Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Little Clarification

 Does this look like the face of a "monster?"

So I'm getting some grief about calling our girl "Monster."  When we refer to her as Monster it is in the most fond way.  (Think of the friendly monster, Mike Wozowski, of Monsters Inc.  Was he not totally lovable?)  I also endearingly call our child Boo Boo, Bear Cat, and Monstie (short for Monster).  All of these terms are used with love and adoration.  We do not think ill of our little one.  See below photos as proof.
 one overly excited mother, one less than thrilled baby
kisses from mommy, the middle finger from Lakin

Let me reiterate how excited I am for when she can show amusement.  I imagine if she had the ability to master the smile she'd be grinning from ear to ear.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Yeah, I Made That

Got inspired today while reading blogs.  Made some new decor for the home while Monster took her afternoon nap.  What do you get when you add book pages, a Styrofoam ring and a lot of hot glue?  Burned fingers and one of these!

 Also had a small photo shoot after bath time.  Yes, this bow is ridiculously large but she's so darn cute in it.  Oh, don't act like you don't bathe your child, put a bow on her and them try out multiple poses and backgrounds!  Luckily she's a good sport. 

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Emergency Contact

I'm filling out loads of papers for my kid these days.  You don't realize all the paper work involved in bring a person into this world.  Seriously, we're just getting to the end of the pile.  Since I'm headed to work in two weeks I also have lots of forms involving child care.  Immunizations, personal preferences, feeding schedules, copies of birth certificates, emergency contacts...

But what does one do for an emergency contact when they just moved to town, seven hours away from family and friends?  Who will pick my child up when she's been vomiting at daycare and has diarrhea oozing out her diaper?  I mean we have friends, but do we have those kind of friends yet?

I felt this was an opportunity to take a leap and assume some relationships.  I put our neighbors (see glowing post about their wonderfulness below) and my friend, Casey, down as the go to people when Chris or I cannot be reached.  I thought it best to inform them of this duty I volunteered them for and they were both gracious enough to take on the role of second in command. 

In fact, this morning, my neighbor asked for our information so that could be THEIR emergency contact for their daughter, Audrey.  With joy I sent our contact information and felt warm and fuzzy inside that we could return the favor for Adam and Jess.  I am prepared to drop anything and get Audrey if an emergency should arise. 

As for Casey, she does not have children yet, but I hope she knows that if her sweet dog, Fiji, needed a loving care giver for a weekend or, God forbid, had a puppy emergency, I would be happy to get a call.  So, if dogs have emergency contact back ups I'd hope my name would be printed on the line. 

Casey also earns points because yesterday at a bridal shower she offered to hold Lakin while I stuffed my face enjoyed a homemade cinnamon roll.  Lakin took this as the perfect opportunity to take a major number two that sneaked its way out of her diaper and onto Casey's outfit.  Talk about your kid embarrassing you.  Casey was more than gracious as I emphatically apologized while trying to wriggle Lakin's soiled onesie off in front of horrified onlookers.  Okay, I'm exaggerating.  There were moms at the shower, mom's willing to help a sister out and no one judged Lakin for her party foul.  At least not out loud but possibly in their hearts. 

All that to say, I have two wonderful emergency contacts, some incredibly gracious friends, and one VERY regular little girl. 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Neighbor Love

So we hit the jackpot in the neighbor department.  We have a wonderful family that lives to the left of us and a house for sale on our right for all you seriously contemplating moving to the Rochester area!  Just a thought.

Our neighbors, Adam and Jess, are around our age and the proud parents of a beautiful, happy, baby girl.  We just know that she and Lakin will be besties here in a few months.

They came over for some dinner (grilled salmon, roasted asparagus, and some summer fresh pasta salad- go ahead, be impressed) and to introduce the girls.  Lakin pretty much slept through the whole thing which she is notorious for doing.  Audrey however, was awake and so fun to watch as she interacted with us and her toys.  We think Audrey summoned Lakin out of the womb.  She came over the night Lakin was born and while I held her we think she sent baby waves to Lakin beckoning her to come forth and enter the world.  Three hours later Lakin made her big debut.

