Monday, July 11, 2011

album titles

Do you enjoy naming iPhoto albums?  I do.  The following have been some of my album titles:

Nakie and Meat Beard
That's where this little gem lives.

In my album entitled: Buggin, you'll find photos like this.

And lastly, my personal fave, meet a pic from the album formerly know as Easterese.


  1. Nakie or Lakie? just wonderin

  2. I love Nakie, as in naked. And Monstie.

    Among my Facebook albums for Brock's first year:
    Brock of Ages
    Brock of Seagulls
    Brock 'n' Roll
    Brockeroni & Cheese
    Brocker Spaniel
    Brockasaurus Rex
    Brockness Monster