Monday, February 28, 2011


Lakin's bangs have inspired her mother.  I've got a haircut coming up on Wednesday and I'm contemplating a change.  Possibly some bangs.  Probably not tiny, straight across bangs like little lady's but something bold enough to look different.  I've also contemplated chopping my hair totally.  I just saw a friend's new do on Facebook where she chopped all her locks into a totally stunning, super fantastic, short cut.  Here's my fear: short hair = mom hair.  What do you think?  Bangs?  Short cut?  I don't want to be one step from high waisted jeans and a minivan.  I guess you'll have to turn in later this week to see what happens.  Here are some of the styles I'm liking:

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Lakin woke up with a mega diaper wedgie this morning.  I didn't even know this was possible.  It didn't seem to bother her in the least.

Imagine an adorable photo of Lakin in an oversized bow and with her tongue sticking out here.  What, you've seen it before?  Google is telling me I've maxed out my 1GB of space so you'll have to use your imagination (or look at one of the million similar pics I've posted before) until I get this ironed put.  I'm currently shaking my fist at you Google.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Currently in love with...

The show, Parenthood, on NBC.  One of the best family dramas.  Thank you for helping me to get caught up.  
Stop what you are doing, going to Wal-Mart and pick up a can of Tough Stuff.  This miracle product can clean anything.  I mean anything.  We've put it to the test since the birth of our own little bundle of spontaneous mess.  So far, it's cleaned poop, spit up, avacado-tinted drool, sweet potatoes, and spilled coffee from our carpet.  

Oreo Brownie Heaven.  Thank you Good Gravy Designs for introducing me to this delectable and easy treat.  

Oh, and of course, there's this girl.  Who, by the way, has allowed her mother some extra cuddle time as of recent.  Also, she's saying "Momma."  I think she might even associate me with the term.  Melts my heart, yes it does.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ice Burrrr

This weekend, despite unseasonably warm temps, we bundled up and made our way to the Social Ice 2011.  The event boasted the largest ice bar in the Midwest.  Local businesses downtown had ice sculptures in front of their businesses and there was an outdoor bar, made of ice... including the glasses you drank from.  I know, right?  Rochester, you've done it again!

Don't worry, it's an annual event so you can come next year.  I'll be the one with the crazy eyes and the delicious beverage in the ice cup.

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Nest, The Office, and other ways I am Teaching Baby to Entertain Herself

There are times where you just can't hold the little one.  You need them to be able to entertain themselves. Here are a few of our favorite Lakin entertainers.

The first is the nest.

Place nest in doorway of bathroom.

Fill nest with lots of toys.

Blow dry hair while making faces at baby.
The next was coined the name, The Office, by my friend, Steph.  I believe calling it the office makes Lakin feel important, valued and that she's doing something that contributes to the world when she plays in this ADD inducing contraption.
Total genius.  When she's tired of looking at the hanging caterpillar she can swing around and play with the giggling car.  With the press of a button we can hear Hey Diddle Diddle or Old McDonald.  Every bright color and it's sister threw up on this deal and the stimulation is enough to wear her out for her next nap.  A MUST for any new parent.  Plus, baby stays upright and safe all while you make a sandwich, put away the dishes, or peruse Facebook.

When we really need to pull out the big guns we bust out baby laptop.  I've written about this toy before.  Baby laptop blinks lights, sings songs, teaches letters, colors and shapes.  It's practically a preschool prep program.  Sort of like My Baby Can Read but it's tag line could be, "My baby can read, count, and compose music."

We're working on teaching Lakin how to use this.  All she wants to do is close the lid and hear it say, "Bye, bye."  She has not mastered opening the laptop and resorts to frustrated grunts until someone opens the lid so she can close it again.
 grunt, grunt
 perfect it's open, now I will shut it
 crap, it's shut
grunt, grunt

Okay, so this form of entertainment is a work in progress.  

From Monstie, with Love

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's loot and thug life

 Our mailman is a little passive aggressive.  He's got his panties in a wad because there is some snow in front of the community mailbox.  He acts like this is a new thing.  Anyhow, he had a standoff and refused to deliver mail last week.  He finally caved on Friday and all our mail was crammed into our tiny box.  We were delighted to find multiple Valentine's packages!  Lakin scored some cute gear, Chris and I both received some of our favorite candy as well as gift cards to our two favorite chains!  Chipotle and Starbucks.  In honor of Valentine's day we plan to put ourselves in a burrito and caffeine induced coma!

