Sunday, February 6, 2011

the weekend briefly

Friday afternoon was the Monstie's 6 month check up.  Don't worry, she's gaining weight just fine.  I know many of you expressed concern since she's so tiny and frail but our baby is in the 75% for weight.  That's down from the 81% where she was the last two visits.  Also found out she had an ear infection.  Really?  Huh.  So we're doing some antibiotics now to help her heal.  If you're curious, she weighs a whopping 18 pounds.  I now feel justified in skipping my weights at the gym.

After the doctor, we headed over to Chipotle for some family dinner.  Chris and I split a burrito bowl while Monster looked longingly at our dinner and ate her homemade sweet potatoes.  Some day little girl, some day.  She managed to get sweet potatoes everywhere but her bib.

 always with the tongue out
 getting more and more sleepy
final bites of bliss

After dinner, we went to Target to get her prescription filled where I was able to find a super clearance top and like always happens when I walk into Target, left with something I never intended to buy.  But $7?  For a turtleneck?  I mean, how could I pass that up?  They were practically giving it away.

Saturday was spent reading, lounging, and cooking.  We had some good friends over for dinner and made a Jaeger family favorite, chocolate chip cookies ala butter flavored Crisco.  
On the menu: Italian Sausage Tomato Rustica.  I would make it again, Chris is a bit more iffy on the whole meal.  I like dinners that take less than 30 minutes, make oodles of left overs and only use a few ingredients.  This recipe meets those standards.  

This morning we're just relaxing.  Enjoying a morning at home, drinking coffee and laughing at the little girl.  Check out the volume she's got going on.  
I have always prayed for a good head of hair.  Thank you Lord.  Tonight, Superbowl and Gourmet Club.  What, what!  Did you all have a good weekend?

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  1. Oh my I can't believe sweet baby girl has an ear infection. She certainly didn't show any signs of having one. But thats probably because she's such an exceptional baby!! I told you she was leaning out...better enjoy those sweet baby cheeks while we can they'll be gone before we know it!