Thursday, April 7, 2011

on the road again

Having just recovered from our last trip, the baby girl and I are headed to Columbia, Missouri, this weekend!  It's a seven and a half hour drive and we're leaving from work today and hoping to get in later this evening.  We've got a baby shower to throw for my dear friend, Polly!  She's expecting her little girl in June.

I'm also making a pit stop by my old school to see my former students.  The last time they saw me I was giant and awaiting Lake's arrival.  I think we might actually be surprising them with our presence.  I love surprises.

I miss Columbia.  Hopefully this short visit will satisfy my longing for this wonderful place.  Shakespeare's pizza, we coming to get you!

Mom and dad, see you tomorrow!

Just in case you were wondering, Chris is staying in Minnesota.  He's scheduled to work all weekend.  I promised to have a piece of pepper jack and pepperoni for him in his absence.  I'm generous like that.

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  1. Welcome home!! I stopped in on my old students this week and someone said, "So you still haven't had that baby yet?". GOOD LORD. I taught biology. Don't you think they would have learned about 10 month gestation from me... not 24 months or something??? I hope there is a good sale here for you! If I hear of something really fun and "so Columbia" I will write on your facebook wall - PS - should be pretty good weather! Maybe jacket weather, but the flowers are all out and blooming! Stop by campus for sure!