Sunday, November 28, 2010

Look who's four months old!

Lakin turned four months on Friday.  It's hard to believe time is flying this fast but when I try to remember life without her around, it's difficult.

Lady is making great gains in the development arena.  Here are some of the sweet things she can do now that she's a big four month old...

She's hit her stride with routine, we can now predict when she'll eat, sleep, poop, and get fussy.

She's taking naps in the daytime (hallelujah!) as long as you place her in her car seat and not the crib.  (don't worry, Dad, we feel this is safe)

She's giggling which is pretty much the cutest sound we've ever heard.  She loves to giggle at the thought of her Uncle David.  No joke, a mention of his name sends her into fits of giggles and makes her smiley.

She's working on rolling over.  There have been many close, but not quite moments.  Be watching for a video set to the tune of this 69 Boyz classic...

 She's a smile factory right now.

Her Grandma Gigi taught her how to blow raspberries with her mouth, which is her favorite way to pass the time when getting her diaper changed.

She's  got a sweet tuft of blonde hair on top of her head and Mom finally took scissors to the George Castanza mullet.  In the right light she looks like a baby duck.  Sigh.

Here are some photos we took over the weekend.

I made the turkey onesie just for Thanksgiving.  Lasted all of a few hours before she spit up all over it.

New couch and table set!  

Thanksgiving Recap

We've had a fantastic Thanksgiving and it's still going!  Chris' parents came in for the week and we hosted three interns that worked and were not able to be with family this holiday.  Here are some photos of the occasion...
The table setting.  Notice our new wall color????

Construction paper place mats with a personal Thanksgiving message stamped on.  Inspired by Sarah Turner years ago.

The hutch dressed for Thanksgiving.

Name cards.  Fancy, right?

The easiest bird I've ever cooked.  We brined the turkey this year and I recommend this easy peasy method.

The delicious spread.  Party Ps, stuffing, garlic mashed potatoes (excessive, I know), turkey, cranberry-apple-delicious-goodness made by Kelly, green bean casserole, and of course, turkey! 

The Jaeger family had so much to be thankful for this year.  Among many things we are thankful for a God who loved us first, our wonderfully loving families, good health, and the blessing of our beautiful daughter last July.  Hope you all had wonderful holidays with those you love and care for.  Thanks Alonso, Daniel, and Kelly for joining our family fun!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

white noise in blog land

I'm often stopped on the street and asked, "hey, when iss the new blog post coming out."  And by street, I mean any conversation I have with my parents or at daycare when I drop Lakin off.

I've been a bit of a slacker in the blog department lately, no fault of my own.  We've been pseudo busy but really, I've lacked inspiration.  (Of course, my daughter is always a reason to write but I feel the need to keep things lively and spicy on here and I figure not all of you think every blurry picture of her in the swing chillin' is as fantastically interesting as say, my parents... or my daycare provider.)  So I've slacked.

But in the Jaeger house we've been busy entertaining ourselves and making our home holiday ready.  Lakin and I put the tree up last weekend, pics to come soon when it's ahem, after Thanksgiving and appropriate to put such things up in one's house.  Last weekend our friend, Colby, came in from Madison, WI, to hang out and help us paint.  We revamped our main living room and are in the process of finding some furniture to finish the room out.  So while it might not seem like much is happening, I'm just not writing about it.  I promise to do better.  Really.

Chris' parents come to town this afternoon (to avoid a nasty ice storm headed our way, Lord have mercy)  to celebrate Thanksgiving with us.  Lakin will be sporting a turkey-themed onesie made by yours truly.  Go ahead, be impressed.  I promise a picture on the blog when that baby is adorned.

Life is good.

And now, I leave you with a picture of Lake and her dad.  Dressed for a log roll and the Chief's game.

Monday, November 15, 2010

About that...

I was so confused the other day when I got Drew's comment on my Dear Dad post.  Then my friend, Ashley, commented on the "sick guy in the background," and I had to go back for a second look.  Apparently, while in Europe, Chris found a man with bottomless pants and posed for a picture to capture this comical gem of a moment.  When I was posting  I was searching iPhoto for a good picture of my husband.  Those tiny icons only show so much and unbeknownst to me I posted a slightly indecent picture for my readers.  So, whose face is red now?

If you're curious, check it out.  I'd like to say shenanigans like these are few and far between but really, this is normal for my husband.  Here are some other photos to showcase their sneaky camera skills.