My crafty friend, Polly, sent these cute heart sashays filled with candy.  She tells you how to make your own here.

And finally, I leave you with some pics of Monstie representin' in her Korea-inspired, Hello Kitty hat. She was recovering from her epic fever- no not Bieber fever, although, we're pretty sure she's got that too.  (She won't stop asking about going to see Never Say Never.)  There's the classic Lake pic, middle finger flying.  I mean, how do I catch these?  I  can't seem to take a non-blurry picture to save my life but somehow I always catch the bird when she's sportin.

did you rub my lamp?

Did you wake me up?
 Inspired by:

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

on being accountable

As I get older it becomes more apparent by the day that deep down, I am pretty darn lazy.  I can drive my husband, who is a doctor and has never cut a corner in his life, nuts.  I know there are times where he prefer me not to do something, knowing full well I will not take the time to do it to standards that meet his expectations.  Anyone know what I'm talking about?  Maybe you are the control freak and your loved one is the lazy sack of...

Here are some examples of my laziness...

I'm reading a book and I get 14 pages from the end but I've lost interest.  I will put the book down and count it as a read.

I will start laundry only to burn out by the final load and let it sit in the washer until I forget about it and discover it the next time I go to do laundry.  They load must then be rewashed and I pray there won't be mold.

I sweep crumbs off onto the floor.  (Only to be later swept or vacuumed.  I said I was lazy but not dirty, people.)

I have been known to swipe in at the gym, walk into the locker room and walk out to get an incentive visit on my card.

Sometimes when cooking, when I feel to lazy to get out measuring utensils, I will eyeball it and hope for the best.

My last example might be an overshare but sometimes, when Chris works nights, I go to bed without brushing my teeth.  I don't know why I think the extra 2 minutes will make a difference but sometimes I'm too lazy for proper oral care.  (I hope we can still be friends.)

Over Christmas, we started a book club.  It's a bunch of my dear friends who are participating.  The deal: you must read 15 books this year or you have to buy the group dinner.  We set up a Google doc to record books as you read them.  To my horror, I'm being out read by most of the group (and I'm a former Reading teacher).  That competitive edge kicks in and I have been reading nonstop.  Knowing that the Google document is waiting for me to record my next book is enough motivation to get my butt in gear.  There is also the pride issue of getting shown up by Matt Roach.  What can I say, the guy's a learner.

The gym we joined here is the Mayo Clinic gym.  They have an incentive system set up.  The more you use the gym, the cheaper it is to be a member.  Thirty visits in three months gives you a discounted rate for the next three months.  Each time you show up, you get an incentive visit on your swipe card.  When you check in, besides the awkward ID photo, you see how many visits you have left.  As you know if you've read my blog for long, when money is on the line, I'm hecka motivated.  It has worked to keep me going regularly.  I think about how many visits I have, how often I need to go and I am held accountable to working out. (Minus those low moments when I swipe and dash.)

Being accountable.  It's important.  If the library didn't charge a fine I would hoard their books.  If there weren't social repercussions I'd cut in line every time.  There have to be consequences for our actions.  We need to feel obligated to Someone.  It all confirms my theory that man was not created to live alone. We were not meant to live our lives here on earth in isolation.  I'm thankful that I am accountable for more than just my gym attendance, library etiquette, and book repertoire.  I'm so glad I have friends who check in on my spiritual growth, ask about my family, know me and my lazy tendencies.  Accountability is good.

Monday, February 7, 2011

the boyfriends

...and by boyfriend, I mean Lakin's friends who are boys.  Here is Rochester, Lakin has many little boyfriends.  There is Benjamin from daycare.  He hangs with Lake on Monday and Wednesday mornings and way outdoes her in the awesome hair department.  There are few things sweeter than Lakin and Benjamin in the double stroller, side by side, chillin'- completely oblivious that the other one exists.  They did play together on the floor today according to Miss Cathy.

