Sunday, July 31, 2011

Monster Brings Down the House

It was birthday party time for Miss Lakin yesterday afternoon.  In fact, in all her excitement she refused an afternoon nap, but our little social butterfly did not let that keep her from having the time of her life at the party.  Two cupcakes,  a splash in the pool, and a bottomless monster pinata later, she was ready to wind down and hit the sack.  Lot of excitement for a toddler.

Now, for more pictures than you care to see.
 David preps the monster pinata.  Sadly, hours later, its contents would fall out the bottom and lay in the grass melting.
 Lakin loved playing in the balloons beforehand.  I have a series of about twenty shots of her bouncing and playing in the balloons.  You have to be related to her to want to see them all.  So, for now, I leave you with this single picture that barely does justice to the fun and excitement the little girl had.  But you get the idea.
 Birthday shirt, made by my ridiculously talented mother.
 Monster masks for our kid guests and the pinata awaiting his fate.
 I know you won't believe me because I cleverly disguised it, but we did the party in our garage.  I know, never would have guessed, would you?  Above is the party spread.  The sign reads "Monster's One" not "Monsters On."  Just clarifying.
 Monster juice, aka blue Kool-aid and lemonade.  Wiggly Eye cups, thank you hot glue gun!
 We ordered simple chocolate and vanilla cupcakes and I made a few eyeballs to put on top.
 Our special Monster Munch blend consisted of Goldfish crackers, popcorn, and almond bark dipped pretzels.
 Lakin modeling her monster mask.  She was less than amused.  Turns out little kids are not so into wearing masks.

 This is Caleb, Lakin's little buddy, who also moved to Rochester from Missouri last summer too.
 Lakin scheming a plan of attack for that cupcake.
 Mission accomplished.
 Present opening time was very exciting.  The presents were almost as exciting as all the wrapping paper.
 Lakin gave Miss Cathy a BIG hug after she opened her present.  They are basically best friends.  Miss Cathy is a Lakin Whisperer.  We love her.
 When all else fails, take your shirt off and tie your ribbon round your head.
 There was a lot of naked babies at this party.  The pool was a motivating factor.  Hence, the reason for so many topless toddlers roaming around.  Here's Audrey giving a big swing at the pinata.
 Miss Caitlin was the big girl party animal.  She showed the other kids just how to bust a pinata.
 Scarlett just waiting for that candy to spill.
 Ninja birthday girl was really interested in breaking in her new toys.  Forget pinatas.
 Best. Uncle. Ever.
 My mom made a stuffed monster for Lakin.  It been a hit and even went to bed with her last night.
 Daddy and Lakin finally mortally wounded the pinata after lots of nail bitting and waiting.
 Busted pinata, baby drinking and driving.  Somber scene.  Time for party to end.
Our friends, Bill and Steph, made it toward the end of the party.  They brought their son, Charlie, and their twin girls, Claire and Ellie.  They made a grand entrance with one of the most impressive parallel park jobs I have ever seen.

So the Monster bash was a hit.  We are so thankful for our parents who made the trip and for all the great friends who were able to help us celebrate.


  1. I think this is my favorite post of all time. I love each time that I see how well loved you guys are in your new home and new life. You have wonderful family who travels to see you and a load of new friends in MN.

    I laughed out loud at the wildness of this party! Shirtless, headband wearing, yelling, drinking and driving babies! What a party! My favorite line though was "the Lakin whisperer". Girl you are funny.

    Happy birthday to that sweet (and wild) little Monster.

  2. What a creative birthday! So adorable and well thought-out! Plus, Lakin is as cute as can be.

  3. oh my! I teared right up at the Miss Cathy/Lakin hug and then shorty after cried again from laughter at the ninja picture!!!
    Happy Birthday sweet girl- your smiles are worth all the beggin I had to do for them! :)

  4. Sara - what a precious party! You definitely put a lot thought in every detail! Lakin is a very lucky girl! Great pictures, too!

  5. Love the monstie theme. It looks like she had a great birthday!