her one and only Uncle David.  
Lake's first Chipotle experience.  Judging from this morning's feeding, she's going to like it as much as her mommy.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Crazy Thing Happened Last Night

We had a baby!

We went to a friend's house for dinner.  It was our first time going over there but Steve works with Chris in Urology and Kamber has become a fast friend with all the Mayo related get togethers.  We were standing around, eating some tasty cheese and crackers and I felt a small gush of something wet.  Horrified I wondered if I'd just peed my pants, that, or my water broke.  I discreetly excused myself to go to the bathroom and when I sat down, another gush came rushing out.  I was wondering 1. is this really my water breaking or did I just embarrassingly wet myself? and 2. how in the world I was going to share this news with our new friends, the first time we're over? and then 3. what do we do now? especially since I wasn't sure what had really happened.

So after announcing, "I think my water just broke, that, or I wet myself." we debated what to do.  Steve had the good sense to have me call the hospital and get their opinion.  We didn't know if I could make it through the meal or needed to go right away.   So glad we left when we did!

After talking to OB on the phone they advised I come in, lay down for a bit and they could check to see if indeed it was my water that broke and would decide then if I should be admitted.  Chris and I decided we should go home and get our stuff together and I was confident there was no hurry.  As we drove the 15 minutes to our house my contractions began and they were about a minute long and 3 or 5 apart.  (this is serious labor timing) We made it to the hospital at about 8:30PM and checked in.  In triage they confirmed that my water had broken and that my contractions were coming at a pretty intense pace.

The on call resident came in and introduced herself and then went to get her chief.  Later we learned she was an intern like Chris, meaning this was her first year too.  She checked my cervix and told me I was probably dilated 3, maybe 4 centimeters.  The chief then double checked and she said I was really more like 9 centimeters.  If this is nonsensical to you, 10 centimeters is the point when you get to push and so we were in quick need of a delivery room at this point.  Things were moving much faster than expected and I was in quite a bit of pain.

By 9:30 PM we were in a delivery room and I was feeling like I needed to poop which was really an urge to push baby.  When I announced this to the room full of strangers things instantly became more hectic.  They called for anesthesia to try and get that epidural in before I began pushing.   The anesthesiologist came in and quickly realized that we were not going to be able to do much for the pain before I pushed this baby out.  Please note that the fact that there was NO medication was not my choice.  If you ever spoke to me about my birth plan it involved only one thing: an epidural.  I was the poster child for pain meds while birthing so it's quite ironic and fitting that this was just not going to happen.

So after about 45 minutes of pushing, I heard our little girl cry and knew that we had just done it.  Chris was wonderful and encouraging.  The team was fabulous and in the end the intern was the one who got to deliver the baby and stitch me up.  I ended up having a little tearing, nothing major.  I made sure to thank everyone, especially our intern (life is rough that first year and you hate to look incompetent but let's face it, you're pretty new to all this stuff).

Lakin's doing great.  I'm feeling good, my crotch is sore, sore, sore.  I guess that is to be expected.  Lakin Ellie Jaeger was born at 10:29 PM on Monday, July 26th.  She was 7lb 12oz- good thing she came out when she did.

She's eating well and loves to snuggle.  We will post pictures as soon as the camera cord makes it to the hospital.

Oh, and I never pooped during the delivery.  Not that there would be any shame in that game!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

If You're Wondering What to Get Me Next Christmas Part II

This would be just peachy.

Even better, when you buy this shirt from, a book is donated to a community in need.  

Friday, July 23, 2010

Because I Can't Stop

Here's a few updated nursery pictures.  I know, I'm out of control.  Try being home all day and not thinking of cute ways to add to your unborn baby's room.
Made these frames with some craft paper I had on hand.
Green dress is from GAP and was a find at last week's garage sales.

 Shelf is from Walmart and I assembled it myself.  My belly kept getting in the way but I was determined.  Now I can display her books, have a place to set the monitor, and please take note of what found its way on display there... the Chuck Taylors, as promised.

 Nothing new here, just thought you might like a reminder. 
 The gloriously comfortable chair that I currently like to sit in and read Harry Potter.
I don't know if you saw the chandelier in the last set of photos so I figured I better get it in the shot for good measure.

