Friday, May 27, 2011

Yeah, it's been 4 years.

Chris and I celebrated four years of marriage yesterday.
By putting on a tux and my wedding dress and posing for the above impromptu photo.  Okay, not true.

But we did enjoy a late dinner of . . . wait for it . . .


Chris answered pages from the hospital intermittently and I fell asleep listening to him discuss lab results with an ER doc.

No worries, my friends.  We soon will celebrate in style with California sun.  More to come on that development soon.

I am thankful for this man.  I could go into a very gushy and thought felt list of reasons why he is the greatest husband in the whole world, however, Chris hates it when I
a. drag him into blog posts
b. get unnecessarily sentimental about him in front of others
c. over share

So in light of that I will say he is literally the best husband I've ever had.  That is all.

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