Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Hot Mess and Other Things I'm Letting Go Of

When I was pregnant with Lakin I shuddered at the thought of crusty noses and saliva-soaked sleeves.  I am a pretty big germ-a-phobe and I like a tidy ship.  I knew this tendency would carry over to my daughter.  I also figured she'd come out of the womb knowing how to wipe her own nose or at least with the same disgust for vile and dirty things that I possessed.

Not true.  In fact, Lakin loves dirt, grime and runny noses more that I will ever understand.  She throws up all over herself and them moves right along to the next activity.  In a moment's time she has her hands deep in the bowl of berries and oatmeal and is making the most mess possible in the small window of time she has before someone notices.   If she could always have a snail trail of snot streaming down her face, she would.  It's just how she likes things.  Who am I to get in the way?

The other day I walked out of the room for an instant (to get a kleenex to clean up her ever-running nose) and she'd dumped the entire family size box of Cheerios all over the carpet and was happily sitting in the midst of Cheerio heaven quizzically examining a single O in her hand.

Messes seem to find my daughter and I think I've reached the point where I'm cool with it.

Will I let her chew on the edge of the table at Chipotle?  Heck no -- at least not without a fight.  But will she probably have a dry booger hanging from her nose next time you see her?  I'd put money on it.

As a mother, I'm learning there are some battles not worth fighting.  I know she'll hit a bath soon enough.  Motherhood is changing me.  It's making me relax, let go and embrace.  While it might be disgusting, I think it's freeing.  So go ahead and make comments if you want but we're a beautiful mess in this house and we don't care who knows it.

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  1. Yea girl! Story of my life. Just wait until you have two. Getting your teeth brushed and your jammies on by 11am is an accomplishment in itself. And I am cool with stinky breath. I gross my in-laws out b/c they will tell me Ry has poop in her pants and I wont run to change it immediately. I figure if its not bothering her enough to tell me another 10-15 min wont hurt. And you know what? My kids are still alive. Just go with the flow girl.