Tuesday, May 24, 2011

. . . and I'm OBSESSED

What's that?  You were wondering how to piddle away several productive hours of your day?

Check out Pin Interest.  Start pinning.  You will be sucked in so fast you're head might spin right off your body.

Last night I was up unreasonably late pinning items to my boards.  I just couldn't stop following the rabbit down the hole.

If you're like me, and you probably are, otherwise you wouldn't find this blog all that interesting, you probably see wonderful ideas everywhere you look.  Magazines, blogs, books, all provide oodles of inspiration but when the time comes to actually find that source and recreate that fantastic idea, you can't find the tutorial, picture, or original inspiration to save your life.

I used to tear pages out of magazines only to leave them scattered about the house and throw them away before I could get them in a binder.

Well, friends, binders are so 2010.  Pin Interest is an online place to store all those great ideas.  You create boards, or categories, that you can pin images, articles, and links to so that you can easily sort and locate them later on down the road.

Like the DIY fabric chandelier but your day job is keeping you from hopping to it that moment?  Pin it, and come back.  Want the yummy J.Crew pencil skirt that costs an arm and two legs?  Wish you could find something similar elsewhere?  Pin it and start hunting.

Pin Interest is very exclusive.  It involves an invite (which you yourself can initiate by visiting the site and requesting one) and a wait period of a few days until you're finally in.  I'm not sure if they're checking you out to see if you're worthy of pinning or what.

Once you get started it will be very hard to focus on anything else.  I'm just warning.

Oh, and you can follow your Facebook friends, twitter pals, and gmail chums.  They will even search your connections for you and let you know who else is pinning.  From there you can creep and find out what beautiful things your friends are viewing and repin anything that looks super duper awesome to your own boards as well.

Let me know if you join, I'll want to follow!

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