Lakin also has her friend, Caleb.  Caleb moved to Rochester at the same time we did.  His mom, Kristin, and I have a mutual friend (thanks Ashley!) that put us in contact with each other.  Caleb is four months older than Monstie and he teaches her good habits and tricks.  Last night, as we watched the Superbowl together Caleb was kind enough to show Lakin how to open wide for food, how tasty bread can be and generously shared his stacking cups with her.  
 Chris was in charge of Lakin's Superbowl attire.  He secretly loves all the fluff and bows.
 Lakin wanted to keep up with Caleb but he was too fast... and crawling.

 The two played cups, held hands and Lakin gave Caleb a "good game" on the bottom.  She pats everything when she touches it, including her friend's behind.
 Check out those lounging guys in the background!
Loving the bink to the max.

In addition to some Caleb time, Lakin met a new friend, Charlie.  Charlie is my friend, Steph's, little boy.  He's getting ready to be a big brother to twin sisters!  Almost two, Charlie showed off his vast knowledge of colors, letters and sounds.  He played so well with Lakin and even let her lovingly caress his head.  Charlie loves taking pictures so he was quick to jump into pose mode.  We hope to have many more opportunities to play with Charlie and his baby sisters!
 Charlie building up Lake's block stash.
 Now what mom?
 Boppys are fun at any age.
Little buddies showing a little love.

We feel so lucky to have some many little buddies for Lakin to grow up beside.  

Sunday, February 6, 2011

the weekend briefly

Friday afternoon was the Monstie's 6 month check up.  Don't worry, she's gaining weight just fine.  I know many of you expressed concern since she's so tiny and frail but our baby is in the 75% for weight.  That's down from the 81% where she was the last two visits.  Also found out she had an ear infection.  Really?  Huh.  So we're doing some antibiotics now to help her heal.  If you're curious, she weighs a whopping 18 pounds.  I now feel justified in skipping my weights at the gym.

After the doctor, we headed over to Chipotle for some family dinner.  Chris and I split a burrito bowl while Monster looked longingly at our dinner and ate her homemade sweet potatoes.  Some day little girl, some day.  She managed to get sweet potatoes everywhere but her bib.

 always with the tongue out
 getting more and more sleepy
final bites of bliss

After dinner, we went to Target to get her prescription filled where I was able to find a super clearance top and like always happens when I walk into Target, left with something I never intended to buy.  But $7?  For a turtleneck?  I mean, how could I pass that up?  They were practically giving it away.

Saturday was spent reading, lounging, and cooking.  We had some good friends over for dinner and made a Jaeger family favorite, chocolate chip cookies ala butter flavored Crisco.  
On the menu: Italian Sausage Tomato Rustica.  I would make it again, Chris is a bit more iffy on the whole meal.  I like dinners that take less than 30 minutes, make oodles of left overs and only use a few ingredients.  This recipe meets those standards.  

This morning we're just relaxing.  Enjoying a morning at home, drinking coffee and laughing at the little girl.  Check out the volume she's got going on.  
I have always prayed for a good head of hair.  Thank you Lord.  Tonight, Superbowl and Gourmet Club.  What, what!  Did you all have a good weekend?

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Well, the little mermaid outfit is back.

I believe I have at one time explained the importance of always having a back up outfit, correct?  Last night Lakin was at church in childcare while I was at a work meeting.  She was in her jammies, ready for bed when she had herself an accident she is now famous for.  No backup outfit was packed because my daughter never drops "kids off at the pool" at night.  NEVER.  But Lakin knows when her mother hurriedly packs a bag.  She smells the absence of a backup outfit and wills herself to have a blowout.  I'm certain of this.

At 8:30 I pick up Lakin and 1.she's still awake.  She almost always is asleep by 6:30 (sleeping habits like her mother) but tonight with all the stimulation and excitement of playmates she managed to stay awake WAY past her bedtime, and 2. she's in the arms of a volunteer, wrapped in her blanket and clothed in this mermaid themed outfit that was donated to the church for neglectful mothers who leave their kids in church care without proper back up materials.
So, head hung in shame I take my cranky, tired, ill-dressed baby home.   I put her to bed and this morning have to rouse her from slumber (also something that never happens).  This morning she posed for this picture.  I think her expression says it all.   Guess what I will be doing this weekend?  Washing said mermaid outfit to make sure it's clean for the next time we come unprepared.  Odds are, there will be a next time.