Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mixed Emotions

On one hand I am so excited to hear Lakin babble, "da da da da..."

I'm loving watching her play with a spoon, put her hands in cereal and figure out how to squish food with her tongue.

I can't believe she's holding a  sippy cup and drinking water while sitting in her high chair.

Every giggle, jump, and crazy wiggle makes me melt.

She is oozing with personality, recognizes friends when they enter the room and beams when you call her name.  She's so stinking smart that she's going to keep Chris and I on our toes the rest of our life.  This girl will not sit still for anything (including, but not limited to, a diaper change).

All these new developments.  All this personality.  It's almost too much for a momma to handle.  I turned around and she was a big girl, wanting to do things for herself, sitting on her own, and making noises that vaguely resemble words.  Lady, you gotta slow down!

So, while I am jazzed she's developing like a little baby should and I realize she can't stay tiny forever (hello, awkward) I'm having a little trouble swallowing the reality that times are a changing.   It's nothing a little yellow headband can't fix.


  1. I know! I know! I am realizing this a lot right now as Daniel is starting to say more words and express his intentions and opinions. And that I am pregnant with a wiggly fetus who will be tiny and helpless and so the opposite of him is really making me feel emotions more intensely.

    Those photos are wonderful. She is oozing with personality. And it looks like she likes her life, herself, and her parents!

  2. Lovin' the Lakin pics!! She IS growing up so fast. And you're right about the headband. :)

  3. Love the last picture! Has the little one mastered rolling over yet?

  4. I'm SO with you. I wish I could freeze time because I love the stage Natalie is in so much, but she is growing up so fast. Lakin is such a cutie. And so are you! :-)

  5. Great group of pictures! That headband is adorable.

  6. That 3rd picture of her looking up so innocently is one that I think she will be using on you and Chris for a long time--kind of like -- I didn't do it -- and you will absolutely know she is guilty! Love it.

  7. I love these pictures!! Lakin is so stinkin' cute!!