Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ice Burrrr

This weekend, despite unseasonably warm temps, we bundled up and made our way to the Social Ice 2011.  The event boasted the largest ice bar in the Midwest.  Local businesses downtown had ice sculptures in front of their businesses and there was an outdoor bar, made of ice... including the glasses you drank from.  I know, right?  Rochester, you've done it again!

Don't worry, it's an annual event so you can come next year.  I'll be the one with the crazy eyes and the delicious beverage in the ice cup.


  1. Fun! There is a bar here in F-ville called Shotz -- they serve their drinks in ice shot glasses, then you to throw your ice glass against the wall. So cool! Literally.

  2. Did they have snow cone for the kids?

  3. I think the ice bar is melted and fans of Lakin are hungry for more stories and pictures. Surely she has had another blowout.