 Seriously, those big blue eyes are dangerously gorgeous!
Audrey and Jess
 This is Audrey's temperament all of the time.  Happiest baby on the block?
 There's the size comparison.  Check out the Sleep Monster in the background totally ignoring her guest.  We'll have to work on those social skills at some point.
Action shot of Audrey playing with the taggie ball my mom made for Lakin and loving it.  Action shot of Lakin, surprise, surprise... sleeping.

We love that our neighbors love to hang out, stop by to borrow random ingredients, and have provided such a warm welcome to Rochester for us!  We feel pretty blessed by our luck!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Little Note of Appreciation

Dear Maker of Footed PJs,

Um, thanks for such a cute item of clothing.  Does it get any better than covered feet and tiny snaps in the crotch?  This makes wearing your PJs all day cool and not lame.  Have you considered cornering the adult market.  On second thought, maybe that would not be so cute.  When I put my daughter in these little sleepers, I can hardly contain myself it is so darn cute.  Keep up the good work.


The Weekend Briefly

We had a lovely weekend.  Friday night we rented Valentine's Day (only 6 months late, right?) and enjoyed a d-lish meal provided by friends, Kristin and Joel.  Saturday, we took Lakin downtown and enjoyed some Starbucks and then walked ourselves to the library. 

 Lakin prepared for a morning out.  Notice the bow to discourage any confusion about her gender.
 My attempt to get artsy.
 Attempt #2
Here we are on the Mayo campus. Why is it that all photos I take with her she looks like she is super pissed about something?  She's wearing a sweet little outfit given as a gift from her Great G'ma Dar. 

At the library I checked out this book.  
 I proceeded to complete the book later that day.  Since then we've been attempting to apply some of the principles in the book and we have a happier baby and our lives are becoming a bit more predictable.  Great book in my opinion but I know there is some criticism out there about scheduling your baby.  I think it's a difference of parenting philosophy and there is no one right way to raise your child.  
Basically the book pushes for parents to provide stability and comfort for their infant by utilizing a schedule.  Every three hours you begin a new cycle of eat, play, sleep.  In the last 48 hours we have been implementing this, our baby seems happier, we're not overfeeding her (which I am certain was the case when we weren't sure what her crying was all about), and we can pin point the source of her crying rather than haphazardly guessing what might be causing her distress.  

Like I said, not for all families, but for ours, we love it.  

Sunday we went to church for the first time since she was born.  Chris was a little nervous about her possibly crying during the service but our church has a cry room and I figured we'd have to try it sometime.  Might as well get her used to Sunday morning services.  She slept through the whole thing and we worried for nothing.  I could literally see Chris tense up though every time she stirred a little in her sleep. 
This is her church outfit.  It was chilly that morning.  Later Chris and I talked about how I might have overdone the whole accessory thing.  I just really like the giant bow on the head look but she did look like a little much now that I think about it.  Note to self, she does not need to simultaneously wear all her cute little accessories.  Less is more.  Less is more.

We also attended a volleyball/ BBQ with some Urology friends Sunday afternoon.  Good thing our girl likes to sleep.  She did wonderful all weekend and her nervous parents were pleased to avoid an in public explosion.  Each time we get out and about it gets easier and we gain confidence.

Oh, and since her birth Lakin has had Chipotle three times.  We think she's going to be a big fan when she grows up.  We like Chipotle as a meal out because: 1. Its Chipotle, need we explain more. 2. Its an easy get away should our bean wake up kickin' and screaming. 

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Yep, I Did It

bought myself a pair of skinny jeans!
And yes, that's a photo of me wearing them.  Not.

Today I went out sans small child and visited Old Navy, a former love.  It's been nine long months of no new clothing purchases- with the exception of maternity clothes, but do those really count?  I mean you're looking for something that ultimately does not make you look whale-like and is somewhat versatile and fashionable so that you can make it to nine months with minimal purchases.

I also found a few other items I could not live without.  Sadly, I left a purse and tunic behind.  I will wait for them to go on sale, and they will, they always do at the Land of Old Navy.

 Until next time, dear friends.

