Sunday, December 25, 2011

merry christmas

cookie party

cookies, icing, sprinkles and giggles

Saturday, December 24, 2011


sure is hard for a little girl...


Friday, December 23, 2011

you know you work for a wicked awesome company when...

this is the Christmas card they send out to their clients.
can you find me?

yee haw

how? why?

How does my daughter know who Elmo is?  Why is she more excited to see his picture than she is when she sees me?  What in the world?

Monday, December 19, 2011

so good and I'm not just talking about the boyz II Men Christmas album

This weekend was so good.

Christmas brunch with our favorite Rochester family
Pink horse rides
Shot a winter wedding of a beautiful bride and groom
Christmas choir music Sunday morning
Drove through the country to a very impressive homemade light display
Crock pot Macaroni and Stefon videos with friends

Some photos from our Christmas brunch...

Lakin is full of wonder these days.  She almost came out of her car seat at the sight of the "Peetee li-hts."  When she's really in awe she will say "oh boy."  When she successfully mounts or dismounts her horse she yells "I did ittttttt!"  She brings so much joy to our lives.

Hope your week is blessed with advent wonder as we prepare for the coming of the newborn King!   O Come, O Come, Emmanuel (Boyz II Men version- you're welcome.)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Changing My Life

Despite the "balmy" weather we're currently having here in Rochester, I thought I'd take a moment and tell you about a product that has CHANGED MY LIFE.  I live is a pretty chilly state.  People in Minnesota believe I'm a Missouri girl, from "the South" (which technically Missouri is a state located south of Minnesota) but we Missouri folk are hard core Midwest.  We dip our pizza in ranch dressing, we own dress sweats and we know the extremes of four hard seasons.

But I have to say winters here are a new beast.  Last Christmas I was gifted this from my in-laws.
I lovingly refer to it as my sleeping bag coat.  It is a glorious piece of warmth in the harsh winters of the North.  My friend, Mary Kate, a Chicago girl, also sports this life-changing coat because girl knows what's up at winter time.  She even walks in the subzero weather.  Me, I move quickly from garage to house and parking lot to building.  Even so, I don't know if I could do it without the warmth and aid of my North Face Metropolis Down Parka.

This coat is changing my life one below zero day after another.  Winning.  Thank you Dennis and Geri, thank you.

Monday, December 12, 2011

snow diva

We had our "first" snowfall a small bit ago.  While Chris cleared the drive Lakin and I did some snow exploring.  A few observations from our brief stint outside.

1. Lakin can barely move in all her snow gear.  For those of you not from the Northern snowy states, snow pants are MANDATORY up in this place.  Like you must send them with your kids to go to school.  As in, they go outside when there is snow on the ground.  People will judge you if you don't pack snow boots, snow pants, hats, mittens, and a fleece lined coat.  That's quite the production when outdoor playtime rolls around.  I remember wearing snow pants like a total of five times.  It must have been one winter in Elementary school when I was actually interested in playing outside in the snow.
2. She's not a fan of gloves.  Straight up refuses to put those babies on.  Is frostbite a natural consequence I can allow to teach her a lesson?  Probably not.

3. When it came time to touch and play with the snow it was incredibly upsetting.  There were tears running down her freezing little face.  First snow play was an epic fail.  At least I snapped some photos before she came completely unglued.

 4. Lakin would rather put snow gear on and play with pretend snow from the warmth of indoors.  She's also would rather wear her PJs slightly unzipped.  That's just how she rolls.
She's such a cute little Bohemian babe in that head wrap.

Sunday, December 11, 2011


joy is getting your baby girl's hair into teeny tiny pigtails.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thursday, December 1, 2011

things to bring up at her wedding

Can't wait until this little gem of a photo resurfaces at just the right time.

What happens when it's silent for a few minutes with no buggie in sight?  Eight pairs of underwear worn around the neck like bling, that's what.  I love this girl.  So much.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

cookie monster

spritz cookies + one excited girl = lots of sprinkles all over the floor.  

still finding them

totally worth it

great joy this Christmas!
 step one: put pantless wonder in Bumbo on counter and give her the "tools"
 step two: let pantless wonder make it rain sprinkles
 step three: remind pantsless wonder that sprinkles should ultimately land on cookies
 step four: observe pantsless wonder discover the edible nature of cookies
step five: watch in horror as she demolishes multiple cookies in a matter of seconds.

step six: put pantsless wonder in bed for afternoon nap and clean up sprinkles from your floor

Monday, November 28, 2011

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Being a young family we get to form our family traditions which is especially fun around the holidays.  I love decorating for Christmas and thought the best possible time to put up the tree had to be the instant Thanksgiving was over.  So the morning after T-giving, we got out the tree and put it up along with our humble collection of Christmas decs.  The stash grows each year but is pretty meager in it's beginnings.

I thought Lakin would be pretty interested in the tree but she was very content to play with Gigi while I put the tree together and strung the lights.  Her interest did peak when the ornaments came out in all their shiny, colorful glory.  It was game on from there.

 a brief pause for a belly button poke

When the tree was finished Lake was pooped.  She chilled out in her elf costume (made by my mom last Christmas) and watched some Dora.