Thursday, March 10, 2011

Okay, but not awesome.

That's how I feel this morning.  Yesterday I came down with some flu-like symptoms.  I was weak, achy and congested.  I thought my cold meds could help me through the day but they simply made me feel high as kite.  I kid you not, there were points when I wasn't sure whether I was firmly rooted to my chair or floating around the room.  So, needless to say, Lakin and I left work early and came home and went straight to bed.  Chris was on call so I was forced to leave him a series of text messages that could be described as nothing other than desperate.  (And we wonder where Lakin get's her dramatic flair...)

Lakin hung in there playing happily in my bed with her blocks and toys.  She would give me love pats every once in a while and try to eat my stash of kleenex.  As a mother, I felt terrible restricting her to my room with my sick germs but I really couldn't send her on her way to make herself a PB&J sandwich and watch cartoons, now could I?  I was able to muster the strength to give her a bath and get her in her PJs for bed.  She ended up going down about 45 minutes earlier than usual but she was happy to oblige.  What a spectacular kid!

I was out by 6:00 pm and Chris got home from work at 8:00 pm.  With him, he brought a Micky D's cheeseburger and fries and the second shamrock shake of the season!  This is what my mom would bring home to me when I was out of school sick.  She worked all the way downtown and on her lunch break she'd run home and bring me a happy meal.  Did you know Happy Meals have restorative power?  True.  They can make a sick person well.  So the salty burger brought back nostalgic feelings from when my mom took such good care of me as a sick child.

As a kid, when I was sick we'd make a nest out of the living room couch.  I watched reruns of Three's Company and Facts of Life all morning and sleep the afternoon away.  Water glasses always had straws and you never had to leave the makeshift nest because anything you needed was always delivered.  Ah, the life.

Now I am the mom.  My house is a wreck.  There are no clean cloth diapers for lady and my only help is on call for the next four days straight.  Man, what a sad story I am.

We're going to work today.  I'm feeling better.  Lakin deserves to have a bed-free day.  Sometimes being a grown up just plain stinks.

Now, for something uplifting: Lakin loving on a lime.


  1. Oh man... I totally feel this post... I have been sick about three times since Natalie was born and each time I've gotten a fever! I never used to get a fever, and it made me feel so awful! I thought, "How can I take care of this baby when I can't take care of myself?!" Looonng days feeling awful and having Natalie be fussy because I was so boring... I am SO glad you are feeling better today! That sweet husband with McDonalds did the trick!

  2. I am sure you are a fine mom and you are just being hard on yourself. Lakin will thank you one day.

  3. So Sorry!! Jon and I have both been sick at the same time once since having kids and its so hard! The other 3 are all sick and getting better at our house too, and I am so thankful I have stayed well so someone can do the care taking. Wish I was there to help!