Thursday, February 3, 2011


Well, the little mermaid outfit is back.

I believe I have at one time explained the importance of always having a back up outfit, correct?  Last night Lakin was at church in childcare while I was at a work meeting.  She was in her jammies, ready for bed when she had herself an accident she is now famous for.  No backup outfit was packed because my daughter never drops "kids off at the pool" at night.  NEVER.  But Lakin knows when her mother hurriedly packs a bag.  She smells the absence of a backup outfit and wills herself to have a blowout.  I'm certain of this.

At 8:30 I pick up Lakin and 1.she's still awake.  She almost always is asleep by 6:30 (sleeping habits like her mother) but tonight with all the stimulation and excitement of playmates she managed to stay awake WAY past her bedtime, and 2. she's in the arms of a volunteer, wrapped in her blanket and clothed in this mermaid themed outfit that was donated to the church for neglectful mothers who leave their kids in church care without proper back up materials.
So, head hung in shame I take my cranky, tired, ill-dressed baby home.   I put her to bed and this morning have to rouse her from slumber (also something that never happens).  This morning she posed for this picture.  I think her expression says it all.   Guess what I will be doing this weekend?  Washing said mermaid outfit to make sure it's clean for the next time we come unprepared.  Odds are, there will be a next time.


  1. sara--she is toooo cute. more videos, please.

  2. Odd..this article posted today at 1:53...I'm puzzled- wouldn't this be when you were at work? Please help me understand

  3. Actually, my clock is off. I promise, I waited until I was home to blog.

  4. She looks a little worn out from all the action. She's trying to train you to bring another outfit so she doesn't have to be wrapped in a blanket or wear some silly outfit. She looks so precious in this picture--It looks like you cut her bangs!