Wednesday, July 6, 2011

AS of Lately. . .

I have been swamped at work.  The good kind of swamped where you feel challenged and engaged and alive, but where you come home too tired to do much of anything and you just want steal kisses from your baby's sweet, fat cheeks until it's time for her to go to bed.  Oh, you don't know that kind of swamped?

Lakin is becoming a little girl.  Before my very eyes.  It started in California and only continues to amaze me.  She's saying something new each day.  She's cruising all over the house, leaving a warpath in her midst.  I just chase after her and try to pick up all that she's strewn about.  I'm finding sippy cups under my bathroom sink, my headband wound up in Lakin's tub of too-small-clothes, I pulled a plastic baby spoon from my purse today when reaching to pay for stamps.  Crazy.  Nonsense.  Mess.  Yes, yes, yes.

Words Lake can say:
Uh oh
yesh (yes)
bi-bi-b (B. I. B. L.E. from the kid's worship song)

We got our family photos done by Midwest LifeShots.  You can view them here.  We love them.  They are fantastic.  Our friends are muy talented.  So happy!

I'm in the process of planning our birthday party for Lakin.  It will have a monster theme and I've got some fun ideas up my sleeve.  I just got invites ready to go.  A post will come with more party details soon.

Lastly, Lakin is getting a full head of hair.  It's luscious and taking on a nice mullet-like shape.  Only fitting since I too was a mullet-wearing fool as a young child.  I rocked that and a bowl cut for most of my childhood.  Mullet was followed by bangs that started halfway back on my head that I made sure to gel and comb in a rainbow-like fashion on one side of my head.  Oh, the horror.  Add a wind suit and I was a hot mess.  Memories.  I know you want a visual.  I'll have to see what my mom can drum up.

And that is about all.


  1. holy cow - she can say all those words?! Natalie says a bunch of jibberish... don't think a single real word has come out of her mouth, other than mama and dada. Go Lakin! She's going to be talking your ear off. It will be awesome!

  2. a) busy at work...You wanna hire me on the side to come help? ha (although I do miss you) 2) love the update on Lakin and the idea of a monster bday party III. I'll see your mullet and raise you...I had the short boy-cut hair, braces and glasses...don't even go there with your hot mess...