Monday, February 28, 2011


Lakin's bangs have inspired her mother.  I've got a haircut coming up on Wednesday and I'm contemplating a change.  Possibly some bangs.  Probably not tiny, straight across bangs like little lady's but something bold enough to look different.  I've also contemplated chopping my hair totally.  I just saw a friend's new do on Facebook where she chopped all her locks into a totally stunning, super fantastic, short cut.  Here's my fear: short hair = mom hair.  What do you think?  Bangs?  Short cut?  I don't want to be one step from high waisted jeans and a minivan.  I guess you'll have to turn in later this week to see what happens.  Here are some of the styles I'm liking:


  1. Since you asked for opinions... :)
    First, short hair does not have to equal mom hair. Short hair can be totally cool and edgy just like the photo you posted above.
    Second, I think your facial shape can do just about any hair cut. So go for it!
    I want to see pictures!!

  2. Sara, do the second picture you would look great in that cute and oh yes, what is wrong with high waisted jean? Love you all Aunt Sherry

  3. Do it! I just had my bangs redone this weekend. Here is to hoping they never go out of style!

    As short hair goes, just do it up right. Edgy is cute, but you have to think about you proportions. For example, my hair must go to mid-neck because of my larger noggin. Also, short hair needs to be fixed daily and can't go into pony tails without a bunch of bobby pins.

  4. Sure sticking your tongue out when your a baby is cute! I just hope she isn't sticking her tongue out when she gets to be 25, that would just be rude. HA HA! Grandpa loves you baby girl.

  5. a) I don't think you will ever where mom jeans
    2) you can pull off any hairstyle
    III) I like the 2nd picture..and I want pictures
    fore) I think I've been studying too much
    c) we need to really plan a time for lunch, coffee, wine or something- my spring break is 3/11-18 sarah p