Monday, July 11, 2011

on being a photographer

This weekend I shot another wedding with the amazing and talented, Midwest LifeShots.  This time I took a turn behind the lens with Scott.  The wedding was in downtown Rochester at Peace Plaza and the Kahler Grand Hotel.  Mayo provided the beautiful background for many of our bridal party and ceremony pictures.  You can't do much better than granite, slate, and reflective surfaces.  Goosebumps, people.  Goosebumps.

The couple was sweet, cooperative, and willing to get a little creative.  You know you've got a willing bridal party when they follow you into a back alley and trust that the garbage and random employee on his smoke break won't be a part of their picture-perfect day.

As I learn more and more about this art, I realize light is the key.  Position your subject right, get the lighting to illuminate what you want and you're money.  Scott created some glowing images that day all with some diffused window light.  But, then again, he is a photography genius.

We used a snoot.  Not familiar?  Neither was I.  The snoot was a jazzy photog tool that allows you to shoot a couple during the day and create awesome night-like effects.  Totally beats, shooting at night.  We all know how those photos can turn out.  Dare I even say, it was snoot-tacular?

I loved Scott's energy and enthusiasm.  If I'd known him 4 years ago I would have hired him to shoot our wedding.  He's bouncing all around, excited by each photo.  "Yes, yes, yes.  Good, good, good."  Praise always comes in threes and you know that means it really is breathtaking.   That, or Scott's got a mild form of OCD.  (But then again, don't we all?)

I even got to hold and shoot with the big Cannons.  I've been using my seriously nice, but nothing compared to their equipment, Nikon, and was doing okay.  But the bigger and nicer the camera, the better the shot.  Or so you would think.  In my few moments behind the Cannon I managed to get a few blurry reception shots and a demon-eyed pic of the Maid of Honor.  So I will probably need some more practice with those fancy, nice cameras.  Do you hear that Scott?

The verdict: I love shooting weddings.  I love working with Midwest LifeShots.  I love creating.  Me thinks, me wants more practice!  I'll let you know when some of the pics are up so you can see how we did.

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