Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Boy Jammies Make Another Appearance

When babies are born, they all look like boys.  I blame it on the lack of hair.  Lakin, in all her beauty, is no different.  Without gender specific clothes, even the sharpest of patrons would mistake her for a young man.  The fact that we named her an ambiguous name does not work in her favor either.

New moms know that it's always wise to pack a back up outfit in case a baby decides to poop their pants in public and that poop decides to creep on out the diaper.  This has happened much less frequently as Lakin grows but it still does happen from time to time.  The back up outfit is never the cute one in the closet.  In fact, mine are usually ill fitting and mismatched.  The adorable boy jammies from an earlier post are my most recently back up outfit, stuffed at the bottom of the diaper bag and forgotten about until the fateful day when poop goes flying.

Yesterday was the next time they saw the light of day.  We walk into daycare and Lakin had already pushed out a BM that would put grown men to shame and so off with the cute winter vest and onesie combo and on with the blue boy PJs.  No problem.  Miss Cathy knows Lakin's a sweet little girl, even if her outfit indicated otherwise.  But yesterday was Lakin's first time at the gym daycare.  I am certain they figured Lakin was my well-tempered little boy.  I wanted to explain she pooped her pants that morning and that this was the only outfit we had on our person but I have a tendency to overshare (i.e. this blog) and decided to just leave it.  They will probably be confused next Monday when she comes back wearing tutu pants and lady clothes but oh well.  Of all days to need the back up!

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  1. I told Lakin "Do it big or go home". Grampa is proud of her no matter what she does. I think the blue PJ's bring out the blue in her eyes.