Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010: a photo essay

Ice T?  or Chipotle burrito?

Not sure what to think of costumes on her parents...

The burrito eating herself.

Can't resist a Chipotle burrito.  Can you?

Katelyn the butterfly

Our emo friend, Daniel

Scarlet is walking!

Casey, Daniel's emo wife.  Please note the nails, people.

The Scooby Doo Gang: Freddie, Velma, Daphne, and Shaggy

Scooby Doo Ending! 

serious moment with the spider woman, the astro-pirate, and Freddie

Move over Martha, Lindy's in town!

Angie and Ashley

Fun with Alonso's Halloween prop: Take one.

Take two.

Ah, just right. Take three.

Not for children.

(Insert slasher screech here.)

Daytime Naps= Good

This might seem like a "no duh" to those experienced parents out there but sleep begets sleep.  When Lakin has good daytime naps, she's more likely to make it through the night, not to mention, a much happier baby. 

Problem is, Lakin fights sleep like chemo fights cancer; its aggressive, painful, and effective.  She thrashes her body, wiggles her head right before she drifts off, and cries... a lot when she's exhausted.  This is something I just don't understand.  Sleep is one of the most fantastic things in the world.  It replenishes and restores the body.  Why, oh why, does baby girl think its so horrible?  Long gone are the sweet newborn days where she would nod off in an instant in the most uncomfortable of positions.  Now, if the settings aren't just right, she ain't doing it. 

So while Mizzou was having its meltdown against Nebraska, we were having a meltdown of our own in the Jaeger household.  I have never seen her to this degree.  It was Chris' day off and it was spent holding, soothing, rocking, bouncing, and grimacing in frustration at her strike against sleep.  Naps, if they happened, would last all of twenty minutes and there was no coaxing her back to sleep. 

When we offered comfort, Lakin would shut one eye but leave the other open as a reminder that she wasn't giving in that easy.  We had a Halloween party to go to that evening and were worried if she would be a true "monster" at the event.  Finally an hour before party time, she was asleep and we tiptoed around her as if she were a hibernating bear.  When it came time to put her costume on and get her in the car seat we hesitated, knowing any disturbance could unleash the beast we'd seen all day. 

Turns out Lakin was a perfect angel at the party.  People couldn't believe she'd ever been fussy.  She slept in Casey's arms the whole time and even napped in her car seat in the other room until it was time to leave.  Total 180 from her mood that day.  We were thankful she picked the window spent with others to be her pleasant, charming self. 

I think naps are hard for her because she doesn't want to miss anything. I might have been that way as a child too.  It reminds me of a Growing Pains episode where Chrissy refuses to go to bed because she thinks there are all kinds of fun things that happen after she falls asleep.  She even dreams one night that her parents throw a party the second she's in bed, complete with ponies, and balloon animals....anyone with me?  If not, understandable.  In light of that episode and the day we had yesterday I've penned this short note to Lakin:

Dear Lakin,

You've proven you are strong.  I respect your will and determination.  I think you should give day naps a chance.  They are so cozy and you wake up feeling all warm and refreshed from them.  I promise there are no ponies playing, no parties being held in your absence.  In fact, Mommy and Daddy read books, check Google Reader, and clean when you're asleep.  See?  Boring.  So do us a big one and shut those little eyes and slumber.  You'll rue the day you gave up naps when you get older and naps are a luxury. 

Your Mother

Then again, this might be from all the Halloween candy we've been giving her...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Quite Possibly The Nicest Piece of Furniture in Our House

This post is long overdue but as those with wee ones know, blogging takes a back seat to the immediate needs of the bear cat.  (Do any of you wonder what my deal is with nicknames?  Why not call the child by her given name, geesh!)

Last weekend my parents were in town- Grandma and Grandpa Lakin- imagine explaining that puzzle to the boo.  We hit up the pumpkin patch and cooked some de-lish meals while they were in town.  They brought with them Lakin's dresser.  My dad whittled this from a solid piece of wood built the dresser with his own two hands.  He crafted it, designed it, stained it to match her crib, as well as covered it in Grandpa love.  The thing weighs a ton since it's made from solid wood and not particle board like many of the other fine pieces in our home.   It is BEAUTIFUL.  Check out the finished product.

