Sunday, June 12, 2011

Never Say Never

Highlights from the weekend include:

Shooting a wedding with the talented Jen Elder of Midwest Life Shots.  Just jumping in and trying to learn a little about photography.  Things I learned: 1. Wear better shoes.  2. Have pants with pockets.  3. Be prepared for anything.  I hope to shoot many more weddings with Jen and Scott.  Check out their website or like them on Facebook.  They are the bomb diggity.  Coming up soon: a link to see pictures of the Monst in all her glory taken by none other than. . .  Midwest Life Shots!

Attending a fancy-pants dinner with the husband (who had the weekend off, what, what) at the Mayo Foundation House.  Typical fare includes rare beef, but this meal was actually melt-in-your-mouth good. Scallops, fruity salad, beef, sweet potato hash, lemon sorbet and berries.  Yummers.
Casey, me, Kelly (not pictured: Lindy who had the unfortunate fate of being designated to sit at a different table.  Don't they know these birds of a feather flock together?)

Saturday night we attended the urology chief party thrown as a farewell to the graduating class of residents.  Free food, drinks, and plenty of hilarious costumes.  Theme: Hollywood / Celebrity / Celeb Couple / Free For All.  Chris dressed as Bieber and I went as Selena Gomez.  I often get mistaken for a Latin hottie so I thought it seemed like a logical choice.

My friend, Lindy, yes, the one who was stuck at the other table the night before, went all out as Katy Perry.  She's super committed like that.  Lindy is the girl you want to invite to your themed party.  Just FYI.  Those are Easter Eggs and fabric glue people.  
her original inspiration

All in all, great weekend.  Tomorrow summer camp begins and my friend, Kristen, arrives.  CELEBRATION.   To that, Lakin says, "high five!"


  1. awesome! love the costumes too!

  2. You as Selena Gomez just looks really, really cute. You should rock style like that all the time you little hottie!