Saturday, October 23, 2010

Quite Possibly The Nicest Piece of Furniture in Our House

This post is long overdue but as those with wee ones know, blogging takes a back seat to the immediate needs of the bear cat.  (Do any of you wonder what my deal is with nicknames?  Why not call the child by her given name, geesh!)

Last weekend my parents were in town- Grandma and Grandpa Lakin- imagine explaining that puzzle to the boo.  We hit up the pumpkin patch and cooked some de-lish meals while they were in town.  They brought with them Lakin's dresser.  My dad whittled this from a solid piece of wood built the dresser with his own two hands.  He crafted it, designed it, stained it to match her crib, as well as covered it in Grandpa love.  The thing weighs a ton since it's made from solid wood and not particle board like many of the other fine pieces in our home.   It is BEAUTIFUL.  Check out the finished product.

He even installed quiet close drawers so rather than shutting like normal doors, the contraption catches the door and slowly brings it to a close.  This keeps little fingers from being smashed and allows mom or dad a chance to put clothes away without accidentally waking the baby.  Be impressed.  We are.

chewing on her burp cloth and sporting a new headband sent from her Great-Grandma McGhee
Here are some other lovely candids from the weekend.
With dad.  Love these two!
Wearing the leopard print skirt her Grandma made especially for her.  Sassy, right?
"Hello Grandpa!  Will you do "tiny marcher" with me?"
"Oh, Grandma, you are JUST the best!"


  1. WOW! Your dad is crafty--I am impressed!

  2. Your dad is so talented with the woodworking! Dennis has the chipmunk trapping skills! The changing table/dresser looks great. It will save your backs and you will really thank him when you are 40. Love the new hair accessory.

  3. Your dad is so talented!! That was really sweet of him! Lakin is getting so BIG and cuter by the day!

  4. How beautiful! We have a similar version, which is DEFINITELY particle board. It looks great, but it is a terrible piece of furniture based on how many times Dan has had to repair it! Lakin is one lucky girl to have her own quality furniture at such a young age! We stopped using at as a changing table at about 18 lbs (9 months?) because it was a heavy, wiggly disaster waiting to happen! Now the changing pad is on the floor and it looks so less lovely. Oh, I especially like the drawer pulls and little compartments inside! How clever!