Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sleeping . Through . the . Night

Lakin has done this six times now.  Not all in a row.  She likes to keep her momma on her toes but in the last week and a half, I have woken up first with the fear that she stopped breathing in the night, followed by an intense feeling of joy as I praised the Lord in heaven that she did not wake up.  Yesterday I was so proud of her that I woke her up with a good ole "Good Morning" cheer and some cartwheels.  (Okay, no cartwheels but there would have been some if my floor space would have allowed for that kind of movement.)  Proud of that!

Oh, and for those considering visiting, she's much less fussy now.  Turns out the kid was hungry.  Who knew?  Now we dine every three hours at the milk buffet rather than every four.  This raising a kid thing is all about cause and effect.  No food = many tears and long stretches of suffering for all involved.  Food on a regular basis = happy baby and mommy.  Simple enough.

And now for the token cute baby picture that makes a true blog post complete:


  1. Hurray! Even if this sleeping thing is temporary (kids change!Bummer!) its great for you RIGHT NOW. Just an extra consecutive moments of sleep is wonderful!

    The BW books recommended every 4 hours eating around 4 months, but with Daniel it was closer to 5.5 months before he was satisfied waiting that long. It seems strange that the one hour affected my day so much... but it did! 4 hour feeds with a happy baby is so much easier to run errands and do life stuff!

  2. Shoot, food makes me happy too :) So excited that she is sleeping through the night. Did you ever think before you had a kid that it would be such a huge milestone?!