Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"Don't Drink the Water"

Bath time is a quick endeavor in our house.  Lake loves the water and would probably play in her duck tub until her skin wrinkled and she resembled a raisin if we'd let her but often times baths are out of necessity and squeezed into the bedtime routine.  Her duck tub is inflatable and sits in our bathtub which makes draining her bath water a breeze but gives us a little bit more control of her when she's getting clean.

Last night I was bathing Lakin when Chris got home from work.  He came into the bathroom to see his girls and Lakin was squealing, grunting, giggling, and kicking water around in response to his presence.  Chris and I got to talking about something from the day and every once in a while we would glance over and laugh at Lakin in the tub.  At one point I noticed her drinking her own bath water and rather than being appalled since bath water is you, know, dirty, I laughed and gestured for Chris to observe this sweet moment.  That's when Chris saw the growing cloud of brown water billowing around her.   All the while my daughter was still lapping up bath water like it was ice cream.

We jumped into action, pulled her from the poopy water and washed her haphazardly under the bath spout.  The big tub was having a hard time draining the contaminated water and Lakin was reaching down as she was being hosed off to grab at the murky mess.

Did she ingest some of her own poop last night?  Probably.  I'm not proud of it, but hey, what are you going to do?  Quick baths continue to be in our future.  As for Lakin, she survived and maybe even enjoyed last night's escapade.


  1. Hi-larious. I can hear you telling this story and it made me laugh.

  2. Not much different than Abbey eating her poop in the yard. At least she waits until it's frozen. A poopsicle I guess!

  3. eeew---This is why kids get sick from baby pools and water parks. I hate to think how much "stuff" my kids ingested at the Brooktree pool.

  4. We only had one bath pooping ever. But I hear Dan tell Daniel, "Don't drink the bath water, Daniel! It will make you goofy like Cousin Eric" at least three times a week. He thinks its hilarious.

  5. I was laughing so much when I read this, and had to read it aloud to Matt. You are hilarious! And I'm sure Lakin will follow in her mom's footsteps. I'm going to call you soon! I miss you and we seriously need to catch up :)