Wednesday, March 2, 2011

cracks me up

Lakin's personality grows more and more each day.  I am pretty certain there are some interesting parent teacher conferences in our future.  "She's social," is sure to be written on every report card.  Lakin is babbling any time someone will listen and even times when no one else is around to hear what she has to say.  When she jumps in her jump-a-roo at home I think she might shake her brain loose.  She's trying to climb the back of the couch, eats my hair or anything else she can get her hands on and instantly topples over anything in her path.  Once she's mobile, watch out, she's going to create quite a mess.  I am thinking our new motto will be, "check yourself before you wreck yourself," to remind our little daredevil to exercise some caution.    The above picture really captures her spirit.  I think she'll keep our lives interesting.


  1. That tongue is always out--Do you think she might be doing this ahead of the teenage years?

  2. "Interesting Parent Teacher Conferences - been there, done that!"