Monday, December 27, 2010

Dear Christmas, please come again. Love, Lakin

Christmas has been such a joyful time with family!  Lakin was well-loved this Christmas and has many new outfits and toys to show for it.  At 5 months she was able to lick the wrapping paper and even pull some of it off herself with a little help from her parents.  We have more pictures to come but wanted to get these festivities started after a little prompting from our friend, Ashley.  So, Ashley, this post is for you!
 When we got into town we went to the Jaeger house to open presents and celebrate Christmas.  Here is Lakes with her best uncle, David.  David lives in Seattle and last saw Lakin when she was born.  Big changes.  Lakin, loves any mention of her uncle and it's just about the only thing that makes her giggle. 
 Lakie with Grandmas Barb Christmas morning.  They kind of like each other.  Lakin is wearing my PJs from 26 Christmases ago.  Let's just say we got our money's worth out of those. 
 Umkay.  These two have a very special connection.  Lakin loves Grandpa Tyler and she will sit on his lap for hours and listen to his stories, watch TV, or grab at his face. 

 What's Christmas without a small photo shoot?  "Oh look, a baby and three Santas, how candid."
 Very helpful little opener.  In one years time, she'll be an expert. 
 A gift from Aunt Sherry.  Hmmm... if she only knew how true Lakin feels this sign is.
 So we moved to a pretty cold, snowy place.  Rochester, MN on our way out of town.  Five freshly fallen inches there.  If you look closely you can see the crazy snow piles on either side of the street.  Our guest rooms always available if you would like to experience it all for yourself.  Tempting?
 Stopping at quite possibly the nicest McDonalds/Coldstone/Pizza Hut Express in Iowa to feed the baby.  So many noteworthy sites within this quick pit stop.  None of which would be entertaining to someone who was not there so I digress. 

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas too.  There are more photos coming and I'm certain more updates so stay posted.  We heart being home for the holidays. 


  1. A McDonalds/Coldstone/Pizza Hut Express?!?!? Who knew these even existed. Coldstone is really classing those other two up, huh? Merry Christmas--I love Lakin with the Santas! I can't wait to see you guys this week!

  2. Thanks for the shout out! It looks like you guys had a great Christmas!! I hope you all are staying warm in KC!! It is freezing down here, too!