Monday, February 7, 2011

the boyfriends

...and by boyfriend, I mean Lakin's friends who are boys.  Here is Rochester, Lakin has many little boyfriends.  There is Benjamin from daycare.  He hangs with Lake on Monday and Wednesday mornings and way outdoes her in the awesome hair department.  There are few things sweeter than Lakin and Benjamin in the double stroller, side by side, chillin'- completely oblivious that the other one exists.  They did play together on the floor today according to Miss Cathy.

Lakin also has her friend, Caleb.  Caleb moved to Rochester at the same time we did.  His mom, Kristin, and I have a mutual friend (thanks Ashley!) that put us in contact with each other.  Caleb is four months older than Monstie and he teaches her good habits and tricks.  Last night, as we watched the Superbowl together Caleb was kind enough to show Lakin how to open wide for food, how tasty bread can be and generously shared his stacking cups with her.  
 Chris was in charge of Lakin's Superbowl attire.  He secretly loves all the fluff and bows.
 Lakin wanted to keep up with Caleb but he was too fast... and crawling.

 The two played cups, held hands and Lakin gave Caleb a "good game" on the bottom.  She pats everything when she touches it, including her friend's behind.
 Check out those lounging guys in the background!
Loving the bink to the max.

In addition to some Caleb time, Lakin met a new friend, Charlie.  Charlie is my friend, Steph's, little boy.  He's getting ready to be a big brother to twin sisters!  Almost two, Charlie showed off his vast knowledge of colors, letters and sounds.  He played so well with Lakin and even let her lovingly caress his head.  Charlie loves taking pictures so he was quick to jump into pose mode.  We hope to have many more opportunities to play with Charlie and his baby sisters!
 Charlie building up Lake's block stash.
 Now what mom?
 Boppys are fun at any age.
Little buddies showing a little love.

We feel so lucky to have some many little buddies for Lakin to grow up beside.  


  1. Lakin looks like she makes friends very easily! :)

  2. charlie loved seeing his pics in this post. hope they can do more playing soon!