Now all I need is a leather jacket and I can reenact every one's favorite scene from Grease.  You know the one. Sandy dresses up, smokes that cig and dances with Danny at the carnival- love it!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Daddy's Girl?

 Working on organizing the piles of papers we came home from the hospital with.
 Tuckered out after a long day.
 Saturday morning nap

You're probably thinking, all this chick does now is write about her baby.  Sorry for those of you who are uninterested.  My life has pretty much revolved around this little one for the last few weeks and we are pretty smitten.  Sometimes we just sit and watch her squish her face up, swing her arms around, and stick her tongue out as our evening entertainment.  So at the possible expense of being "that" mom that only writes about her child and all the cute things he/she does, I'm going there.  Bear with me these next couple months as Lakin hijacks this blog.  Besides, I don't have tons of writing material outside of her.  I'm certain that at least some of you are only checking this blog on hopes of catching a glimpse or reading a new story about the little monster.  Someday, we might return to our regularly scheduled programming of totally unimportant and random thoughts but for now, it's baby town. Disclaimer: I love reading about other people's kids and their cute stories.  I know some people, however, do not.

Notice how much Lakin and her dad like to sleep.  He's a big softie when it comes to putting her to bed and often times he opts to just hold her until both of them are fast asleep.  It's pretty cute.  See above pictures as evidence.  Keeping my fingers crossed that this will not make sleepy time difficult in the months to come.

Lakin's been pretty social lately.  We went to a baby shower last weekend.  Here we are dressed up (read: not in the onesie we slept in the night before).

She's a bit notorious for that one eye open look.  She really was not in the mood for pictures at that moment.  Like I've said, she can be a bit particular.

We also took her to the Mayo Family Fun Fest.  She slept the whole time but had she been a bit older, she would have enjoyed the bounce house, face painting, outdoor pool and water slide, and the magician (although the magician kind of creeped her mother out).  She was perfectly content to sleep in her car seat.  

She had her second ever Chipotle experience on Friday night while her parents enjoyed a meal out and some wonderful conversation that did not revolve around poop patterns, lactation, or hours slept.  She also slept peacefully through the entire meal.  (Notice a pattern here?)

We've been putting her in the sling a lot when we're hanging out at the house and she wants to be held.  Here's a close up just because it's stinking cute.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Who will she look like?

The question comes up, who does Lakin look more like?  If you ask us, we think she looks like a typical newborn- you know, with her own unique flair, of course.  Here are some photos of Chris and I at one day and one week.  You be the judge, who will Lakin look more like?
 Sara at one week.  
Grrr, why is blogger being so difficult with photo orientation?  Any help is welcomed.

 Chris at one week.  Stylin' outfit!
Lakin at one week.  
Sara, one day old.  
Chris, one day old.  
Does anyone else see a STRIKING resemblance between our fathers?  It was the 80's.
Lakin, one day old.

Feeling Pretty Blessed Right Now

My baby is sleeping peacefully.  I'm watching old episodes of Real Housewives of New York.  Our windows are open and the breeze pouring in resembles that of the first gusts of wind in Spring.  I'm feeling really blessed right now.  Here are a few things I am thankful for right now.

1. We just returned from the doctor and Lakin is back to her birth weight.  She's gaining weight and growing!  Praise the Lord.

2. As we returned I went to the mail box to find this:
A care package from my friend, Krista.  She sent a book for me, a book for Lakin, and a sweet little card.  Check out her blog.  Besides being a super awesome, hard core runner, she's got a little giveaway going on that ends tomorrow.  That's right, rush on over, people!

 I love the illustrations of this simple board book.  Krista and I taught together and she still teaches English.  I can count on my fellow teachers to invest in the educational future of my child!  Thanks Krista, no better gift than a book!

3. Tonight Chris and I will enjoy a home cooked meal provided by our friends, Kerri and Phil.  No cooking and a chance to see a friendly face this afternoon!

4. This morning I met my friend, Lindy, for a walk around Silver Lake.  She brought along her dog, Teddy.  Teddy has been doing so well in doggie school and he showed off all his new habits and listening skills on our walk!
Lindy with her husband, Brian.  Yes, he always makes that face.