I'm done.  For now.

Garage Sale Score

It's kinda become a Friday ritual for us but this is the third week in a row where I have plotted out garage sales and set out to find bargains and learn my way around town.  My new MN friends: Casey, Lindy, and Kristin joined me as we drove around in search of something we just couldn't live without.  The last couple of weeks I've found a few things here or there but today I felt I hit the jack pot.  First, purchase was this cute little basket.  Sara likey.
The next must have of the day was this kickin' globe.  A purchase made with Aunt Kristen in mind.  She got Lakin her first world map and insists that she will personally make sure Lakin knows her world geography.  I thought this globe was awesome, would be a wonderful teaching tool in years to come, and look sweet on top of our hutch or in our home office for the time being.  At $2 I couldn't pass it up.

My final purchase and the one I am MOST excited about was these adorable pink Chuck Taylors.  Lakin will be so cool in her little sneakers.  They're too big for her right now so I plan to put them on display in her room for the time being.  I am certain Chris will feel that these shoes were worth the measly $1.50 I paid for them.  They're  practically brand new!

We followed our victorious sale experience with delicious Taco Bell and some DVRed Bethenny Getting Married.  It was the episode where she goes into labor.  It was reassuring to see that other women have the same fears I do and that she took it all like a total champ.  The bliss she experienced after her epidural was the encouragement I needed to put my game face on and do this thing.  Now, I just need our baby girl to get on the same page.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Did I sit on my porch this afternoon in a skimpy bikini top in hopes of getting a little color before this kind of luxury is non-existent?  Did I use my daughter's future spray bottle (the one I purchased to use when changing diapers) to keep myself cool every five minutes?

Did I spend an ungodly amount of time reading one woman's blog and obsessing over her fabulous creations in her online store.  Would it be safe to say I am a smidge jealous of her creativity?

Did I eat ice cream for my lunch and feel little, to no, remorse?

The answer is yes, I did all these things.  It was wonderful.  Mkay.

Tomorrow I will be responsible.  Tomorrow I will clean the toilets so they are shiny when company comes to see the baby.  Tomorrow I will hopefully be offered a job that I really, really, want.  More info on that to come- you know, once an offer is (hopefully) extended.

Loving the good life right now!

Oh, in baby news, went to the doctor.  Heard a heart beat, no update on how far along we are. We continue to wait.  9 days!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

38 Week Belly Pics!

How far along? 38 weeks.  12 more days, or if we're lucky we'll do this thing as soon as I post.

How big is baby? Judging from that top picture, too big.  My doctor here refuses to estimate the weight of the baby, mumbled something about it being an inaccurate science at this point and guessing only freaks mothers out.  That sounds like someone's keeping bad news to themselves to me.  Hmmmm......

Total weight gain: I think we'll do this thing just shy of 25 lbs.  Last visit I lost weight.  Yeah, pretty awesome and I guess somewhat common at this stage.  My doctor (perhaps because he knows I'm having a ginormous baby and refuses to tell me- see above comment for justification behind this paranoia) said a wonderfully flattering thing:  "Man, you're all baby."  Chris rolled his eyes when I told him that this was what the Dr. said; he told me that doctors schmooze their patients all the time.  I guess an OBGYN that tells a pregnant woman she's gained a crap load of weight  is at risk of losing patients.  I will take this comment with a grain of salt but secretly hold on to it with great joy.

Maternity Clothes? We went to the Mall of America a week or so ago.  Being pregnant is a wonderful budget help.  Even though I wanted to take full advantage of the great summer sales taking place in just about every store, I couldn't because there was no way those shirts would fit over my belly or those pants would cover my butt.   I did find a steal of a deal on a coat.  I can zip it (just barely) over my nine month pregnant belly and am confident that it was a good enough deal to go ahead and purchase it.  Score one for me!

Stretch marks? I laugh in the face of stretch marks.

Sleep: I do sleep on and off at night.  I wake up on average about ten time a night to turn over (big production) and pee.  When I wake up my body aches everywhere.  Sleep used to be such a welcomed solace, now it's something I must do to survive but don't particularly enjoy.  