He even installed quiet close drawers so rather than shutting like normal doors, the contraption catches the door and slowly brings it to a close.  This keeps little fingers from being smashed and allows mom or dad a chance to put clothes away without accidentally waking the baby.  Be impressed.  We are.

chewing on her burp cloth and sporting a new headband sent from her Great-Grandma McGhee
Here are some other lovely candids from the weekend.
With dad.  Love these two!
Wearing the leopard print skirt her Grandma made especially for her.  Sassy, right?
"Hello Grandpa!  Will you do "tiny marcher" with me?"
"Oh, Grandma, you are JUST the best!"

Productive Morning

Monster's Saturday Morning To Do List

Soil sheets at 4:00 am despite promise of "night time diapers".... check.

Eat breakfast while checking Facebook... check.

Pandora dance party to Rhianna... check.

Check out ESPN game day at MIZZOU- Go Tigers!... check.

Fight morning nap... check.

Dress like 80's aerobics instructor... check.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Drumroll Please

We had Lakin's two month doctor visit even though she's actually a week shy of three months.  She got her shots-took it like a champ but whined about it later.  She weights 13.6 lbs and is growing just like she should be.  It amazes me and makes me a wee bit sad to think about how big she's getting. 
one week old
almost three months

Adventures in Motherhood...

Husband has been working some wicked night shifts which means baby girl and I are flying solo more often than not.  When he's not at work he's making every effort to get caught up on missed sleep.  The last couple of days we've been camping out downstairs and tootin' around town to try and allow Daddy some quiet time for rest.

Yesterday we went out for a walk in the brisk Minnesota air.  I put monster in bunny hat, snowsuit, and zipped up the cozy we've got on the stroller.  Think traveling sleeping bag with just enough space to peek out... It took me three trips to load up the car, pack in the stroller, and make sure we had all we needed for the day's events.
We then met our birthday friend, Lindy, downtown for some Caribou.  At this point I did my second ever public breast feeding.  Yea me.  Don't worry, I was sporting a lovely hooter hider so no one had any idea what was actually happening underneath my patterned cover; everyone, except one wildly perceptive granny who struck up a conversation with me about feeding babies while little striped legs wiggled their way out from under my cover.  Man, I love talking about breast feeding with complete strangers while I am trying to be inconspicuous.

Like most healthy people, little lady dropped some serious poop following her meal and was in need of some fresh fuzzi bunz.  Being the savvy mother that I am, I changed her diaper while she sat in her travel system.  All was going just great until I accidentally pinched her little thigh while trying to snap those bunz closed and all hell broke loose.  Lakin screamed like a baby from the pinch and I mouthed apologies to all those trying to enjoy a mid-morning coffee break.  We got out of there fast after that- as fast as one can when trying to get her SUV of a stroller out of the closet-sized coffee shop with inconveniently placed displays throughout the obstacle course of a store.  I'm certain half the patrons were wondering if I'd taken this child from her real mother the way she wailed and kicked.  It was one of my finer moments in mommyhood.

We then stopped by work to see our friend, Sarah, who did not get the days off for the MEA break.  After our lunch break lady was in need of yet another meal and another diaper change and we headed back to check in on Chris.

The three of us took a afternoon snooze together and then got up for a few afternoon hours before Chris had to head back to the hospital.

Today Lakin and I hit the garage sales and we found some great deals.  Got a new fertilizer spreader, a few winter items for Monster and a stimulating toy for when she gets a little older.  We snuggled in to bed with Chris and enjoyed a catnap this afternoon.  Lakin has become a much more restless sleeper, she wiggles and kicks and can no longer be left unattended on a bed (not that we ever do this...).  When I put her in bed for a nap or night time I sometimes have to hold her little head in my hands until she stops wiggling and allows sleep to overtake her little body.  I can always tell when she's fighting it because she keeps one eye open until there's just no more will left and she finally lets her eyelid close with great reluctance.  Like I've said before, she's a fighter.

