Monday, June 27, 2011

Kansas City, Here We Come

 Lakin and I flew to Kansas City for a quick weekend.  My mom and I took her to the soft playground at Zona Rosa.  Lady was in fine form, chasing after the two big boys playing nearby and climbing into the bear's honey pot.  Busy. Busy. Busy.

In case you're wondering and I'm sure you are, that is snot running down her face.   It was a steady stream all weekend and she was quite upset when we tried to clean her up.  Someone has a definite short fuse these days.  Not worth the battle.  Judge if you want.

 Lakin with her grandma.  My mom (you might remember her as "the craft monster" from this post) sewed this beautiful dress for Lakin.  We were trying to figure out where the hemline should be.  Isn't the fabric outstanding?  My mom is amazingly talented.

 Saturday my dearest friends got together to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Bonnie's baby boy.  Polly, who recently had baby Adelyn, made an appearance and I got my hands on sweet, tiny Adelyn.  Me thinks me needs another one of these sometime soon!

 The theme for the shower was "Little Man" and we had each guest wear a bowtie for the duration of the shower.  Carly and Mary Kate show off their man ties.

 Le Guest of Honor: Bonnie.  Bonnie is due July 28th and such a radiant mom-to-be.  We are so thankful that she's home for a while to have the baby and enjoy the summer.

 Lake came to the party in her dress gifted to her by Miss Cathy.  She looked lovely and stylish.  She left kicking and screaming.  You can't win em all.

 Carly: 28 weeks with Twinkies.  Bonnie at 35 weeks
Polly and her daughter, Adelyn.  Oh, how I miss the days when they sleep all the time.  Such a sweetheart.  Can we talk about the fact that Polly had a baby two weeks ago?  You wouldn't know it looking at her and her tiny little figure.  Crazytown.

The weekend was too fast.  Always is when we go home.  The flight was thankfully pretty uneventful. Flying alone with child is an experience to say the least.  I trekked through the airport with a diaper bag on my back, purse on my shoulder, pushing Lakin in her stroller and rolling a carry on suitcase from behind.   Thank goodness for the kindness of strangers.


  1. Great pics. Wish you were still here! Thanks for a great shower.

  2. Wow, so many comments! 1) I love Lakin's name. I have that thought every time I read a post about her, 2)The dress your mom made her is adorable!, 3) Your pregnant friends look phenomenal!, 4) Polly is only 2 weeks post partum? Wow, she looks awesome!, 5) a thought I never would have had before I had a baby: Polly is brave wearing those white shorts this quickly after popping out that baby ;), 6) Adelyn is a doll! Loved the update, Sara!