Saturday, June 4, 2011

That Time We Didn't Make Any Friends

Prepare yourself, this post is a doozy.

Second plane ride = not so smooth for the Jaeger family.  With a total of five hours in the air plus a two hour delay while sitting on the plane, we had one hot, irritated, cranky baby on our hands.  Lakin was a little ticked at our means of travel and did not hold back one bit showing her disgust for her confinement to my lap on the plane.  She rattled the seat in front of her, wrestled herself from my grip, and cried her way from Colorado to California.  When did my always drowsy baby turn into a full-fledged, opinionated toddler?

Let's just say we were not the only ones who were relieved when we exited the plane.  A year ago I would have given these parents of the loud baby the stink eye and wondered why they couldn't get that baby under control.  Now, with my new found shame and horror, I realize that if baby ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.  End of Story.  No amount of Cheerios, love kisses from toy giraffes or distractions were gonna keep Little Miss from throwing a fit.  Heaven help us for the teen years.

I will next time bring treats to share with my friends who sit next to me and my mild-mannered daughter on the plane.  Oh, and if you happened to catch a flight last Saturday afternoon from Denver to Oakland, I am sorry.  Really, I am.

Now, onto happier memories. . .

We spent the last week in California.  A week of vacation was just what the doctor ordered.  There were no pagers beeping, there were no alarm clocks (although someone seemed to think 5am was a suitable time for her to take her breakfast in bed, thankyouverymuch- darn you West Coast time change), and lots of good food, time with family, and walking in some of the most beautiful places I've visited.

Allow me to recap:

Plane ride from hell, followed by Rich and Katrina's wedding reception.  The plane malfunction kept us from attending the actual wedding but we were able to jump in with the festivities once we arrived.
 Don't we clean up well?  Dennis, Geri, Chris, Me, Joe, Jackie, and David 
Katrina and Rich- The Newlyweds

Crazy enough, our dear friends from Missouri, Matt and Carly, were in California for a different wedding and were close enough to drive down and spend the afternoon and evening with us.  We picked up a bottle of wine, some hard salami, cheese, and a baguette and sat at a winery and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Napa.  
 Der be two babies in that sweet little tummy.
 best. smile. ever. David Jaeger
 testing out the baby SPF with that super white, ultra pure, baby skin of hers
a common scene: Lake tearing glasses off people's faces, snatching earrings right off lobes, and generally causing a ruckus where ever she be
 just floating
 Photo taken right before they were asked to get off the professional golf course when wearing non-golfing attire.  Excuse me, I left my cardigan and khakis back at the room.
Don't mind the naked baby.  She hates clothes. Shoes.  Socks.  "The Man."

After hitting up the factory outlet stores and confirming that they were not actually giving anything away at these so called "outlet" stores, we hit the road and made our way to San Francisco.  Guess who thought riding the trolley was out of this world fun?  

 squealing with delight over the trolley
 waiting in the rain for a ride
hatching a plan to steal some bread off the table

The remainder of our time was spent in Monterey and Carmel.  This might have been the most beautiful place I've visited (and I've been to Branson, Missouri, and several parts of Illinois).  I'm losing steam recapping the trip and if you're still reading you're probably my mom so this last part will be a bit pic heavy and lacking in substance (like the majority of this post).
 "My two dads" photo shoot
 Did you see the fedora?  Well, I bought that on the trip, wore it every single day, and deemed it the least regrettable purchase I made while in California.  Fedora with the caged chameleon a close second.  

Three full batches of cookies and eight avocados worth of guac later. . .

So there you have it.  Our trip to California was pretty awesome.  If you made it to the end of this post, thanks.  You must be a true friend.  


  1. 1. You are hilarious.
    2. Sorry about the plane ride.. eek that sounds like torture.
    3. Lakin is adorable as usual, as are you
    4. great pictures
    5. I did make it to the end of the post AND it took me 45 minutes to read it because I was chasing after & feeding Natalie all morning. True friend? Check.
    6. How do you get your vertical pictures to show up so big on blogger?

  2. 1. I also made it to the end of the post like a breeze. Great story telling.
    2. I seriously, seriously contemplated a fedora purchase in Florence but couldn't find one I liked. I want to get one for the summer though. You're rockin' yours!

  3. So you don't think Branson is beautiful? I'll at least concede to the fact that it's one of the strangest places on earth.

    Looks like such a fun trip! I'm glad you guys were able to get away for a while.

  4. You rock. You rock the fedora. Miss you.