Sunday, January 30, 2011

cuz Misdemeanor said so

Lake made her mother proud and ended her strike against solid foods.  My trick, you ask?

Missy Elliot in the background + Sick dance moves = a hungry, cooperative baby.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

a few things

1. A tooth is coming through; my baby's got a snaggle tooth!
2. Lakin is refusing to eat her solids.  Refusing food?  What the heck?  I hope lady knows we will not be doing the nursing thing FOREVER.
3. I have spent the last 72 hours being used as a human kleenex.

and now I leave you with a short video...

Thursday, January 27, 2011

half birthday

Six months have gone by since Lake exploded onto the scene.  Six!  Sometimes it seems like life has always included her chubby cheeks and other times it feels like just yesterday we were holding her for the first time in the delivery room.

New moms ask me questions like, "When did she start sleeping through the night?  At what age did you notice her begin to grasp for things?  When do you start changing fewer diapers?"  For the life of me, I can't remember.  It seems like a blur.  Every time she acquires a new skill it becomes our new reality.  I have long since forgotten the early days where she slept all the time.  Or the fact that she used to just cry all afternoon for no apparent reason.  In fact, the diva has turned into quite the mild-mannered, curious little girl.  She is beginning to understand and communicate.  She has multiple facial expressions; she knows what she wants and sometimes how to get it.  When she eats, she grunts to show her desire for more.  When she is infuriated that I'm trying to trick her into eating carrots by mixing them with rice cereal, she turns her head and refuses the spoon.

At daycare she hangs out in her bouncer and watches the big kids with such intensity.  She loves it when older kids hold her, play with her, run across the room.  Just today she broke into fits of laughter as a toddler danced around her.

She sits on my hip like a big girl, reaches for my coffee as I sip it in the morning, makes faces at herself in the bathroom mirror.  She is changing so fast.

I am so full of love for her, sometimes so much that I can barely handle it.  Every night I check on her before I get into bed.  I love watching the quick rise and fall of her chest as she lays asleep, innocent and perfect, hand propped behind her head because she likes to rub her hair as she falls asleep each night.  I have loved my child since the day I found out we were going to be parents but everyday the love grows, morphs, intensifies.  It's pretty astounding how that can happen.

There's no limit to what I'd do for this little one.  I realize this is only the beginning.  I get to hopefully see my little girl grow, learn, become a woman, fall in love, become a mother . . . what a gift, this thing they call parenthood.

Happy six months, baby girl.  Your mom is crazy about you.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"Don't Drink the Water"

Bath time is a quick endeavor in our house.  Lake loves the water and would probably play in her duck tub until her skin wrinkled and she resembled a raisin if we'd let her but often times baths are out of necessity and squeezed into the bedtime routine.  Her duck tub is inflatable and sits in our bathtub which makes draining her bath water a breeze but gives us a little bit more control of her when she's getting clean.

Last night I was bathing Lakin when Chris got home from work.  He came into the bathroom to see his girls and Lakin was squealing, grunting, giggling, and kicking water around in response to his presence.  Chris and I got to talking about something from the day and every once in a while we would glance over and laugh at Lakin in the tub.  At one point I noticed her drinking her own bath water and rather than being appalled since bath water is you, know, dirty, I laughed and gestured for Chris to observe this sweet moment.  That's when Chris saw the growing cloud of brown water billowing around her.   All the while my daughter was still lapping up bath water like it was ice cream.

We jumped into action, pulled her from the poopy water and washed her haphazardly under the bath spout.  The big tub was having a hard time draining the contaminated water and Lakin was reaching down as she was being hosed off to grab at the murky mess.

Did she ingest some of her own poop last night?  Probably.  I'm not proud of it, but hey, what are you going to do?  Quick baths continue to be in our future.  As for Lakin, she survived and maybe even enjoyed last night's escapade.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Skinny Jeans

These Old Navy size 6-12 month pants were more like skinny jeans on Monstie.  The cloth diaper does make pants a smidge tighter but girl couldn't even sit up in these they were so slim.

Good Morning Dad

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mixed Emotions

On one hand I am so excited to hear Lakin babble, "da da da da..."

I'm loving watching her play with a spoon, put her hands in cereal and figure out how to squish food with her tongue.

I can't believe she's holding a  sippy cup and drinking water while sitting in her high chair.

Every giggle, jump, and crazy wiggle makes me melt.

She is oozing with personality, recognizes friends when they enter the room and beams when you call her name.  She's so stinking smart that she's going to keep Chris and I on our toes the rest of our life.  This girl will not sit still for anything (including, but not limited to, a diaper change).