Movement: She's moving less and less now that she's gotten bigger.  I can feel a distinct foot in my left rib most days.  I like to poke it and watch it disappear back into my belly.  If you've never seen something like this, it's quite amazing.  The fact that I can physically see from the outside moving parts is pretty crazy.

Food cravings: No, in fact, my appetite is diminishing.

What I miss: I eagerly await the day when I can feel back to my normal self.  I miss regular sleep but it doesn't sound like that's going to be a reality any time to soon.  I can't wait until I have more than one pair of jeans I can pick from.  

What I am looking forward to: I'm ready to meet Lakin.  So ready.  I'm ready to be done being pregnant but really I just can't wait to see what our little girl is like and to begin life together with her.  I'm itching to read books to her, cuddle her in my arms, take her on walks, and show her the world.  The other day I was walking with Chris and we saw some baby ducks following their mother and I thought, this is the kind of stuff I can't wait to point out to our children.  The sense of wonderment that small children have over the day to day things is magical and I can't wait to experience those moments with Lakin.

Milestones: Last Wednesday I was 2cm dilated and 75% effaced.  The baby was at stage zero.  My body is making it's final preparations for this thing to happen!  My next appointment is this Wednesday (if we make it until then) and at that appointment the doctor said he'll do a few things that might get the process moving along.  He did say I was impressively far along for a first timer (another way he schmoozed me) and my friend, MK, who's a labor and delivery nurse, seemed to think my progress was a good sign, maybe even an indicator of a quick labor.  Oh, Jesus in heaven, that would be wonderful!  All this horn tooting though might just mean that I will go ten days over my due date and labor for hours on end.  I better not get my hopes up too high!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Jaeger Family 1: Home 0

Being a home owner comes with all kinds of perks as well as many responsibilities.  Since moving there are many things that I wish I could magically change about our new home.  Namely, the blue carpet that I don't remember during the walk through and showing in the downstairs extra bedroom, the hard water and water spots on our dishes EVERY time we run the dishwasher, the lack of trees in our backyard, and the garden full of wildflowers  and random weeds.  I see a need for upgrades that we simply cannot afford at this point in our lives and so I must be satisfied with status quo.

Please don't read that I am ungrateful or unhappy with this beautiful house we call home and I realize how fortunate I am that we have a place to rest our head each night and we ended up in such a beautiful starter home.  I count my blessings everyday, or at least I try.

But those of you who own homes, especially those who have just entered that arena, know that there's a never ending list of projects, to dos, and needs that seems to overwhelm you when it comes to home improvements.

Last night Chris and I had a personal victory with our house.  I was attempting a tapas recipe for a party we were planning to attend.  I'd never made it before and probably should have test run the whole process before going with it twenty minutes before we were scheduled to leave.  The recipe called for lots of peeled potatoes and onions- actually, an insane amount!  After I chopped and peeled I threw the remains in the sink- which was quite an impressive pile- and attempted to let the disposal do what it does best: grind and make disappear.  Only, this time water was not going down.  The peels were resurfacing and my sink was quickly becoming a disgusting cesspool of potato and onion waste.  Crap!  I waited to proceed, not wanting to make things worse and when Chris made his way home I greeted him with our lovely little issue.

While he worked, I continued with the recipe, which was a burnt disaster, by the way.  The burned dish and the gurgle of our disposal was enough to convince us to stay home and attend to the immediate issue of fixing our major problem.  By this time the house smelled of onions and the sink was unrecognizable.  

Chris quickly got to work watching online tutorials and trying to figure out how the heck you get a clog out of a disposal.  He worked for a few hours and eventually had to drain the pipes under the sink, which was a sight, let me tell you!  Sure enough, there was a perfect sized clump of potato waste clogging the drain and keeping water from moving freely.  Once we got it out we were able to clean out the rest of the pipe and put everything back together.  This was our Friday evening.  No tapas party.  No fun- just serious, grown-up, home owner stuff.

I was so proud when we finally had the kitchen cleaned and everything put away.  We'd averted another home disaster and we'd done it all on our own!  While I would have preferred the mingling and fireworks of our original plan, I was really proud of what we'd worked together to accomplish.