So, my deepest apologies if you do not find the same humor in European fashion.  I really did not know there were butt cheeks exposed when I posted that picture.  Now that I do, I laugh.  Because it's funny.  Don't believe me, ask my husband.

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Lakin Show

 Bibs are a must around these parts.
 Same goes for pacifiers.
 Independent reading time.
 Frustration with where this plot is going?
 It's a graphic novel, really.
Winter booties from the fantastic Ms. Cathy-Lakin's life coach and mentor.

Yes, this post was not thought provoking, entertaining, or really cohesive.  I will do better next time.  In the meantime, enjoy the random assortment of pictures. 

Halleluia! Fleece Pajamas!

 Love just keeps on coming though our mailbox.  Since Lakin's explosion into the world (and it was an explosion of sorts, don't believe me... read the birth story) we have had some kind of fun surprise arrive in the mail about once a week.  This girl is so showered with love it's sick.  Well, maybe sick is not the right word but seriously, she's got hecka love coming her way by means of goodies and gifts.

Her cousin, Jane, who lives in Colorado and knows what a cold winter brings, sent her these practical, yet stylish, leopard print pajamas.  Lakin requested a photo shoot to demonstrate her extreme gratitude for the gift.  I know she appears indifferent but her apathy really means extreme joy.  Trust me on this one. 
 Here are the P.J.s in action.  She had a dry night so she even got to wear them the following evening as well.  They are by far the most fantastic night wear she owns.  Made of fleece, these puppies are soft and so, so warm! 
 They came just in time too.  Today was Minnesota's first snow fall.  Her mother busted our her new down coat for the occasion.  People in Minnesota believe that Missouri is a tropical-like state.  Up here, Chris and I are from "the south."  I was given a hard time for wearing such a warm, winter-worthy coat already.  Make all the jokes you want; this lady stayed warm and dry in the wintry mix.  Bring it on Minnesota, we Missourians can handle your best shot.  Oh, and P.S. we experience winter in Missouri as well. 

Thanks, Jane, for thinking of us!

Dear Dad,

 (As dictated to her mother)

Dear Dad,

So I gave you kind of a hard time the other day.  Cried a lot and fussed my pants off.  I can be a real booger sometimes.  You know, you're at a disadvantage right now since you don't have the same anatomy as Mom and can't be an immediate source of food for me.  But one day soon I'll kick my milk habit and the playing field will be level. 

Thanks for being so forgiving.  You are really good at forgetting my diaper blow outs, middle of the night wake up calls, and spit up mishaps.  When I see you smile, it makes me smile- the big, tooth-less grin I'm becoming famous for. 

I know you have to work a lot.  I know you're tired from being up all night with really sick patients.  It means a lot that you make time for me when you are home.  Thanks for cuddling me and making sure I have everything I need, even when you're so tired you might fall over.  I know all this hard work is making you a better dad and will provide for me later in life. 

I love it when you read to me and make those crazy voices.  I love when you ask, "Is there a little girl in here," every time you come get me from my crib.  My favorite thing to do on Sundays is sit in your lap and watch the Chiefs with you.  I giggle when you laugh and I squeal when you toss me in the air or surprise me with some peek-a-boo.

Thanks for being such a strong role model for me.  You love my mom well.  You take care of our family, act with integrity, and really know how to show a girl some lovin'.  I'm watching you dad.  You are teaching me how to live.  I am really one fortunate little girl to have a dad like you.

Ahhh, ba, ugh, ugh, ahhhhhba, uh uh uh.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Sunday morning I dropped Lakin off in the nursery during church services for the first time.  I was a tad nervous since I know she can be a handful at times.  Our church flashes your number on digital display boards on the sides of the sanctuary if your kid gets unruly and they need you to come get them.  All service I waited for our number to pop up.  Nope, never did.  To make this momma's heart even more proud, when I went to pick her up, she was the ONLY baby not screaming or crying.  She was just low ridin' in the bouncy seat on the floor in a sea of weeping babies and exasperated volunteers.  That'a girl!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Notes from the Sass Master

Lakin wanted me to post this as an open invitation for those who have not made it to Rochester yet to come and play.  She can be pushy at times, can't she?  This might begin a new segment for the blog.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dear potential teeth,

You make me hurt.  I don't like you.  Go away. 


P.S. I'm not even going to discuss the drool issue (see bib above). 

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This was the insert in my wallet.  Social security number, checking account number... hmmmm?  How about I stick a house key in there too with my address and detailed schedule of when I'm not at home?  Oh, and who owns a beeper anymore?  My husband, that's who.