Sunday, November 28, 2010

Look who's four months old!

Lakin turned four months on Friday.  It's hard to believe time is flying this fast but when I try to remember life without her around, it's difficult.

Lady is making great gains in the development arena.  Here are some of the sweet things she can do now that she's a big four month old...

She's hit her stride with routine, we can now predict when she'll eat, sleep, poop, and get fussy.

She's taking naps in the daytime (hallelujah!) as long as you place her in her car seat and not the crib.  (don't worry, Dad, we feel this is safe)

She's giggling which is pretty much the cutest sound we've ever heard.  She loves to giggle at the thought of her Uncle David.  No joke, a mention of his name sends her into fits of giggles and makes her smiley.

She's working on rolling over.  There have been many close, but not quite moments.  Be watching for a video set to the tune of this 69 Boyz classic...

 She's a smile factory right now.

Her Grandma Gigi taught her how to blow raspberries with her mouth, which is her favorite way to pass the time when getting her diaper changed.

She's  got a sweet tuft of blonde hair on top of her head and Mom finally took scissors to the George Castanza mullet.  In the right light she looks like a baby duck.  Sigh.

Here are some photos we took over the weekend.

I made the turkey onesie just for Thanksgiving.  Lasted all of a few hours before she spit up all over it.

New couch and table set!  


  1. Ok I know I'm a bit biased but this little miss has the cutest smile ever....I mean EVER!!!

  2. Such a pretty girl! And all those cute hats!! I can't believe she's 4 months old already! I love that she's giggling. I can't wait for Reid to giggle! Btw, I think she looks like Chris's mom!

  3. You got some really great shots!! Love the hat montage.

  4. The turkey onesie is so great! You never cease to amaze me!