So in conclusion: do not put too much down your disposal.  Do not be overly confident of all a disposal can chop and process.  Do not be afraid to get a little dirty (at one point Chris was sprayed with potato infused water) and get in there and fix it yourself.  Problem solving can be empowering!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

If You're Wondering What to Get Me Next Christmas...

I adore the idea behind these reusable lunch baggies.  Lunch Skins are an eco-friendly and chic way to carry your cut up carrots, PB&J, or stash of Goldfish crackers.  Check them out.  They have a whole assortment of bright and cheery designs and could end up saving your pocketbook and our environment in the long run!  With your purchase 12 million baggies will have been saved the fate of a landfill.
Wish I would have thought of this idea!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

When You Just Don't Know Quite What to Say

Ever not quite sure just how to put it?  Even though I love making cards and writing personal notes to those I love, I can always use a little help with how to word things just right.  I'd love to check this book out that I read about here.

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Makings of a Dinner Party

Saturday night we had our first guests over to the house.  We invited Chris' intern class and their wives over for dinner.  Can I just say that the five interns are wonderful and I love spending time with this crew.  We really lucked out!  The wonderful thing is that this is the group we'll be with for the next five years.  I intended on getting some pictures of our guests but never got around to it.  I did take a few before shots to document our event!

The Evening's Menu: 
Pasta Carbonara, 
Italian Bread with Olive Oil, & 
Farmer's Market Salad with mandarin oranges, strawberries, and feta.  
I tied my apron up over the bump (which looks minimal in this picture but I assure you that is just an optical illusion) since I tend to spill everything on my protruding belly.
Everything bread.  If you like everything bagels from Panera you've got to check this out, it's fresh from Walmart's bakery (is that an oxymoron?).  We did hit up the Farmer's Market Saturday morning followed by a trip to Wally World for all our other groceries.  A bit contradictory, I know.  Try not to judge too much.
Our table set and ready for guests.  I sewed that table runner out of the scraps leftover from my valance project I referenced in my last post.  
Here are the new kitchen valances.  The living room ones have yet to be hung but will be soon!  I really like how they turned out.  
Here's a picture of the new dining room color  We love the soft green.  As you recall, the dining room used to be this color...
After dinner we spent time out on our back deck.  We love sitting out there and it even got chilly enough to need a lightweight jacket!  We love Minnesota, love our new friends, love being homeowners (most days, when tree branches are falling and our mortgage payment's not due).  It was an excellent evening with new friends.

Friday, July 9, 2010

A Perfect Friday

I had the most wonderful day today.  It involved all my favorite indulgences.  Here's a quick run down...

6:00 AM Woke up and got ready for a morning of garage sales with my new friends, Casey and Lindy.

6:30 AM Drove across town to pick up my partners in crime- if felt good to leave the house that early, have somewhere I needed to be, and feel the early morning breeze with my windows down.

7:00-10:00 AM Explore Rochester via the multiple sales we hit up.  Thanks to GPS we never got lost and there were some excellent finds to be had.  I only spent $1 and got two sippy cups and little cereal holders for the bean.  I think Chris will be pleased that I refrained from making more purchases.

10:00- 1:30 PM Casey made us french toast and later homemade pot stickers for brunch and lunch.  We consumed in front of the DVRed Bethenny Getting Married episodes.  Ah, Bravo TV, I have certainly missed you.

Since coming home I have picked up the house, planned meals for the next week and began making measurements for our new valances in the upstairs dining room.  I'm using a tablecloth from Target that was on clearance.  See below for a grainy picture of the print.
Tonight, I'm making Asparagus Pasta and we might watch a red box or take a nice walk after dinner.  

Asparagus Pasta

1 lb whole wheat linguine
1 diced yellow onion
1 lb of asparagus spears trimmed, chopped, and cut into 1 inch pieces
dash of crushed red pepper
1/4 cup EVOO
4 cloves garlic chopped
fresh Parmesan cheese (optional)

In large pot of boiling, salted water cook linguine al dente; drain.  Meanwhile, in a large skillet, cook the onion and garlic in 1/4 cup EVOO over medium heat until tender and translucent, about 5 minutes.  Add asparagus and 1/4 cup water, cover and cook until asparagus is tender but still crisp, about 4 minutes more. Season to taste with salt, pepper, and crushed red pepper.  Add linguine and toss.  

