Tuesday, March 1, 2011

why bad tv brings people together

How do you make friends?

Well, you start with some common ground.

When we moved to Rochester I was in search of some lovely friends and some company during those long, unemployed days at the end of pregnancy.  In an effort to branch out and compensate for the lack of Bravo tv, I gathered a crew of women to watch Bethanny Getting Married with me on someone else's DVR.  Soon, our Friday ritual of reality TV and garage sales became a more regular occurrence.  The experience was the foundation of some wonderful friendships here in Rochester.

So, when a new season of the Bachelor was airing, I knew it has the potential to win friends and influence people.  You see, a room full of women watching the Bachelor is a long standing tradition where I come from.  Monday nights were spent huddled together in the dorm room/living room of friends criticizing and critiquing the poor souls who subjected themselves to this group dating nightmare.

Last night the scene was no different.  While consuming ice cream drumsticks, bagels, and Easter candy (thanks Erin, Kristin, and Casey) we watched as Bachelor Brad whittled his choices down to two.  It is nights like these that I am so thankful for our new home and our new friends.  I've always said, friendship is being completely at home with another.  From bra-less to cloaked in bathrobe, we were a room full of friends completely at home with one another.  Monday nights are met with such wonderful expectation and excitement for me.  I hope the tradition continues.
I hope you all had a wonderful Monday evening too!


  1. So, where was Chris during all this? I think Dennis is hooked now! How funny is that?

  2. The Bachelor has been a family tradition in home since it started!! I can't imagine not sitting around as a family watching...as long as no one I actually know subjects themselves to such silliness!!!