All these new developments.  All this personality.  It's almost too much for a momma to handle.  I turned around and she was a big girl, wanting to do things for herself, sitting on her own, and making noises that vaguely resemble words.  Lady, you gotta slow down!

So, while I am jazzed she's developing like a little baby should and I realize she can't stay tiny forever (hello, awkward) I'm having a little trouble swallowing the reality that times are a changing.   It's nothing a little yellow headband can't fix.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Holy Smokes Starbucks!

When the twenty ounces that a Starbuck's Venti offers doesn't do the trick, now consumers can buy the Trenta and get little more bang for their buck.  Introducing the TRENTA, thirty-one ounces of pure liquid gluttony.  It's the Godzilla of coffee, crushing all puny serving sizes in it's wake.  Hey Starbucks, you've crossed the line of delightfully delicious to overly self-indulgent.  Just saying.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Big Girl

Lakin moved up in the realm of big girl this weekend.  She had her first taste of rice cereal and we're not surprised that she LOVED it.  Eating has always been easy peasy for her.  Most of what went in, later came out (in more ways than one, people) but our girl is ready for the spoon and her high chair.  Here's a picture of the messy venture.

In addition to expanding her food repertoire, she also has been enjoying time on her laptop.  The laptop was a giftie from Tom and Bonnie and let me tell you, she is a BIG fan.  The laptop teaches colors, shapes, animal sounds, you name it.  It frustrates her when it slips our of her reach but as soon as we move it back into place she's good to go.  Here she is doing important computer work.  

Yes, that's my child.  

Note to self: hold camera still when taking photos.  

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Paging Dr. Jaeger

Too fantastic:

These photos are best in a series.  Baby scrubs, what will the come up with next?

In other news, Lakin's getting hair.  Who cares that she's rocking the Lloyd Christmas look, soon there might be enough for a hair clip, or maybe a bumpit.

Monday, January 10, 2011

She's Changing

The littlest Jaeger has made serious strides this last month.

She has found her feet.  Loves to hold on to them.  Loves to use them to fling herself sideways.  Loves to be distracted by them while getting her diaper changed.  

She makes the funniest noises and even giggles a time or two.  The high-pitched, lengthy screeches that come out of this kid are hilarious.  It sounds like a dinosaur hatching (which I know having witnessed a dinosaur birth once in my life via Jurassic Park).  

She wants to stand pretty much all the time.  Her legs are STRONG.  She kicked me in the face and I was a little mad it hurt so bad.   When she's being supported she will stand forever.  When she's laying on her back the legs bounce and smack the ground with great excitement.  

She also has taken to sitting up.  She can do it unsupported and prefers it now to the "baby hold."  She wants to be up, seeing the world.  Sometimes she takes a nosedive or falls over on her side but this girl is sitting sans bumbo.  

She has, of recent, become a fountain of spit up.  Went through 4 outfits yesterday alone.  Of course, I don't know if the tossing in the air was the culprit or a sensitive tummy...

To her mother's delight, she loves to be read to.  We usually can't make it through the whole book before she closes it as if to say "I'm done." but she can make it a few pages and LOVES to smack the pages with her fist and turn them when the time comes.  Sometimes, they even get licked.  

Speaking of licking, Lakin is full of wet, sloppy kisses.  If you're holding her, watch out.  She will grab your cheeks, pull you in, and just make out with whatever she can get in her mouth.  We're working on those social skills.  Yikes!

She's soaking bibs at a rate of one bib per hour.  So much that we figure some time there should be a little tooth appearing.  But we've been using that old excuse for her drool for months now and still no tooth.  

Last night she had a taste of my ice cream cone.  She LOVED it.  Like, pull it close and caress it kind of love.  I think she's ready to start some solids.  I just don't know if I am.  That's a whole new world of mess that I'm frightened to begin.  

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Boy Jammies Make Another Appearance

When babies are born, they all look like boys.  I blame it on the lack of hair.  Lakin, in all her beauty, is no different.  Without gender specific clothes, even the sharpest of patrons would mistake her for a young man.  The fact that we named her an ambiguous name does not work in her favor either.

New moms know that it's always wise to pack a back up outfit in case a baby decides to poop their pants in public and that poop decides to creep on out the diaper.  This has happened much less frequently as Lakin grows but it still does happen from time to time.  The back up outfit is never the cute one in the closet.  In fact, mine are usually ill fitting and mismatched.  The adorable boy jammies from an earlier post are my most recently back up outfit, stuffed at the bottom of the diaper bag and forgotten about until the fateful day when poop goes flying.