Lakin and I are becoming a team, keeping one another company, and spending our afternoons with dad before he has to head to work.  We sure do miss him when he's gone but we keep things interesting in his absence.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Asian Invasion

Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Tom sent Monster a Hello Kitty doll since they are all the rage in Korea.  I wanted to get a shot of the tot toting her new kitten.  It took a few attempts.  Still a little wobbly in the Bumbo and not always ready for the camera.  Lakin appreciated that her aunt and uncle sent a little piece of Korean culture her way.  Tom and Bonnie, I'll have you know Lakin spent a good five minutes licking Kitty's head.  This is her sign of approval.  Job well done!

On a completely unrelated note: three blog posts in thirty minutes?  I know, out of control, right?  I have lots of posts to get caught up on people, and time to sit and write is an unknown commodity right now.  I've got to take advantage of the opportunity when it presents itself.


Dear Sam's Club,

Do you need an adorable mascot to promote your store?  Inquiring minds want to know.  Think about it.


The Great Pumpkin Patch... a True Story

 Once upon a time there was a little girl.  This little girl was no ordinary girl.  She was quite "exceptional."  She had her heart set on finding the perfect pumpkin for her first Halloween.   
So her awesome, thoughtful, self-sacrificing parents dressed her up real cute like and took her to the local pumpkin patch to find the perfect pumpkin.  Her dad even put on his best pumpkin-festive shirt for the occasion.

 The great pumpkin search was so important and epic that her grandma and grandpa came along for the ride.  They were thrilled to be a part of the adventure.
Along the way the little girl was forced to pose for many pictures.  She wiggled and squirmed and fussed just a bit.  She had a mission and it didn't involve multiple photos at the site of every corn stalk, hay bale, or empty wagon.

During her search she grew weary and tired.  Her dad graciously carried her around until she found the pumpkin that was just right.

So many good choices, how was a little girl to choose?

With the help of her grandpa, she picked out a nice, medium-sized pumpkin.   It was perfect for pumpkin carving and the Chiefs' arrowhead her daddy had planned for it.

In the end, she left happy.  It had been a perfect day, with a perfect pumpkin, and some people who loved the girl very much.  She vowed to return year after year so her parents could take an ungodly amount of pictures she could find the perfect pumpkin again and again.  The end.

Believe it or not, I wrote that story all by myself.  All rights reserved.  

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Urban Baby

This past weekend Lakin and I ventured ourselves down to Chicago to see two dear friends push their bodies to the limit and compete in the Chicago Marathon. 
Krista holding a squirmy Lakin; she claims to lack baby holding skills but I beg to differ.

Bestie, Kristen, and Phil show off their medals as we enjoy some much deserved deep dish.
Chris had to work all weekend so Lakin and I decided we could do this together.  The drive to Chicago from Rochester is BEAUTIFUL.  The last hour and a half of the trip in was spent sweating through traffic while Lakin wailed in the back.  It was a little stressful but eventually we made it there and I couldn't help but feel proud that I'd faced my fears and the traffic. 

We stayed with Aunt Mary Kate and Uncle Adam.  They were so wonderful, feeding us delicious Thai the night we arrived (a delicacy you cannot find in Rochester- can you believe that?) and making a home-cooked meal of meatballs and spaghetti to carb load our runner friends the following evening. 
MK with a sleepy little girl.   

Lakin did well with all the crowds and noise.  She loved the bus, was kindly pushed through thousands of spectators, and held up traffic on the El.  People were pretty forgiving since she is so darn cute but I realized I would not want to be a full time urban mommy.  At one point she had the poop of a lifetime and was screaming at the top of her lungs while we waited anxiously for an El stop to change her.  It would have been indecent to open a diaper like this on crowded public transit. 

We made lots of friends and one marathoner even ran backwards to ask how old she was.  Babies and dogs- people love them. 

Colby and Carly also make the trip to cheer for the marathon. 

It was a hot day and we were proud of our running buddies!  Way to go Krista and Kristen- you were awesome.