Monday, May 9, 2011

Best of 30: Week #1

In an effort to grow as a budding photographer, I've decided to take at least 30 photos a week.  I guess to get better at something one must do it thirty times a week  a lot.  No surprise, these pics are mostly of Lakin.  I'm learning to use natural light to bring out the beauty of my subject.  I'm trying out new angles and throwing out photos if they're out of focus- no matter how cute they could have been.

One of the middle pictures might not be great by photography standards but it is evidence of a fantastic evening spent with friends and their family.  Steph and Bill were great company and their sweet twin girls were a joy to watch sleep throughout the visit.  Charlie and Lakin had quite the mouth fart competition going.  Giggles were heard round the night.

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