Saturday, May 7, 2011

Can I Get a "Hey, yeah" for All the Moms Out There?

Happy Mother's Day! (a day early)

On this special day we celebrate two women who have played a great role in shaping us into the people we've become today.  Through their tears, prayers, sweat and toil these women have sacrificed a lot to give their kids the very best.

Allow me to introduce you to the Moms I love.

Geraldine Jaeger (but you should probably call her Geri)
- Raised two boys that were 15 months apart!
- Played Michael Jackson and let them run out their energy in the basement.
- Been known to laugh and play games while on family vacation.
- Dealt with a toddler who "gave up naps" at an early age.
- Left a promising career to be home with her boys.
- Endured the "middle years" filled with all the awkwardness that only two middle school boys can muster.
- Taught her boys the joys of cooking with Yummers and Octopus Juice.
- Received the classic stuffed animal inside of the balloon for every gift-giving holiday and did so with joy and feigned excitement.

Barbara "the Craft Monster" Lakin (okay, I added "the craft monster" but I thought it was a nice touch)
- Likes to take photos with her eyes closed.
- Has the most patience of anyone I know.
- Dealt with some fierce hormonal years known as middle school-and lived to tell about it.
- Just about the most sacrificial person in the world, second to maybe Gandhi and Jesus.
- Introduced me to the world of soap operas and picnic dinners at a young age.  (We no longer dabble in the world of daytime drama but enjoyed a few years of Days together thanks to a week of being home sick with pneumonia in third grade.)
- Can make something pretty fierce on the sewing machine (with or without a pattern).
- Hands down, one of the world's best Sudoku players
- Willing to visit 20 stores and spend three entire weekends in order to return to the first place we looked so that I found the perfect school dance dress.
- Can pack a stocking or an Easter basket with the most perfect and personalized gifts.
- Juggled Momhood and full-time work with so much grace and poise; in fact, my mom is the one behind my desire to be a working mom.

There's not enough flowers in the world to tell these women just what they mean to us!  Happy Mother's Day.  You da best.


  1. Thank you, Sara. And may I add that I have the most wonderful boys and a great daughter-in-law? You are the best.

  2. This is sweet. Happy Mother's Day to you Sara! You da best!