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

An Open Letter to Miley

Dear Miley,

What exactly is is that makes you think you can't be tamed?  Can't be saved?  When did you get so darn hard core?  Remember the days where you sported the blond wig and went by Hannah Montana?  Not saying that was the most genius story line- did people really not realize that Hannah and Miley were one in the same?  Anyway, I bring this up because you seem a little dramatic in your latest single.  Are you going all Brittney on us?  Please don't go down that road.  Keep singing sweet songs like Party in the USA.  Maintain that innocence, girl.  Really you sound like a drama queen with this can't be saved/tamed/blamed business.

All the best,

Monday, July 5, 2010

Cooler Ranch Doritos + Hotdogs = False Labor Pains

We had a blast for the 4th.  We went to new friends, Ty and Amy's house to eat some delicious grilled food and watch some pyrotechnics.  Since we've moved to Rochester we have been to many a BBQ and I'm loving all the tasty food I don't normally get to indulge in.  In fact, I'm not allowed to purchase a bag of chips for myself ever.  That's my rule because I have absolutely no self-control when it comes to stopping myself from these salty wonders.  I specifically go crazy over a good corn chip.  Frito Lays can be particularly dangerous and if you coat them in cheese dust I lose my mind.  So after way too many Cooler Ranch and Nacho Cheesier Doritos I was feeling pretty good and a little full.  I also thoroughly enjoyed two hot dogs and a wide array of salads that one only gets at large BBQ gatherings.  (Read: I ate like a pig.)

So at 1:20 AM I awoke to some intense stomach pain that was coming at a steady interval of one cramp every four or five minutes.  If I weren't due in three weeks I think I would recognize these old friends as gas.  But since I am gearing up for the most painful most joyful day of my life I wondered if these cramps could be it.

As I lay there in bed counting the time between each pang of discomfort I could not help but think of all the things not yet done.  I do not have a hospital bag packed, I have not charged my camera battery, heck, I don't even know where in the hospital to go since my labor and delivery tour is not scheduled until this Wednesday!  The one positive thought though is that if we had our baby July 5th we could make it to our friends, John and Kayla's, wedding on July 31st in Indiana.  John is one of Chris' BEST friends and Chris would have been in the wedding under different circumstances but unfortunately the timing just didn't work out in our favor.

Well, as you can probably figure by the title of this blog and the fact that I sitting here writing this that I was not in labor and after a few trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night I was a new woman.  This brush with false labor was real eye opening.  I've got some things to take care of.  This girl is coming whether we're prepared or not!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Nursery Reveal!

So I've actually had the nursery almost ready to go for the big blog reveal but there were a few finishing touches I wanted to have done before posting pictures.  Here's the before picture.  The previous home owner had a little girl too.  They had a cute nursery but not our taste.

Isn't Elodie an adorable name?
We made a few changes.  We painted the walls yellow and added two gray horizontal stripes.  
This rocker was a gift from Chris' parents and it is SO comfortable.  We got it online at and avoided the massive shipping charges by having it shipped to the store and picking it up ourselves.  
That stylish blanket is a gift from my friend, Ashley, and it goes quite nice in the room!  Thanks, Ashley!
On the closet door is where we keep our Fuzzi Buns stash.  We just got a few more so I think we're set in the cloth diaper department!

 This is my original artwork inspired by the book, Madeline.  I used modge podge and canvases to create this trio.  I love how they turned out.
We thought one CB2 shower curtain would do it for the windows but once up on the rods we realized the windows were actually quite large.  Ordered a second curtain and love the rough sketch feel of the city-inspired print!
In the corner I have hung three crepe paper rose balls.  This was the project I found on the blog, House of Smiths.  It was easy, lots of rolling crepe paper and a few hot glue gun burns but I like the way they look in the room.
I bought these letters at JoAnn's and covered them in scrapbook paper.  They stayed up long enough for me to take the picture but this weekend Chris and I are going to work on getting them nailed to the wall. We tried some removable stickies but I guess they letters are too heavy.  
Here's the crib and I'm sad the cute crib skirt was cut out of the picture.  I'll have to add that in a future post because it looks great with the rest of the room.  That's the one my mom and I sewed over spring break.  I used some pink plastic crates from my classroom to hold some of her books.  

