Monday, July 11, 2011

Patrick and Amanda e-session

Ooooh, doesn't that sound all professional and legit?

Sunday evening I shot some pics of my friends, Patrick and Amanda, for their engagement session.  I was still on a photog high from the day before and was jazzed up and full of ideas for this fun-loving duo.  It's pretty easy to get some fancy photos when you're subjects are so darn good-looking.

Amanda, is the daughter of Lakin's best friend and day caregiver, Miss Cathy.  She also works for me at Camp this summer.  It was a delight to get a chance to get these two in front of my camera.

I warned them before we started that I was simply experimenting and practicing, read: not a professional.  They were cool letting me try new things and I have to say, I am super pleased with the end results.  Here a re a few of my favorites from our session.



  1. Fantastic work Sara! These are really great. I am so inspired by your bravery in trying new things and continually discovering new talents. You're so cool.