Friday, November 12, 2010

Dear Dad,

 (As dictated to her mother)

Dear Dad,

So I gave you kind of a hard time the other day.  Cried a lot and fussed my pants off.  I can be a real booger sometimes.  You know, you're at a disadvantage right now since you don't have the same anatomy as Mom and can't be an immediate source of food for me.  But one day soon I'll kick my milk habit and the playing field will be level. 

Thanks for being so forgiving.  You are really good at forgetting my diaper blow outs, middle of the night wake up calls, and spit up mishaps.  When I see you smile, it makes me smile- the big, tooth-less grin I'm becoming famous for. 

I know you have to work a lot.  I know you're tired from being up all night with really sick patients.  It means a lot that you make time for me when you are home.  Thanks for cuddling me and making sure I have everything I need, even when you're so tired you might fall over.  I know all this hard work is making you a better dad and will provide for me later in life. 

I love it when you read to me and make those crazy voices.  I love when you ask, "Is there a little girl in here," every time you come get me from my crib.  My favorite thing to do on Sundays is sit in your lap and watch the Chiefs with you.  I giggle when you laugh and I squeal when you toss me in the air or surprise me with some peek-a-boo.

Thanks for being such a strong role model for me.  You love my mom well.  You take care of our family, act with integrity, and really know how to show a girl some lovin'.  I'm watching you dad.  You are teaching me how to live.  I am really one fortunate little girl to have a dad like you.

Ahhh, ba, ugh, ugh, ahhhhhba, uh uh uh.



  1. I think Lakin also said, "Dear Dad, don't ever let me date a man with *ss-less chaps."

  2. yes...comment above... I was waiting for you to comment about that dude in the pic - SICK! :)

  3. sitting in lambert, saint louis airport reading your story, Sara, you are in the wrong profession, you need to be a writer, think about it.... We love you guys and can't wait to meet LAKIN. Aunt Sherry

  4. I just have to ask--Is this picture in Rochester--because I don't picture Rochester as the kind of place where I would see this. At least I didn't see this. Please enlighten me.