Friday, November 12, 2010

Halleluia! Fleece Pajamas!

 Love just keeps on coming though our mailbox.  Since Lakin's explosion into the world (and it was an explosion of sorts, don't believe me... read the birth story) we have had some kind of fun surprise arrive in the mail about once a week.  This girl is so showered with love it's sick.  Well, maybe sick is not the right word but seriously, she's got hecka love coming her way by means of goodies and gifts.

Her cousin, Jane, who lives in Colorado and knows what a cold winter brings, sent her these practical, yet stylish, leopard print pajamas.  Lakin requested a photo shoot to demonstrate her extreme gratitude for the gift.  I know she appears indifferent but her apathy really means extreme joy.  Trust me on this one. 
 Here are the P.J.s in action.  She had a dry night so she even got to wear them the following evening as well.  They are by far the most fantastic night wear she owns.  Made of fleece, these puppies are soft and so, so warm! 
 They came just in time too.  Today was Minnesota's first snow fall.  Her mother busted our her new down coat for the occasion.  People in Minnesota believe that Missouri is a tropical-like state.  Up here, Chris and I are from "the south."  I was given a hard time for wearing such a warm, winter-worthy coat already.  Make all the jokes you want; this lady stayed warm and dry in the wintry mix.  Bring it on Minnesota, we Missourians can handle your best shot.  Oh, and P.S. we experience winter in Missouri as well. 

Thanks, Jane, for thinking of us!

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