Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Yo, why the fuss?

These photos were some rare moments caught when Lakin was not being a fussy pants.  What gives with all this unexplained crying?  It's like she's a baby or something.  I picked her up from daycare today and the report was not positive.  Apparently she was pretty angry when she was not eating or sleeping.  Ah, the life of a baby.  My sweet, easy going, little girl has turned into a total D.Q. (drama queen).

This parenting thing is a total mystery.  We read books, we try everything and you always wonder: Is this okay?  Are we creating a bad habit?  Is she okay?  Is this normal?  I mean, there's not a magic formula that works for every baby.  To top it off, just when I think I know what I'm doing she changes.  For example, the pacifier used to be the most beloved object in the whole house.  Now, when I try to use it she spits it out with a large measure of disgust and looks at me like, lady, that thing doesn't have any milk in it- what do you take me for, a fool?

I'll take all the fussing in the world for those quiet, sweet moments where she falls asleep in my arms, giggles and kicks her feet at me, nuzzles her head deeper into my chest, and snuggles up next to me during a late night feeding.   She is pretty awesome and I think she wins my heart over more and more everyday.  If only we could get her to speak, then she wouldn't have to cry so much.

Monday, September 27, 2010


My daughter is strong-willed even at two months of age.  How many of you guys saw this coming?
Don't let that face fool you.  She "don't take nothing from no one. "  

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tagged under: Is that a threat?

Wal-Mart cashier: "She's so cute.  (pause) I just might have to take her."

Really?  Did you just say that?  What was once meant as an endearing comment has now crossed the border into creepyville.   Perhaps I will have to do all my grocery shopping at Target from now on.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


I bet you were wondering where all the baby photos were.  My dad certainly was and called to inform me that I needed to update pronto.

Some updates in the Jaeger household...

Monster turned two months.  She's chubbin up like a baby should and is proving to be a genius.  She bats at the rattle now when I shake it and makes cooing sounds of joy.  Should I call the elite preschools now or wait?  At this rate she'll be composing essays and contemplating relativity by her first birthday.

The poop has slowed down but is still a messy venture.  You know its been a bad day when she's in a new outfit when I pick her up from daycare.  Thank goodness for stain-releasing agents.

Lady has become a fast fan of Criminal Minds.  We watch it via tvduck.com while we have our 3pm meal.  Judge away but it teaches her reasoning and deduction.

Lakin loves to hear her mother sing.  We make up songs all day to pacify her.  I need to write these things down because they are hilarious.  Just today I made one up about butt pats and kept the beat with actual butt pats.  Sure to be a Wee Sing  classic.

Chris begins general surgery on Saturday so our schedules are about to get crazy.

Monday, September 13, 2010

This Morning Briefly

5:30 Lady wakes with great intensity.

5:35 Lady eats (even though it's not time for another hour and a half) because she insists.

5:50 Lady enters a state of extreme relaxation.  Proceeds to let out series of gas bubbles in loud fashion. 

6:00 Mother changes Lady for FIRST time.

6:01 Mother snaps onesie closed.  Notices diaper is heavy.  Puzzled.

6:02 Mother unsnaps onesie and changes diaper for SECOND time.

6:03 Mother snaps onesie closed again.  Lady spits up ungodly amount of milk all over clean onesie.

6:04 Mother sighs.  Struggles with lady to get off soiled onesie.

6:05 Mother puts on second outfit of the day.

6:06 Lady releases giant poop that lasts for three minutes.

6:09 Mother changes Lady for the THIRD time. 

6:10 Mother and makes Lady pinky swear to not poop or pee anymore until she gets to day care.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Thoughts on Cloth Diapers

We're test running the Fuzzi Bunz this weekend.  So far, so good.  Here are my initial thoughts on cloth diapers...

1. They sure are more work than the old disposables that you throw away and think nothing of when they're gone.

2. We have to stick them in the toilet and scrub them out a little which is sort of sick but gets less and less the more you do it.  Eventually we hope to install a diaper sprayer for removing "solids." 

3. These babies seem a bit bulky.  We couldn't fit her leggings over them and wonder if that will be an issue in the coming months when its layer, layer, layer here in Minnesota.

4. They are awful cute on their own.  I suppose she could go pantsless the rest of her diapering days?

5. This is going to be a lot of laundry.  A lot.  At this rate we still go through about 8-10 diapers a day.  Whew, that laundry like every other day. 

6. These things absorb well.  She's usually fussy the instant she's wet and in her cloth diaper she is much more tolerant.  Good?  Bad?  You decide.

I know it will be worth it in the end but right now my heart clings to the simplicity and ease of those darn disposables. 

Friday, September 10, 2010

Operation "Smile for Your Momma" Complete

For the last couple of weeks I have been forcing the smile issue.  I began to worry, with great insecurity, that my little girl would never smile but instead furrow her brow and give the death stare of skeptism for the rest of her life. 

