Friday, June 17, 2011

Auntie Kristen Makes a Visit

My friend, Kristen, has been visiting the last week and I started my crazy summer job so things have been a wee bit hectic (to say the least).  This is the reason for absence on la blog.

We did, however, get a chance to head out to Rochester's Thursdays on First last night.  It's a cute little street festival in downtown Rochester with live music, vendors and food trucks!  We ventured out on a beautiful summer night, ate bar-b-q nachos and gyros and watched good friends almost adopt a dog at the humane society tent.  Good times.

 Fedora. Check. Tongue sticking out. Check.
 With Aunt Kristen, chewing her thumb to ease the ache of her molars that are trying to peek through.

 Typical scene these days.  Meet Needy McNeederson.
Jen, Kelly, Sara, Chris, Lakin, Lindy, Brian, Alonso, Daniel, Casey

The last photo is of Chris' class of Urology Interns and their significant others.  We plan on taking a "family" photo each year to document how much we change from year to year.  Imagine the babies that will be added and the possible spouses that will be present by the end of five years.  Original plan for our first annual picture was denim button downs and jeans.  Next winter we'll all put on white turtlenecks and khaki pants and take a picture in the snow.  You know, capture a true family photo where everyone dresses alike and the background's blurred.  For now, this impromptu photo in front of Mac's cafe will do.

Thanks Aunt Kristen for spending one quick and crazy week with us.  We miss you!

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