Wednesday, April 13, 2011

We Like to Party

 Thank you, Target, for affordable stationary.  You da best.
 Word scramble mixer which led into a fierce war of the purses.
 Heck yeah, HyVee, well done.  Well done, indeed.
 Ze details...
 Wrapping paper makes a great splash of print and color without breaking the bank.  This was an idea inspired by friend, Nicole.
 Mary Kate, Lakin and Noelle- such stunning ladies!
 Sarah and Finley, love that baby hawk!
 Isn't my friend Megan beautiful and chic?  Anthropologie should have her model all their stuff.
 Jaw dropping, handmade quilt for dear Adelyn.  By far, the most impressive gift of the day.  I believe Kelsie's face says it all.
 Council and hosts: Carly, Polly, Yours Truly, Mary Kate.  Not Pictured: Bonnie, she couldn't make it home from Korea but was totally there in spirit.
Granny Janny and Momma Polly

I think we could start a business throwing showers.  This here party would be number six for our crew!  Beautiful day.  Beautiful Momma-to-be.  Wonderful to be with those you know and love.  Ah, such a great weekend!

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