I can now say a smile has been achieved.  It does not happen as often as her mother would like and we certainly can't do it on command yet, but the girl smiles!  Here's evidence. 

Sweet Sounds

Some sweet sounds in my life right now...

Hearing the voices of preschoolers recite (with the enthusiasm only a preschool could muster up) memory verses as they wait to go outside for recess, to be dismissed to their table for lunch buddies, take their turns getting a drink of water from the fountain.

Giggles from students as they enter the doors each morning.

Lakin's pterodacty-like noises as she watches the world around her with great curiosity.
The job started full time this week and so far so good.  I love my co-workers, I check in on the bean whenever I like it and get to use my gifts in a productive way!  Thanks for all your prayers while I searched for a job and for the encouraging comments.  God is good!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Come Visit Us

and we'll take you to the Twin Cities.  Very cool.  Chris' parents have been in town all week and we took a weekend vacay to Minneapolis.  Super trip, the baby cried often and pooped all over the hotel bedding held strong and we enjoyed a sight-filled weekend in a fantastic city.

The weekend began when we loaded up the vehicle with an embarrassing amount of stuff.  Pack n' Play?  Check.  Lifetime supply of diapers and wipes?  Check.  Milk maker?  Check.  Blankies for sleeping, sitting, swaddling?  Check.  Outfits for each day and back up outfit for the inevitable soil that will happen?  Check.  We were ready for the hour trek to the cities and the two days of vacation.

On a unrelated side note: a Pack n' Play is not as portable as its name suggests.  That thing weighs probably 35 pounds and is awkwardly large.  One might assume you just whip it out of the closet, press a button, and voila, you've got a travel ready cage crib and play area.  One would be wrong.  Reality involves some wrestling, Twister-like moves, and a few choice words.

Saturday morning we had some of the best breakfast ever at this kitchy little restaurant, Sunny Side Up Cafe.  Delicious breakfast food and fascinating people watching.

 After a filling breakfast we took a morning stroll around Calhoun lake.  The view was breathtaking; think million dollar homes scattered on one side, beaches and sail boats on the other.  There was a place to rent paddle boats and plans were made to return for an adventure sometime soon.

After Calhoun Lake we explored the trendy Uptown district.  We were in need of a snack and found Uptown Cafeteria and Support Group.   The place is decked out in 1960's garb and the bathroom hallways are lined with colorful cafeteria trays.  Check out the beautiful and fake display case of dessert!
 Re energized, we headed to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden for some napping and art appreciation.  There were about fifteen weddings going on at the gardens so we enjoyed catching glimpses of the beautiful brides and their colorful entourage.  It was a time to keep the baby girl very quiet as we snuck past ceremonies in session!

 That evening we went to Zelo's for some of the most fantastic food I've had in a long time.  After we'd sat down and ordered drinks we found out Zelo's was ranked "best restaurant" in Minneapolis.  I immediately started sweating the fact that at any moment my sweet, ticking, time bomb might let out screams of agony for no apparent reason, ruining the very nice dinner of patrons around us.  I chalk it up to my control issues but I was pretty anxious that everyone was probably cursing under their breath the young mother who "brought a baby to an establishment like this."  There was also the fact that the fancy bathrooms had no changing table forcing me to change the monster on the marble floor (with a changing pad underneath of course) that made me question my sanity and our presence at a nice restaurant.  Maybe we should have stuck with Chipotle for every meal?  But after some diaper change action, Lakin settled in to sleep and we enjoyed several small plates.  Edamame, shrimp, calamari, bruschetta, Thai chicken skewers, yum, yum, yum.  I also thoroughly enjoyed a glass of white wine.  Oh how I've missed the crisp, refreshing taste of wine! Had a picture of the family grubbin' up but my eyes were closed.  Dang. 

Sunday we hit up the Mall of America for some retail therapy.  While they were not giving items away to celebrate Labor Day, I did find a few deals I could not live without and became quite smitten with Nordstrom's Rack.  Think T.J. Maxx meets Nordstrom's = love. 

Have to give props to my father-in-law, Dennis.  Not having girls, and never having experienced a shopping trip with me, I think he was unprepared for the amount of waiting he was going to do.  He was so patient while I looked in stores such as Forever Twenty-One, Urban Outfitters, H&M, Anne Taylor Loft, J. Crew, and many more and each time came out empty-handed.  (The deals were not as prime as I would have liked.)  Not to mention the waiting that took place while I pumped milk in the ladies room, fed the baby, and changed multiple diapers.  Babies slow you down and so do daughter-in-laws hoping to find the deal of a century.  Thanks Dennis for being such a good sport and never once complaining about your daughter-in-law's need to check out every sales rack.  You are are good man!

Friday, September 3, 2010

You Puzzle Me

 Dear Lakin,

If you love your pacifier so much, why do you always spit it out?  Is this some fun game for you? 

Your confused mother