Yesterday was the next time they saw the light of day.  We walk into daycare and Lakin had already pushed out a BM that would put grown men to shame and so off with the cute winter vest and onesie combo and on with the blue boy PJs.  No problem.  Miss Cathy knows Lakin's a sweet little girl, even if her outfit indicated otherwise.  But yesterday was Lakin's first time at the gym daycare.  I am certain they figured Lakin was my well-tempered little boy.  I wanted to explain she pooped her pants that morning and that this was the only outfit we had on our person but I have a tendency to overshare (i.e. this blog) and decided to just leave it.  They will probably be confused next Monday when she comes back wearing tutu pants and lady clothes but oh well.  Of all days to need the back up!

We're #6

Cities that you PROBABLY should move to....

Go on ahead, click that link.  Rochester is number 6 for best cities to live.  Put in your two weeks notice and move on over.  We've got a cozy guest room waiting while you transition and we know the best realtor in town.  Of course, you better be okay with winter.
Did I mention, we have a Trader Joe's?

Friday, January 7, 2011

I Hear You...

talking in that crib and I can't wait to go get you.

Outfit from our friend, Ashley!  Thanks Ashley, so adorable.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Blogging? A Venture in Self Promotion?

Things have been quiet on the blog for a few reasons.  First, we have been enjoying time with friends and family over the holiday and I took a sabbatical from the computer.  As someone who can be a little compulsive about things, I have a tendency to check my email and Facebook an embarrassing amount in a 24 hour period.  I'm not sure if I just need stimulation or desperately desire connection but something compels me to check out the latest news feed on Facebook or clean out my Google Reader on a very regular basis.  It was refreshing to take a break and be present with the ones I love.  Having someone around to hang out with, love the baby girl with, and chat face to face with was awesome.  Our trip home was just what this girl's soul needed.

In addition to living life rather than blogging about it, I also have been pondering some big questions regarding blogging.  I read an article in Wired Magazine a few months ago that has lingered in the back of my mind and caused me to take a look at my blog motivations.  The article discussed the way in which social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Blogs) has changed our society and how we relate to one another.  It argued these social mediums encouraged a new sort of bragging.  Through blogs and Facebook one can essentially toot their own horn and construct their own image of themselves to be what they hope others perceive them as.  Status updates such as:

"My baby is adorable."
"Just landed a new Capitol internship."
"Wishes every day could be as magical as this one."
"Loves her new Ugg boots."
"Has the sweetest husband in the world.  He made me breakfast in bed and took care of the baby while I was sick."

encourage shameless self promotion and we, the audience can press a button to "like" said status and encourage more horn tooting in the future.  I'm just as guilty.

It's caused me to think about who I hope people see me as when they check my Facebook or read this blog.  Chris asked me the other day what I hoped people thought of me when they read my writing.  After some thought I said, "well I guess I want them to see me as a cute, young mom who is wickedly funny, crafty and thrifty."  The things I post help construct that image and create a persona that I hope readers will believe.  I post pictures of my daughter because I think she's adorable and I hope you do too.  I share funny stories that sometimes can be a wee bit exaggerated in an effort to get a chuckle from my readers.  I love when someone tells me they read the blog or I get a new follower.  But I am wondering if all this is okay.  Originally this blog began as a class assignment in grad school.  It quickly became a place where I could commiserate and share funny stories from my classroom.  I soon found that people thought my writing could be funny at times and that I had a distinct voice as a writer.  Over the years it has morphed from a blog about teaching to a blog about life.  Often times I shy away from anything too personal, opinionated, or meaningful because I worry what my readers might think.

But should that be a concern as I write?  Depends on who this blog is for.  Is this a blog for me and my family so we can look back and record life's great and mundane moments or is this a blog where I stroke my ego and win friends?  Hmmmmm....

The issue of audience and writing for one is big.  Don't worry, I'm not going to go off the deep end and use this blog as a means to rant and rave about all my unimportant thoughts and opinions but I would like to be a bit more daring and honest.  I would like to have freedom to be 100% myself rather than who I think my readers would like me to be.  A new year brings a new vulnerability.

Now, after all that heavy talk, here's a lovely photo of the Lake Monster.  Please note: I picked one that was flattering.  Also note the boy jammies.  A sweet wife of a Urology resident dropped them off as a gift for Lakin.  I think she might be assuming Lakin is a boy.  Hey, the name's ambiguous and the jammies are stinkin' cute.