Friday, March 25, 2011

the glitz and glam of the cloth diaper

We are a cloth diaper family.  Mostly because we are cheap.  Bottom line.  Diapers are muy expensive and we will go to great lengths to save a buck.  Hence we've been eating up our cupboard for the last five days in order to consolidate and use up.  It's also the reason why I ate buffalo chicken mac n cheese last night for dinner.  We don't have fresh bread in the house but we do have all the makings of buffalo chicken dip and a box of whole wheat pasta, put em together you get a stomach-churning, delicious meal.  But I digress.

So we're thrifty, cheap, looking to save a buck.  That's why we decided the investment was worth it to go for the cloth diapers.  I'm pleased.  We do diaper laundry about twice a week.  It's not terrible but it can be disgusting.

Since introducing the solids, Lake's been turning out some wildly stinky stuff.  You never know what you're gonna get when you unsnap her diaper.  Will you see traces of the blueberries or beans she had the night before?  Who knows, maybe if you're lucky.  Sometimes, for extra fun, the poop sneaks up her back and out the top of the diaper.  If you don't catch it soon enough you get a wonderful mess to clean up.  Can you sense the sarcasm dripping?

I've been a trooper. I've done the cloth without a complaint.  I've diligently stuffed diapers for the last 8 months and I remind myself I'm saving us money.  Money that I can possibly spend on lovelies from Target.  Or more headbands for my stylish baby.  Or perhaps, put some into our Roth IRA... blah, blah, blah.

I read about these wonderful mothers who praise the cloth diaper and love them to death.  I love the money they save our family, but I do not love the cloth diaper.  I do not love plunging them into the icy cold toilet water and washboarding them to remove my daughter's feces.  I do not love squeezing said poopy water out before placing them in the bin to be washed.  And I certainly do not love throwing them in the washing machine and catching a whiff of day-old poop and pee.  I'll be honest, the secret's out: I'm slightly disgusted.

I am reminded of a little economics lesson I learned back in fifth grade to the tune of "opportunity cost."  Is the disgusting ringing out and scrubbing of the poop worth the hundreds of dollars I'm saving and the hundreds of diapers I am keeping out of the landfills?  So poop management is my opportunity cost.  I think it's worth it.  I really do.

So there you have it.  There's no glamour in cloth diapering your child.  But it saves money, is good for their tush and reduces waste.  While it's not for the faint at heart, I think it is for our family.  So I will trudge on.

I must now close as I see my daughter is trying to eat her own snot.


  1. you seriously crack me up! next time I see a ginormous flower on your daughters forehead I will be sure to get the visual of you over a toilet holding wickly wild smelling dipees! :)

  2. Sara..per our conversation about the mix up in our daughters I WILL NOT be sharing this blog with Amanda!!! I'll never get her to use cloth dipees for my future grandchildren!!!

  3. Have you guys kept track of the cost savings? I would be interested to know approx how much money cloth diapering saves/month.

  4. Are you still buying new diapers because you think they are adorable or anything like that? Just curious. We still buy new things nearly each month, which doesn't help the cheap-o factor, but I do know FOR SURE that my cotton babies bill and kelly's closet bill are under 1000 for diapers for 2 kids... and we have a deluxe stash... and I have a "thrifty" friend who hates the idea of cloth and thinks its expensive. She only buys Luvs or Walmart brand and has spent 1000 on her son, not including wipes, and she has another baby this month... SO I think we beat her in both the pretty aspect and the cost factor.

    Have you tried Charlie's Soap? Or Country Save? Both are really awesome and cheap.

    Oh, and there's a BG sale now on their really cute printed diapers. FYI!

    Oh, and really, the laundry gets less yucky pretty soon for you. Once she is a walker, you need maybe 7 diapers a day and so washing them is a lot MORE pleasant than washing the dozen or more they do in crawling time!

  5. Ha! This post made me laugh. I really don't think it's that gross! What's this about rinsing and squeezing out poop water? I guess we don't do that part. Maybe Addie's poop just isn't like that yet since she's still eating mainly milk! Cheers!