Thursday, January 27, 2011

half birthday

Six months have gone by since Lake exploded onto the scene.  Six!  Sometimes it seems like life has always included her chubby cheeks and other times it feels like just yesterday we were holding her for the first time in the delivery room.

New moms ask me questions like, "When did she start sleeping through the night?  At what age did you notice her begin to grasp for things?  When do you start changing fewer diapers?"  For the life of me, I can't remember.  It seems like a blur.  Every time she acquires a new skill it becomes our new reality.  I have long since forgotten the early days where she slept all the time.  Or the fact that she used to just cry all afternoon for no apparent reason.  In fact, the diva has turned into quite the mild-mannered, curious little girl.  She is beginning to understand and communicate.  She has multiple facial expressions; she knows what she wants and sometimes how to get it.  When she eats, she grunts to show her desire for more.  When she is infuriated that I'm trying to trick her into eating carrots by mixing them with rice cereal, she turns her head and refuses the spoon.

At daycare she hangs out in her bouncer and watches the big kids with such intensity.  She loves it when older kids hold her, play with her, run across the room.  Just today she broke into fits of laughter as a toddler danced around her.

She sits on my hip like a big girl, reaches for my coffee as I sip it in the morning, makes faces at herself in the bathroom mirror.  She is changing so fast.

I am so full of love for her, sometimes so much that I can barely handle it.  Every night I check on her before I get into bed.  I love watching the quick rise and fall of her chest as she lays asleep, innocent and perfect, hand propped behind her head because she likes to rub her hair as she falls asleep each night.  I have loved my child since the day I found out we were going to be parents but everyday the love grows, morphs, intensifies.  It's pretty astounding how that can happen.

There's no limit to what I'd do for this little one.  I realize this is only the beginning.  I get to hopefully see my little girl grow, learn, become a woman, fall in love, become a mother . . . what a gift, this thing they call parenthood.

Happy six months, baby girl.  Your mom is crazy about you.


  1. You are a beautiful mom and a beautiful writer. Love you.

  2. Lovely. So happy you are enjoying your sweet monster. :)

  3. My "baby" is 21 and you just captured every feeling I've had during this wonderful journey. Thank you for being the writer you are! I so admire people who can express in words all that I feel in my heart.

    And Happy half birthday to Miss Lakers!!! Can't wait to see you bright and early monday morning!! XO

  4. Such sweet words and a big heart for your little girl.

  5. Precious post. Happy half birthday, Lakin!

  6. Oh Sara, how wonderful. For some reason, I'm crying as I read this. Is there anything more wonderful? I don't think so. Addie is 3 months old today! I didn't realize they were exactly that far apart.

  7. What a wonderful post. You will have to keep it for Lakin. Every emotion in raising a child is so intense but so worth it. You summed it up very well. Can't wait to visit in a couple of weeks. Lakin doesn't look too happy in her picture, though--doesn't like the outfit?? Much love.