Life is good right now.  I'm listening to the stirrings of Lakin as she sleeps in her car seat.  She is always making noise.  That will never get old.  Okay, maybe it will when the noise is a shrill, high-pitched, ear piercing scream.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Really Wal-Mart Produce Guy, Really???!!!!!

Dear Wal-Mart Produce guy,

It was kind of you to comment on my baby yesterday.  You seemed so excited to see her little face, like it was a welcomed break from the potatoes you were stacking.  I do realize that most newborns look a heck of a lot like little boys with the short hair and all but what were you really thinking when you casually made the statement:  "It's a boy, right."  Did you not see the gender specific blanket she had tucked around her tiny little body?  Would I put a bright pink, flowered snuggie on my little BOY!?  No.  And then you tell me you have a three week old little girl at home.  Shame on you.  You, a father of a newborn girl, should know better guessing the gender like that, especially when there are such obvious cues as to the fact that she's a girl.  I will forgive you this time, produce man, but caution you against throwing out such quick judgments next time you see a little baby in your store.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

In Other News

I got a job!

I will be the assistant coordinator for a preschool at a church in town.  I am looking forward to working for a church and working with a totally different population!  I will, of course, miss my middle school kids but when I visited the preschool and worked with the little kids it was so refreshing to hear them singing about the love of Jesus and holding on to ropes as they walk down the hall.  Preschoolers are pretty cute, you know.

My job is more administrative but will be a nice fit with my personality and some of my professional strengths.

I won't start for a while but will begin training some time in mid-August.

It's only 30 hours so it will allow some flexibility and the big BONUS is that I can bring Lakin to work.  There's staff child care on site so I can check in on her throughout the day and continue to feed her while at work.

I feel so blessed by the Lord right now.  I've been searching for a job and praying for this particular opening for a while.  I felt that the hours and set-up were a wonderful compromise for our situation and my desire to work but also allows me to be available to spend oodles of quality time with our baby.  Not to mention each day I wake up and praise the Lord for our perfect little girl.  She's healthy, happy, and we're so blessed to have her.

This One's For the Grandmas Out There

It's hard to believe we're almost at one week with Lakin.  She's growing and changing so fast and we are quickly learning some tricks of the trade.  It's fun to see her little personality come out and we laugh often at all her noises, mannerisms, and constant wiggling.

So far we're learning our little girl is a little "particular."  She wants to be swaddled when she wants to be swaddled, she will kick her little legs in protest if you're doing something she does not like, and heavens,  don't rush her when she's eating!  She sleeps like a champ, often napping longer than her feeding schedule suggests so we have to wake her up, strip her down, and rouse her from sleep.  She's been known to fall asleep eating during most meal times!

I am feeling almost fully recovered.  We took her on a walk this morning with my parents and I felt like my body is slowly loosening up and I'm going to be as good as normal by mid-week.  Chris had the weekend off and my parents have been amazing all week helping with laundry, cooking, cleaning, and loving the little one.  They leave Monday morning and I'm already missing them!  Chris' family was here earlier this week and left Friday morning.  They were also wonderful to bring us meals, shower us with love and support, and cook some food for reserve.

Here are some pictures from the last week.
She loves that pacifier.  We're laying off the pacifier right now since we're still getting feeding down and might have caused a little confusion for her early on.  But when she can have it back, I'm sure there will be rejoicing by all!

She's like a double dose of Pepto-Bismol here.  Good thing the ultra sound was correct because her wardrobe consists of a whole spectrum of pink.  She doesn't mind.  Obviously.

I wish I could figure out how to rotate this photo but doesn't she look like she is so mad she could drop kick someone?  She's a tough one.

First bath.  Hated it.  Had to have another the following day because she had a serious blow out all over Grandpa.  She has impeccable timing.

Lakin and Grandpa obviously made up after the poop fiasco.

Yeah, she's advanced.  HP #5 already.  Those "My Baby Can Read" DVDs really work!

First walk at Silver Lake.  We saw baby ducks and lots of wildlife!

Those mittens make me smile!