My dad is working on a dresser/changing table for her right now.  When that makes it's way into the room she will officially have the nicest, most finished room in the whole house!

Now we are ready for our girl to come.  But not too soon.  :)

New Blog Title: Not That You Care

I'm considering changing my blog title from Surprised?  No, not really... to Not That You Care.  I think of blog posts all day long.  I thought about telling you all about the cute little ducks that I watched swim into the lake this morning while I walked around Silver Lake.  I thought about telling you hot great I think hotdogs are.  I considered posting about the sweet tea I made today that didn't come close to touching the delicious goodness of Micky D's $1 sweet tea.  Or the fact that we found a McDonald's in town that has chocolate soft serve (cue the heavenly music).  Being home all day I have found that there are many things I want to share but then I realize that none of it's all that interesting.  In fact, most of my blog posts are pretty darn ordinary.  While I love reading about the mundane of other's lives I fear that this blog might be a bore to some of my readers.

I will refrain from posting about the massive lint trap cleaning I did the other day (seriously, I've got to stay on top of that) or the fact that Craigslist in Rochester is just not what it used to be Columbia.  These thoughts are better left in my head and not on the blog.

In other news, I got inspired by some one's blog.  House of Smiths.  In fact, I just made some sweet ceiling art for Lakin's room based on a tutorial I found there.  This woman has shabby chic-a-fied her home to the max and I love it.  Makes me want to go bead board crazy, until I think about the cost of bead board and the fact that I'm nine months preggo and in no condition to start a major home project. But inspired none the less, I did go downstairs and started taping off the guest room in prep for some painting this weekend (done my my loving husband and not me-don't worry, dad).  After taping off three walls the tape started peeling off and I thought, aw, screw it.  I went back upstairs to read more blogs.  That's all I do these days.  Starting to feel a little stir crazy.  Must find job.  Must get out of house.  Must make real life friends and not become so engrossed in online friends lives.

Typical day:

7:30 Wake up, read enjoy a quiet time.  Remind myself that God is in control of this whole job hunt and that I am fortunate to have time to take it easy before the baby comes.

8:30-9:30 Take a walk around town or at the lake.  Get some exercise.

9:30 Check email, read blogs, get lost online.

Shower at some point.

12:30 Make lunch, check online job postings.

Not sure what happens to my afternoons.  Clean a little, read a little, check email again.

Yep, I'm going to need some routine before I go too crazy.   Please notice that Bravo TV is not anywhere on the daily schedule.  We decided to just do basic local channels and I rarely feel compelled to turn on the TV.  Step in the right direction, yes.  Do I miss all the quality Bravo programming?  You betcha.   That which does not kill us only makes us stronger, right?

Don't think less of me because I like shows like Real Housewives and Bethanny Getting Married.  You'd be surprised how interesting they are.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

So Lazy

This can't become a habit but boy was it wonderful this morning.  I woke up in time to kiss my husband goodbye at 6:15 AM.  I proceeded to lay around for a few minutes, enjoy the quiet of an early morning.  Woke up and had some delicious bran muffins for breakfast.  Spent some time praying  and reading and said goodbye to Kristen as she headed out the door to Chicago this morning.  Spent about an hour on blogs and other random sites.  I swear, I can find something to entertain myself online any time.   Give me a laptop and I'm preoccupied.  Fell back asleep in the comfort of my toasty sheets and woke to a text message from a friend I am meeting downtown at 11:00 AM.  Love it.  Love summer.  Love lounging in bed, reading, writing, thinking.  I know there is a limit to this kind of activity before it becomes borderline sloth-like but I am enjoying it for the moment.  In about a month my lazy days in bed will be replaced with a much more demanding schedule of feedings, diaper changes, and endless rocking and snuggles.  And when that time comes, I'm sure I'll love it too.  You know, when it's not happening in the dead of the night, and even then it might be somewhat nice.